1910 Missaukee County
West Branch Township

Tucker, Rufus
Hifield, Louis
    Parker, Carrie - Sister In Law
Wagner, George
Sheldon, Edwarad
Shedon, Albert
Stone, John
    Benghgus, Jay - Step Son
Arnold, george
    South, Alma - Border
Shackelton, Jennie
McMahon, Given
Yoeman, Elmer
    Fort, Jane
wain, Frank
Lowery, William
Hanford, Robert
Rosa, Luke
Richmond, Lafayette
Cocheral, Mary
Lowery, Robert
Wilkes, George
    Hunter, Eugene - Border
Fifield, William
    Durlan, Alida - Border
Hoffman, John
Snider, Silas R.
Snider, William
Peterson, Anna
Deckman, rodolfus
Knapp, theodore
James, walter
Hunter, Mary
Rale, Arthur
Wilson, LeRoy
Knapf, William
Warad, Almo
Palmer, William
Sixburg, Norman
Coon, James
Miller, Leon
    Sixburg, Freda - Border
Cavanaugh, Bryce - Servant
Miller, Charley
Patras, Levy
Smith, John
Griffen, John
Powell, Edward
Burrows, Barney
Finnegan, John
    Mitchell, William - Border
    Smith, Edward - Border
    Wills, John - Border
    Haeka, Charley - Border
Robinson, Carrie
Smith, Hiram
Forquer, Luther
Parish, Herbert W.
    Smelar, Perry - Border
Plummer, Henry
Reue, William
Burrows, Eddie
Miller, George
    Green, George - Step Son
Randell, Charley
    Vis, Cora - Border
Hall, Ambrose
Enasgn, Charley
Hall, Jathan
Olien, Robert
Shadd, Gerret
Merker, Andrew
Suhelar, Silias
Stevant, Frank
    Kinney, Frank - Border
Bedo, Frank
Scofield, Daniel
bell, Byron
Loreng, Frikfiel
Beng, John
    Rohrer, Henry - Father In Law
    Beeker, Henrich - Brother In Law
Miller, Charnette
Ward, Eugene
Daily, Jerry
Aspy, Alvin
Hall, Frank
Lindsay, Oliver A.
Lux, James
    Becker, Myron - Servant
    Rosa, Don -    Servant
    Jasmine, William - Servant
Forquer, Bert
    Kelts, Mary - Servant
Bovee, Warren
Merril, Arthur
Merril, Rudulph
Frasier, Benjamin
Gaukel, Jacob
Hancock, Arthur
    Nelson, Andrew - Border
Nixon, Minnie
    Bruce, Delbert - Brother
Davis, Charley
    Rutledge, Anna - Border
Parker, Albert


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