1910 Missaukee County Census
Indian Population

Aetna Township, Keeleans Mill

Page 9A

        Lewis, Jacob  43 married 22 years born: Michigan
                                               parents born: Michigan
                                               3/4 Ottawa Indian, 1/4 White
                   Mary   40  13 children, 7 living born: Michigan
                                                        father born: Michigan
                                                      mother born: Indiana
                                                       Full Pottawatomie Indian

                    Jacob 19
                    John  14
                    Josephine 12
                    Richard  9
                    Mabel 4
                    Baby - daughter 2/12
                    Baby - son 2/12

West Branch Township

Hall, Cornelius     66     Widow  born: Michigan  parents born: Michigan  Farmer  Ottawa
Hall, Isaac (son)  44      Widow  born: Michigan  parents born: Michigan  Farmer  Ottawa
Children of Isaac Hall
Hall, Edward      14                    Father: Ottawa  Mother: Pottawatamie
Hall, Alice           13
Hall, Elijah         11
Hall, David          9
Hall, Joseph         7
Hall, Delia           4

Joondah, Levy     43      Widow   Father: Pottawatamie  Mother: Ottawa
               Wm.     15
              Rosa     13
              Nora     11
              Emma    9
Fronsway, Lucy   41      Servant  Chippewa
Fronsway, Ida       5     Border    Chippewa

Shaunoskey, George  49     Widow  Ottawa
Shaw, Mary Anne      70     Widow; Mother of George Shaunoskey   Ottawa
Chippewagh, Elizabeth  65  Widow; Aunt  Ottawa
Batere, John  Nephew  3    Ottawa and Chippewa

Keewabechan, Margaret     70     Widow     Ottawa
Keewabechan, Elizabeth    22                     Ottawa

Hall, Spenth     36     Ottawa
         Julia        25     Pottawatamie
         Elias        8/12
Zondal, James  80     Grandfather  Pottawatamie
Uhamosky, Henry  43   Widow  Uncle  Ottawa


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