1910 Missaukee County Census

Bloomfield Township

Turner, Winslow C.
Barner, Charly E.
Drake, Sirfrancis
    Turner, M.J. - Grandmother
Miller, Jacob
Ingersoll, Henry
Ingersoll, George B.
McDaniel, George A.
Falkenburg, Eli
Ingersoll, Frank
Nickerson, John
Arnold, Homer
Arnold, Elijah
Ehle, Charles M.
Powell, George
Lutz, Samuel C.
Finley, Leslie E.
Puffenberger, Josiah
    Deam, Clara - Step Daughter
Garve, Henry A.
Dailey, Andrew W.
Powell, Andrew J.
Huston, John S.
    Carch, Guy - Step Son
Turner, Joseph G.
Reeder, ay
Stauffer, Jacob W.
Stauffer, Charles
Kleckler, William
Kleckler, Fred
Caldwell, William
Bryant, Salem G.
Getter, Peter N.
Hale, Clarence E.
Stauffer, Frank
Jones, Charles
Hall, Jerod C.
Burk, Ross
Proctor, Elnora
Havens, George
    Smith, Lulu - Boarder
Barber, Henry
Brunette, Barney
    Smith, Nellie - Boarder
    Fritze, Carl    - Hired Man
Gabier, Joseph
Barber, Ross
Stampfler, Charles
Stampfler, Jerome
Stampfler, Fred
Schryer, Hazen
    Granger, Hannah - Mother In Law
Abair, Frank
Helmis, Charles
    Freeman, Elizabeth - Grandmother
Murphy, Ora
Gallihugh, Abraham
Murphy, Rolla O.
McClish, William
Hamilton, Bert
McDaniels, Amos G.
    Wheeler, ralph - Grandson
Hanes, Olive N.
    Nickerson, Paul - Nephew
Burke, Oliver M.
Williams, Hampton
Hamilton, Fred
Smith, Horace
Forest, Frank
    Willliams, Asa - Boarder
    Nay, Marshall - Boarder
Lamb, William
McKinley, Albert
Walling, James
Zandkuiler, Ruljsk
Zandkuiler, Jerry
Brown, James
Hanson, Emile
    Haan, Harvey - Brother In Law
Letta, William
    Goff, Charley - Hired Man
Garn, Frank
    Huston, Oscar
Sanning or Samning (?), Jacob
Silvers, Elzie
Baas, Wesley
Bowers, Frank
    Van Buskirk, Mary - Mother In Law
    McKinley, Otis - Hired Man
Bowers, John
    Read, William - Brother In Law
    Whitford, Nelson - Hired Man
    Bechtel, Ervin
Bowers, William
    Little, Mildred - Daughter
Truesdale, Earnest
Philips, Ivan
Campbell, Ashley
Roth, Henry
Brown, David
    Harrison, Clayton - Nephew
Powers, William
Whiting, George
Danberg, Nicholas
Danberry, Friend
    Bishop, John - Hired Man
Hanson, Henry
    Abair, Earl - Nephew
    Aldrich, Flora - Boarder


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