Alexis Lorrain

Mackinac County Original Land Claims
American State Papers, House of Representatives, 20th Congress, 1st Session
Public Lands: Volume 5 Beginning page 220 for Michilimackinac

Book No. 6
Claims within the County of Michilimackinac

Year 1828. CLAIMS IN MICHIGAN. Page 225


NOTICE. Alexis Lorrain enters his claim with the register of the land office at Detroit to be laid before the commissioners under the act of Congress, to a certain tract of land situated at Point St. Ignace, bounded in front by Lake Huron, on the southerly side by a tract claimed by Michael Jaudron, sen., and on the northerly side by a tract claimed by Joseph Gagnon; the lines of the sides of said tract running north seventy-eight degrees west, parallel; and said tract being in front upon the lake three acres by eighty acres in depth.

his mark.


Subscribed before me.
J. D. DOTY, Judge.

On the 25th day of July, 1823, came before me, the undersigned judge, at Mackinac, Simon Champaigne, who, being duly sworn, saith that Pierre Lorrain, the father of the present claimant and the present claimant, were jointly in possession of the tract of land described in the preceding notice in the year 1807; and they continued to possess and cultivate said tract until the year 1817, when the said Pierre died, leaving the said Alexis his only heir known in this country; that said Pierre and Alexis, when they took possession of said tract, built a dwelling-house thereon; that they were in possession and cultivation of the said premises on the 1st day of July, 1812.

his mark.


Taken and subscribed before me.

J. D. DOTY, Judge.


On the  same 25th day of July, 1823, came also before me Mr. Ambrose B. Davenport, who, being duly sworn, saith that in the year 1807 Pierre Lorrain and Alexis Lorrain were in. the possession of the tract of land  described in the preceding notice; and this deponent knows that they continued to occupy and cultivate the same until he was compelled to leave this place, the last of July, 1812; that when this deponent returned to this country again in 1815, they were then in possession and cultivating the same premises, and so continued for several years thereafter.


Taken and subscribed before me.

J. D. DOTY, Judge.


On the same 25th day of July, 1823, also came before me Patrick McGulpin, and the two preceding depositions of Ambrose R. Davenport and Simon Champaigne being read to him, he fully assents to them; and now, being first duly sworn, deposeth to the truth of all the facts therein contained, of his own knowledge.


Taken and subscribed before me.

J. D. DOTY, Judge.


Detroit, October 28, 1823.

On the preceding claim of Alexis Lorrain, the commissioners decide that the same be confirmed, as set forth in the notice of claim-the word arpent being substituted for acre in relation to the depth thereof.

VOL. V 29 D

Transcribed by Patricia Hamp March 2006

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