Treaty With the Ottawa, Etc. 1836

1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa

1836 Treaty with names of Chiefs

Treaty Map 1796-1842

Data Set By: Patricia Hamp 2008


The data in this file is very important to researchers when trying to connect their Native American heritage. The treaty contains the names of the Chiefs and the place their band was located in the area that this treaty covered. It also lists the payments to the each Chief.

The 1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa contains the mixed breed, with the place they were living, their age, the class that was given them by the council, the percent of blood and tribe associated,  the amount they were paid (according to class), who received the money which was generally the head of their family, and the relationship that qualified them for acceptance or rejection. It is important to read the Sixth Article that gives and explanation of how the class was chosen and which person or organization got the money.

All spellings are as is in these files. Name spellings differed greatly even within the same document.

The Treaty Map shows present day counties and the treaty lines from 1796-1842. This map is very useful when trying to determine where your Native American ancestors were recorded in government files.

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