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Officers at Michilimackinac and Fort Mackinac 1742-1882

Early Officers At The Fort
Michilimackinac and Mackinac

This list of officers was compiled in 1883 by Dwight H. Kelton. The dates given are the dates each started at the fort and includes French, British and United States officers to 1882.  NOTE: Michilimackinac was built in 1714-15 by the French and was located at Mackinaw City on the lower peninsula until it was moved at the end of 1799 to 1780 and rebuilt on Mackinac Island.  It's name was changed at that time to Fort Mackinac.

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List of Mackinac Military Officers
Total Records:  248
Surname Given Rank Company Date Of Service Military Post Given Title Other Titles Extra Note Country
LE BARRON  Francis  Surgeons Mate  Artillerists and Engineers  1802  Fort Mackinac        United States 
COMSTOCK  William S.  Surgeons Mate  3rd Infantry  1819  Fort Mackinac        United States 
LEGARDEUR  Louis  Second in Command    1749 January 27  Michilimackinac  Chevalier de Repentigny      French 
DUPLESSIS Jr.    Second in Command    1751 October 08  Michilimackinac  Monsieur      French 
NOYELLE Jr.    Second in Command    1746 June 29  Michilimackinac        French 
NOYELLE Jr.    Second in Command    1745 August 25  Michilimackinac        French 
De L'ANGLADE    Second in Command    1758 July 02  Michilimackinac  Monsieur      French 
RUSSELL  Joseph P.  Post Surgeon    1819  Fort Mackinac        United States 
BEAUMONT  William  Post Surgeon    1821  Fort Mackinac        United States 
GODEFROY    Officer of Troops    1749 August 29  Michilimackinac  Monsieur      French 
De L'ANGLADE  Charles  Officer of Troops    1756 April 28  Michilimackinac        French 
LEGARDEUR  Louis  Officer    1758 July 13  Michilimackinac  Chevalier de Repentigny      French 
HUNT  Thomas  Major1st Infantry  Artillerists and Engineers  1801  Fort Mackinac        United States 
De PEYSTER  A. S.  Major Commanding    1774 to 1779  Michilimackinac and Dependencies        British 
SINCLAIR  Patrick  Major and Lieutenant Governor    1779 to 1782  Fort Mackinac and Dependencies        British 
BURBECK  Henry  Major  Artillerists and Engineers  1796  Fort Mackinac        United States 
CHAMBERS  Talbot  Major  Rifles  1815  Fort Mackinac        United States 
MCNEIL  John  Major  5th Infantry  1816  Fort Mackinac        United States 
VOSE  Josiah H.  Major  5th Infantry  1828  Fort Makcinac        United States 
THOMPSON  Alexander R.  Major  6th Infantry  1832  Fort Mackinac        United States 
WHISTLER  William  Major  2nd Infantry  1833  Fort Makcinac        United States 
HOUGH  Alfred L.  Major  22nd Infantry  1875  Fort Mackinac        United States 
LAWRENCE  William  Lieutenant Colonel  2nd Infanty  1819  Fort Mackinac        United States 
CUTLER  Enos  Lieutenant Colonel  3rd Infantry  1829  Fort Mackinac        United States 
LEGARDEUR  Louis  Lieutenant  Infantry  1755 August 24  Michilimackinac  Chevalier de Repentigny      French 
COUTEROT    Lieutenant  Infantry  1756 July 19  Michilimackinac  Monsieur      French 
CLOWES  George  Lieutenant  8th Kings Regiment  1784 July 31  Fort Mackinac        British 
ROCHA  Benjamin  Lieutenant  5th Regiment of Foot  1791 November 15  Fort Mackinac        British 
MASSAY  Ebenezer  Lieutenant  Artillerists and Engineers  1796  Fort Mackinac        United States 
MICHAEL  John  Lieutenant  1st Infantry  1796  Fort Mackinac        United States 

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