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List of Mackinac Marriages
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Transcript January 1 1779, in the afternoon called upon by Sieur Charles Gaultier de Vierville, Lieutenant Captain and interpreter of the King for the savages, son of Claude Germain de Vierville and of Therese Villeneuve, his father and mother deceased; and by Magdeleine Chavalier, daughter of the Pascal Chevalier and of Magdeleine Larcheveque, her Mother, to confirm the Union that a virtuous love induces them to contract together, to prepare them to crown the flame that a Mutual Affection has kindled in their hearts, before our mother the Holy Church, whereof they are members and in whose bosom they wish to live and die,-we proceeded to the House of Sieur Louis Chevalier, uncle of the future Wife to remove all obstacles interfering with their desires and to secure for them, as far as in us lies, days full of sweetness and rest. There, in the presence of the future consorts, of their relatives and friends, we entered in these presents the following covenants, to-wit:-The said future husband, being in the disposition required by the holy Roman Church and according to the ordinances she imposes on her children, promises to take as his wife and lawful spouse Magdeleine Chevalier who, on her side, consents to accept him as her husband and lawful spouse, having the full and entire consent of her family. In virtue of these presents, the husband-taking the wife with all her future rights, with the share of Inheritance coming to her and which is to be handed over to her on the first Demand therefore, to become their common property and the fruits thereof to be enjoyed by them-wishing to add to the rights of his future wife and thereby prove the great affection he has for her, endows her with the sum of one thousand Ecus, to be taken by privilege from the Property they may acquire together, to provide for the Needs to which the Accidents of Life may give rise. The future consorts-not content with the happy Union they are about to contract unless they secure for themselves harmony, repose, and sweet Comfort until the last moment of their lives-wish and consent unanimously in order to enjoy without trouble the happiness they expect, that their Property be possessed with full and entire enjoyment by the survivor after the demise of either of them, and by these presents they set aside all claims and pretensions that may be set up by their own children, should heaven grant their desires by giving such worthy fruits of their mutual love; unless however, the survivor should wish to enter into another alliance, in which case the contracting party shall be responsible to the children; the Heirs, for their share in the said Heritage. But if Heaven, deaf to their prayers, refuses them lawful Heirs, the survivor shall dispose of the whole according to his or her will and Good pleasure, without being molested by the relatives of either party. The last wish of the future wife is that the said husband shall at once participate in all her rights. They propose and it is their will to have their consent approved and ratified by a Notary and to have the ceremonies of Marriage supplied them by a priest as soon as they are able to do so.

For thus,-wishing, obliging and acknowledging the promise made. 
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List of Mackinac Marriage Source
Total Records:  7
Source ID Source Name Source Notes
Title: History of the upper peninsula of Michigan : containing a full account of its early settlement its growth development, and resources, an extended description of its iron and copper mines : also, accurate sketches of its counties, cities, towns, and villages ... biographical sketches, portraits of prominent men and early settlers. Publication Info: Chicago : Western Historical Co., 1883.   
The Mackinac Register - 1725-1821: Register of Marriages in the Parish of Michilimackinac - Translation from a copy of the original in the possession of the parish church of St. Anne at Mackinac by Honorable Edward Osgood Brown of Chicago approximately 1889  This register superseded an older one that was lost. In about 1750 this list of marriages was copied to the new register. First few pages are torn. …… Indicates torn, *** indicates where Mr. Brown omitted portions and brackets is an explanation by Mr. Brown. This publication also contains civil marriage records by various government officials. 
Mackinac Circuit Court Records - Marriages 1805-1820 Author: Mackinac County Circuit Court Michigan  Although the title page says marriages from 1805-1820 on book A it only contains the few marriages listed. The rest are mainly wills and land disputes. 
Mackinac County Clerk Marriage Records 1820-1832 Author: Mackinac County Clerk  This is a typewritten copy of marriages from this time. Copied from a ledger in March 1948 by Miss Stella King. All spellings are as found in th records. 
Mackinac County Clerk Marriages Book or Volume 1 1867-1887  From county clerk ledger book - all spellings have been left as they are in the records. Marked as records starting in 1867 but records have 1866 entries. Next volume 3 also has 1887 marriage in it. Note-There is no Volume 2 
Moran Township Michigan Justice of the Peace Miscellaneous records vol. 1 1845-1865.  Contains court records and marriages - spellings are left as is. Penmanship and spelling hard to read. 
Mackinac County Clerk Marriages Book or Volume 3 1867-1948  From county clerk ledger book - all spellings have been left as they are in the records. Note-There is no Volume 2 

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