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The following Priests of the Roman Catholic Church have served Michilimackinac:

The dates opposite their names indicate the first and last year of their stay; or, as the case may be, of their visits; for many of them made only occasional visits, having other parishes, or missions, in their charge. Their names are marked as thus *.

The first church on the main land, north of the Strait, was built in 1671; the second about 1674; burnt in 1706.

The present church was built in 1838. NOTE: Year this was written was 1883.

The first church on the main land, south of the Strait, was built about 1712, when the post was re-established; the second, about 1741.

The first church on the island was built about 1785. It occupied a part of the old cemetery on Astor street. The second was erected in 1827, on the site of the present one, on land donated by Mrs. Magdalene Laframboise.

The present building was erected in 1873. NOTE: Year this was written was 1883.

Beneath the altar are the graves of Mrs. Magdalene Laframboise, her only daughter, and grandson, Langdon Pierce (wife and son of Capt. Benjamin K. Pierce, U.S.A.). On the marble slabs over their graves are the following inscriptions:
    Magdalene Laframboise, died April 14, 1846, aged 66 years.
    Josephine Pierce, died November 24th, 1820.



1670 Rev. Father DABLON, I. J. (possibly Marquette)
1671-1673 Rev. Father James MARQUETTE, S. J.
1673-? Rev. Father Philip PIERSON, S. J.
1674-? Rev. Father Henry NOUVEL, S. J.
1677-? Rev. Father J. ENJALRAN, S. J.
1680-1681 Rev. Father Louis HENNEPIN, Franciscan*
16??-? Rev. Father DE CARHEIL, S. J.
16??-1706 Rev. Father J. MAREST, S. J.


OLD MACKINAC or Lower Michigan

1708-? Rev. Father J. MAREST, S. J.
1741-1752 Rev. Father J. B. LAMORINIE, S. J. *
1741-1765 Rev. Father DU JAUNAY, S. J.
1742-1744 Rev. Father C. G. COQUARZ, S. J. *
1753-1761 Rev. Father M. L. LEFRANC, S. J.
1768-1775 Rev. Father GIBAULT, Vicar General of Illinois



1786-1787 Rev. Father PAYET, of Illinois*
1794 Rev. Father LEDRU, Dominican of France *
1796 Rev. Father LEVADOUX, of Detroit, Vicar General of the Bishop of Baltimore
1799-1823 Rev. Father G. RICHARD, Curate of St. Ann, Detroit, and Vicar General
1801 Rev. Father J. DILHET *
1816-1818 Rev. Father Joseph CREVIER, of Canada *
1825-1827 Rev. Father Francis Vincent BADIN of St. Joseph's *
1827-1830 Rev. P. J. DE JEAN, of Little Traverse Bay *
1829-1831 Rt. Rev. Edward FENWICK, Bishop of Cincinnati *
1830 Rev. Father MALLON, of Cincinnati
1830-1833 Rev. Father Samuel MAZZUCHELLI, Dominican
1830-1838 Rev. Father Frederic RESÉ, Vicar General of Cincinnati, Bishop of Detroit, 1834*
1831-1865 Rev. Father Frederic BARAGA, Vicar General of Little Traverse Bay. Afterwards (1853-1868) Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette. *
1833 Rev. Father J. LOSTRIE
1833-1834 Rev. Father Francis HATSCHER, Redemporist.
1838-1843 Rev. Father Santi SANTELLI
1843-1845 Rev. Father C. SKOLLA. Franciscan
1845 Rev. Father H. VAN RENTERGHEM
1845-1852 Rt. Rev. P. LEFEVRE, Bishop of Detroit *
1846-1874 Rev. Father A. D. PIRET, retired to Chenaux 1870
1852 Rev. Father Francis PIERZ, of Little Traverse Bay *
1854-1857 Rev. Father E. L. M. JAHAN
1858-1861 Rev. Father Patrick B. MURRAY
1861-1867 Rev. Father Henry L. THIELE, two terms
1868 Rev. Father Charles MAGNÉ
1868-1871 Rev. Father Mattjoas ORTH
1869-1870 Rev. Father Philip S. ZORN, of Grand Traverse Bay *
1870-1871 Rev. Father Nicolas L. SIFFERATH, of Cross Village *
1871 Rev. Father Charles VARY, S. J. of Sault Ste. Marie *
1871-1879 Rt. Rev. Ignatius MRAK, Bishop of Marquette *
1871-1872 Rev. Father L. B. LEBOUC
1872-1873 Rev. Father Moses MAINVILLE
1873-1880 Rev. Father Edward JACKER
1875-1878 Rev. Father William DWYER
1878-1879 Rev. Father John BRAUN
1879-1881 Rev. Father John C. KENNY
1880-1881 Rev. Father C. A. RICHARD
1880-1882 Rt. Rev. John VERTIN, Bishop of Marquette *
1881 Rev. Father Bonaventure FREY, Prov. Cap. Order *
1881-1882 Rev. Father Kilian HAAS, O. M. Cap.
1881-1882 Rev. Father Isidore HANDTMANN, O. M. Cap.
1882-1883 Rev. Father John CHEBUL
1883 Rev. Father Joseph NIEBLING

SOURCE: Annals of Fort Mackinac by: Dwight H. Kelton, Lieut. U. S. Army Revised Edition 1883 - Electronic copy transcribed and copyrighted © by Patricia L. Hamp August 2006. All rights reserved.

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