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Timeline of Mackinac County

1671: FRENCH RULE-Lusson took possession of the entire western country of the present USA and Canada in the name of France with a ceremony at Sault Ste. Marie before local trader, Native Americans and priests.

1671: FRENCH RULE-Point St. Ignace-Mission established by Father Marquette on the east shore of Moran Bay. Listed as St. Ignace de Michilimackinac until after 1800. The chapel was named St. Ignatius Loyola.

1671-1681: FRENCH RULE-Fort De Buade was erected near the mission at Point St. Ignace. The exact date is not known. Fort De Buade was later to become Fort Michilimackinac.

1677: FRENCH RULE-Father Marquette brought to St. Ignace and buried.

1679: FRENCH RULE-LaSalle arrived here on the ship "The Griffon" and attended mass at the mission.

1721-1750: FRENCH RULE-Fort Michilimackinac was established on the south shore of Straits at present day Mackinaw City.

1760: ENGLISH RULE-End of the war in Canada between France and England. England is now in control of the area.

1761: ENGLISH RULE-British arrive at Fort Michilimackinac at Mackinaw City. English families begin settling in the area.

1763: ENGLISH RULE-Native American set up a surprise attack and massacre the British at Fort Michilimackinac. Many local residents were spared even those of English descent.

1765: ENGLISH RULE-Fort Michilimackinac was re-established at Mackinaw City by the English.

1776: ENGLISH RULE-Beginning of the Revolutionary War.

1780: ENGLISH RULE-Fort Michilimackinac removed to Isle of Michilimackinac and the island starts an organized settlement outside of the fort walls as the island was more protected.

1783: AMERICAN RULE-The treaty at the end of the Revolutionary War gives the fort on the island to the United States.

1787: AMERICAN RULE-Creation by the government of the Northwest Territory which the area falls under.

1796: AMERICAN RULE-The fort was relinquished to the English and Canada again as they held onto it due to the fur trade and were encouraging resistance among the Native Americans. Although technically part of the United States the English government continues to remain.

1809: AMERICAN RULE-John Jacob Astor establishes the American Fur Company Headquarters at Mackinac Island.

War of 1812: BRITISH/CANADIAN RULE-The fort has only a small American garrison and the British see the advantage and take over during the war. The island was not given back to the American's until the Treaty of Ghent signed in 1814 and became effective in 1815.

1815: AMERICAN RULE-The English give the fort back to the United States and the area continues under American rule from her on out.

1818: Territory of Michigan-County of Michilimackinac established with county seat on Mackinac Island by the Territory of Michigan.

1825: County name has been shortened to Mackinac.

1826: Chippewa County in the upper peninsula is formed and split off from Mackinac County in 1826.

1837: Michigan reaches official statehood.

1834: John Jacob Astor sells the American Fur Company. The fur trade on the Great Lakes is dwindling.

1839: Holmes is the only established township in Mackinac County.

1840: The counties of Cheboygan, Otsego and Presque Isle in the lower peninsula are formed and split off from Mackinac County.

1843: The counties of Delta in the upper peninsula and Emmet in the lower peninsula are formed and split off from Mackinac County.

1851: Grand Traverse County in the lower peninsula is formed and split off from Mackinac County.

1854: The American Fur Company leaves Mackinac Island.

1855: Manistee County in part is formed and split off from Mackinac County.

1857: Luce County in part is formed and split off from Mackinac County.

1860: Mackinac County now has three townships named: Holmes, Mason, and St. Ignace.

1881: The railway system connects into St. Ignace and is completed in December of 1881. It runs to Marquette, Michigan. Railcars are carried by ferry across the straights to the lower peninsula of Michigan.

1882: St. Ignace is made the county seat. County records of births and deaths are now kept consistently.

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