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Bloodstoppers and Bearwalkers

Folk Tales of Immigrants, Lumberjacks, and Indians
by: Richard Dorson published 1952

This book talks about the old ways, legends, gossip, romance, folk life, oral traditions, fairy tales, myths, jests, tales, dialect stories and more told by Ojibwa, Potawatomi, and Sioux Indians; by  Finns, Swedes, Luxemburgers, Slovenians and Lithuanians, by Farmers, lumberjacks, copper and iron miners, fishermen, sailors, railroaders, bartenders and more.

List of Names Contained

Artibee, Art

Hawley, John

Perry, Bill

Beard, Herb

Hodge, Jim

Pete, John

Belanger, Jenny

Holliday, Mrs. Rose

Philemon, Mrs. Elizabeth

Belfry, Alec

Horn, Spike

Philemon, Alec


Howard, Dave

Phillips, Bessie

Bishop, George

Johnson, Aili Kolehmainen, (interpreter)

Picard, Nancy

Boyer, Joe

Johnson, Matt

Pine, George

Brown, Edwin

Keast, Joe

Pohlman, Jack

Bryer, Bill

King, Adelore

Powell, Bill

Burgan, Mary

Kinney, Aaron

Premo, George

Caddy, Art

Kolehmainen, Theodore

Quirt, Arthur

Cadotte, George (Interpreter)

Largenesse, Treffle

Raben, Regina

Chappell, John

Larsen, Herb

Racine, Joe

Colasacco, Sam

Lufkins, John

Rantimaki, John

Corvette, Jeff

MacDonald, George

Rivard, Charles

Cota, George

McTiver, Bernard

Roberts, Henry

Crooks, Howard

Maki, Herman

Rowe, Reuben

Curtis, Dan

Mallman, Joseph

Schmidt, Harry

Damour, Bert

Manette, Herm

Seppi, Michael

Derusha, Frank

Marcotte, Wilfred

Sogwin, John

Doud, Pat

Mayotte, Burt

Sogwin, Mike

Duggan, Jake

Megenuph, Archie

Spencer, Dave

Dumours, Pete

Meyers, Arthur

Steinhoff, Angus

Endress, Ora

Muggelberg, Bertha

Surrell, Matt

Feathers, Mrs Joseph

Nantell, Joe

Truedell, Captain Herbert

Felice, Ariane de, (interpreter)

Neilsen, Albert

Valin, Frank

Garvin, Archie

Nicholas, T.J.

Welsh, Chief Herbert

Gilbert, Arthur


Williams, Captain Arthur

Goodman, Arthur, M.


Wolfe, Ralph

Goudreau, Aunt Jane

Nisonen, Professor Martti

Woods, Joe

Gries, Walter

Olsen, Swan

Wright, Cal

Grondin, Ed

Palmatier, Bill

Hallen, John

Pearce, Lydia

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