Located in section 36, southwest of Gordonville on Pine River Road. It is owned and maintained
by family members and was founded by James and Ella Whitman following the death of their only
daughter, Ula, in 1903. Original information supplied by a member of the family. Cemetery read
on October 30, 2000 by Margaret Wegner.
Whitman, Babe (Ula), died September 3, 1903  age 12y 7m 18d. Daughter of
James and Elethier Whitman.
Whitman, Ella (Elethier), July 1, 1853 - Nov. 27, 1943 (wife of George Neff, Mr. May, James
Whitman and Uriah Prine; dau. of Phineas Collver and Sarah J. Chapman McCreery; mother of Maude
C. Neff Wayne, Kyler Neff, Perley Neff and Ula Whitman.
Whitman, James  May 31, 1843 - May 16, 1929 (husband of Elethier McCreery Neff May Whitman, son
of John and Lucinda Cogswell Whitman; father of Ula)
Wayne, Maude Chloe April 27, 1874 - March 14, 1955 (wife of Duncan A.; dau. of Elethier
McCreery and George Neff; mother of Amy Edwina Wayne, Leila Wayne Bentley, Perley Wayne,
Mildred Wayne Demers and Elizabeth Wayne Mitchell Stanton)
Wayne, Duncan Anderson Jan. 7, 1858 - Aug. 5, 1938 (husband of Maude C. Neff; son of John Wayne
and Elizabeth Wilson Wayne Vaniburg; father of Amy Edwina Wayne, Leila M. Wayne Bentley, Perley
Wayne, Mildred Wayne Demers and Elizabeth Wayne Mitchell Stanton)
McCreery, Charles C.  Aug. 20, 1865 - Dec. 16 1917 (husband of  ?, and Drucie Baker McCreery
Deline; son of Phineas Collver and Sarah Jane Chapman McCreery; father of Carson, Nellie and
Mildred (Rolph); borther of Ella McCreery Whitman; also father of Dawn McCreery)
Wayne, Amy Edwina (no dates; age 2d; dau. of Duncan and Maude Wayne
Mitchell, Arthur Wayne  Nov. 24, 1928 - April 8, 1992
Mitchell, Arthur  1899 - 1967
Stanton, Elizabeth Mitchell  1903 - 1992  nee Wayne
Bentley, Madeleine Wayne  Nov. 13, 1913 - July 14, 1915  (dau. of Alfred Newton and Leila M.
Wayne Bentley)
Bentley, Alfred Newton  Sept. 7, 1887 - Dec. 27, 1924 (husband of Leila Madeleine Wayne, son of
Newton Alfred and Lettie Elliott Bentley; father of Madeleine Wayne Bentley and Dorothy Maude
Bentley Bishop) Bentley, Leila Madeleine April 13, 1894 - Jan. 22, 1975 (wife of Alfred N.
Bentley; dau. of Duncan Anderson and Maude Chloe Neff Wayne; mother of Madeleine Wayne Bentley
and Dorothy Maude Bentley Bishop.
McNeil, Charles A.  May 15, 1869 - Feb. 28, 1911  age 40y 9m 15d  (son of William and Harriett
Abigail McCreery McNeil)
Laskey, Gerald R.  May 12, 1945 - July 2, 1996

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