Located in section 23 on Irish Street, west of the Salt River Bridge, Jerome Township; private.
It has an old wooden fence around it with a wooden foot bridge and steps to it. Now there is a
new silver fence around the small cemetery. Inside there is several cement stantions that must
at one time had a chain on them marking the cemetery. According to a Sullivan descendent, there
are seven known graves here: Patrick & Catherine O'Sullivan and five sons: Edmond, Mathew,
Patrick, John & Michael. John died in Saginaw: Michael died about 1932: and Patrick changed his
name so that the 'O' became a middle initial. The story is told that three sons died in a three
year span and the family, considering it bad luck, moved their house to another location. At
this time there seemed to be a problem with the State concerning private cemeteries so the
parents deeded the land to the Pope with the stipulation that only Catholics be buried there,
and only those with the name Sullivan. 
Read Sept. 23, 2000 by Cheryl D. Speaker & Margaret Wegner.
There is a large family stone? That says Sullivan at the bottom with the following poem at the 
? dear friends dry up your tears
Here I shall remain till Christ appears
Then I shall ascentially? Arise
Into another world that never dies.
Then a stone about  the size of the family stone with no writing that can be seen on it,
Then the following three small stones:
SULLIVAN,  Patrick O.  d. June 1, 1877 age  22y2d
SULLIVAN,  Mathew O.  d. August 12, 1878  age 19y11m12d
SULLIVAN,  Edmond O. d. Nov. 18, 1875  age 14y3m


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