Porter Twp. School, Dist #6



Rear row (l to r): Margie Tye, Maude Wales, Elizabeth Boyle (teacher), John Tye, Alma Tye, Jim Tye
Middle row: Cecil Acker, May Irene French, Earl Timmons, Hugh Timmons, Josephine Corbett (?), Francis Timmons
Front row: Farol Felton, Leona Felton, Nellie Belle French, Josephine Duwitt, ? , Josephine Felton (holding date), Emerson Tye (?), Vernell Felton, Clyde Acker

Cecil Acker married May Irene French in 1919. She died in 1958.
Cecil then married Josephine Felton. Josephine had married Earl Wm French (May's brother) in 1922. She will be 100 years old on Sept 19, 2001

The kids were identified by Josephine Felton in 1998 (she was 96).

Submitted by Jim Shirey
First cousin once removed to May Irene, Nellie Belle, and Earl William French

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