UNKNOWN CEMETARY (Old Coleman Cemetery).
Section 20, Coleman, Michigan. The cemetery was located off what was called Old US 
10 Highway. When the state proposed to build Saginaw Road in 1931 the cemetery was 
in the center. The stones and remains were moved to a corner of the Warren Township 
Cemetery with the exception of three or four graves which were outside the land needed 
for the road. Ken Cozat, 70, a lifetime resident of Coleman remembers seeing these 
stones as a child growing up in Coleman. These graves remained there until Coleman 
built a high school near this location in the late 1950's. The graves were near a large oak 
tree which still sits today at the edge of the school playground along Railway Street (Old 
US 10). These remains were not relocated to the Warren Township Cemetery but were 
moved to the Thumb area of Michigan to be re-buried with family located there.  This 
information was provided by Hazel Moyer, 84, of Coleman.  Mrs. Moyer's husband 
George was the sexton of the Warren Township Cemetery from 1952 until his death in 
1980, at that time Mrs. Moyer became sexton until she retired. Mrs. Moyer says one of 
those moved to the Thumb was Luella Clark.


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