SECTION FIVE  (Garden of the 4 Apostles)

Located in Section 1, Lee Township, 565 N. Meridian Rd. Corporation owned, it was founded in 1957. It is divided into sections: Good Shepherd, Chapel Garden, Garden of the 4 Apostles, Lawn Crypt, Veterans Garden, Mausoleum and Monuments. Cemetery read south to north, rows read left to right. Read in September of 2004 by Margaret Wegner and Cheryl Demski Speaker. Unable to check sexton records.

Map of Cemetery, click on thumbnail to enlarge.

SECTION ONE  (Good Shepherd Garden)

SECTION TWO (Garden of the 4 Apostles)

SECTION THREE     (Garden of the 4 Apostles; section to the back of pond and to the north side of pond)

SECTION FOUR   (Chapel Gardens)

SECTION FIVE  (Garden of the 4 Apostles)

SECTION SIX   (Lawn Crypt)

SECTION SEVEN   (Veterans Garden) and SECTION EIGHT Mausoleum, Monuments and Obituaries


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