1820 Michigan Territory Census

1830 Michigan Territory Census

1850 Midland County Census

1860 Isabella County Census
Published in the newspaper prior to the 1870 census.
This is an incomplete transcription.  Complete census
transcription coming soon!!!

1860 Midland County Census

1870 Midland County Census

    Online searchable index provided by the Library of Michigan.

Population of the State of Michigan,
By Counties.  1860, 1870, 1874

1880 Midland County Census

Fifteenth Census (1930) of Midland Co.

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Coleman City
Edenville Township
Geneva Township
Greendale Township
Homer Township
Hope Township
Ingersoll Township
Jasper Township
Jerome Township
Larkin Township
Lee Township
Lincoln Township
Midland City, Ward 1      
Midland City, Ward 2      
Midland City, Ward 3      
Midland City, Ward 4        
Midland Township         
Mills Township            
Mount Haley Township     
Porter Township           
Warren Township          



 Michigan List of Pensioners, 1883,  State Wide
Searchable database of pensioners living in the State of Michigan in 1883.
 Provides the amount of pension, post office address and date of original pension.

Eleventh Census (1890) of the United States
     Surviving Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Widows, etc.
of the War of the Rebellion in Midland County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War, Census of Michigan
1 June 1894 - Statewide
Searchable database of veterans living in all Michigan Counties.

Census Online: Census Sites on the Web

Census Forms sample census forms for every year that you can print  

Census Tools
35 free electronic spreadsheets for archiving federal, state and international census data!



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