Hubbard, Michigan


Located in Section 11, Larkin Township on the south side of Hubbard Road between Jefferson & Waldo Roads, across from the old brinewell, in the pines. Members of this community were also buried in Beaver Lutheran Cemetery. Read on Oct. 31, 1998 by Cheryl Speaker & Margaret Wegner  Additional information on the cemetery can be obtained from Karen Schultz.


Griebe, Albert     February 18, 1900 Feb. 28, 1925  Son of Julius & Augustin  

Kapanka, Amalia   1841 March 16, 1925   aged 85 years 

Kapanka, Amanda   1891 July 29, 1913   aged 22 years 11 months. First wife of Herman 

Kapanka, Emelia   1870 November 14, 1927   aged 57 years. Wife of Albert 

Kapanka, Fred Henry  October 6, 1915 October 7, 1915. Son of Ferdinand 

Krentz, Lena   died 1912   aged 6 years. Daughter of Herman, Sr.

Kullick, infant     child of Edward      no dates 

Mieske, Helen        daughter of Ludwig         no dates 

Mieske, Leona       daughter of Ludwig            no dates 

Schalk, baby       - no dates 

Schalk, Herman     1856 March 19, 1925   aged 63 years 2 months 1 day, born

Germany son of John Schalk 

Schalk, Johanna   1861 July 28, 1922   aged 61 years 5 months 14 days, born

Germany daughter of Carl Rifenburg 

Tober, Arthur    died October 18, 1915     aged 6 months 

Tober, Gustov     November 27, 1906 June 11, 1918   aged 11 years 6 months  14 days;  of typhoid fever      Son of Fred and Amelia 

Tober, Samuel    died March 24, 1916   aged 13 days


Hubbard was an active community from the late 1890s until the 1930s. They were predominately German settlers who came to seek work on a proposed railroad project. They had their own school along with a church. The railroad jobs never materialized.


  2007 by Margaret Wegner