Glasgow School




Sarah Smith  Spitnale
Beatrice Hall Harris (D)
Gladys Born
Herbert Smith
Homer Farrison
Tony Kerns (D)
Glenna McCrary (D)
Paul Woods
Earl Pomranky
Thomas Hall
Ruth Pomranky Spitnale (D)
Clarence Huntley
Walter Woods
Rollin Lambert
Douglas Born
Joeseph Smith
Evelyn Woods
Mary Woods Robertson
Ruth Huntley
Lillian Pomranky VanMeter
Nettie Lambert Pomranky (D)
Erma Lambert Wood
Louise Woods
Lawerence Huntley
Fern Farrison Pomranky
Jean Glasgow
Thomas Smith
Gilbert Albee
Marjorie Glasgow Sias
Eleanore Albee Cordes
Edward Woods
Chester Cuddington
Earl Lambert
Elmer Farrison (D)
Ellwyn Albee
William Smith
William Born
Keith Sias

This picture and list of students was submitted by Margaret Wegner.

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