City & County Directories

The County of Midland, 1897
Official register of the cities and townships of Midland County.  City Directories for the late 1890 are a significant replacement for the "lost" 1890 census.  Midland also has an 1894 State Census

1915 Patron List

This is from the 1915 Atlas and Plat Map of Midland, County. 
See also the plat maps on the Maps and Plat Books page.

1929 Midland City and Midland County Directory
The 1930 Census has been released. It  does not have a soundex.
The county and city directories published in 1929/1930 will be useful
in locating who you are looking for in the census.

Obtaining EDs for the 1930 Census in One Step (Large Cities)
Excellent find aid for Enumeration Districts for the 1930 census.
Unified 1940 Census ED Finder
(Obtaining the Enumeration District for a 1940 Location in One Step)
The initial release of the 1940 Census is not indexed, this finding aid will provide finding assistance.
You will need to determine the ED for the location that you are looking for. 
1946 Midland County and City Directory
This Directory may help you in finding the address of your ancestor, then use the 1940 Census ED Finder.
School Lists & Censuses
The gap created by the loss of the 1890 census leaves a 20 year span of time that the genealogical researcher needs to fill with other records. School lists and censuses from the 1890's are helpful in pinpointing where families with children from the ages of 5 through 20 lived.  The school census was generally carried out yearly.
School attendance lists are not as accurate because school attendance, while encouraged, was not required.  Children were often needed at home.   Students stayed in a particular grade until they passed the state examinations for that grade. 

School Lists, Photos & Yearbooks from Midland County
Your help is needed!  Do you have school yearbooks or lists of any sort for Midland County?  Please contact me, Donna Hoff-Grambau, if you are willing to help get the information online.

History of Midland Schools by Melinda Mills
With graduates of the schools from 1893 through 1896

Community History of Phetteplace School District, 1948

Midland County Normal Graduates, 1905 - 1936, Midland, Michigan

Class pictures in 1908 (Coleman High School)

Midland High School, 1930 Graduating Class

Midland Junior High School, 1930 Graduating Class

1941 Midland High School Yearbook

Windover School

A Midland County School

Glasgow School

Fulmer School, Homer Township, District 2, 1925 - 1926

Cassiday School, 1926, Hubbard & Jefferson, Larkin Township

Class pictures 1930, Gray School, Larkin Township

Class pictures 1935, Gray School, Larkin Township

Class pictures 1937, Gray School, Larkin Township

8th Grade, Gray School, 1937, Larkin Township

Unknown school class pictures

Please help us identify the people in these pictures!

Porter Twp, Dist. #6 School (Located at Kent Rd & one mile west of M-30 (Meridian Rd.)

Brown School 1952 Reunion

Coleman High School 1932 Graduation Booklet

Coleman School - 1937

Coleman School Sports Teams - 1947-48

Many Midland County residents attended Central Michigan.

Central State Teachers College  1929 - The Chippewa

Central Michigan
1892 -- Central Michigan Normal School
1927 -- Central State Teacher's College
1941 -- Central Michigan College of Education
1955 -- Central Michigan College
1959 -- Central Michigan University

BY: Claude S. Larzelere, M. A.
(Department of History & Civics)

Michigan History Magazine, July 1919, Vol. 3
History of the founding of the school.

Central Michigan Normal School, August Commencement, 1925

Fortieth Anniversary Commencement Program
Central State Teachers College, June Twenty-four, 1935

Central Michigan Normal School

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Searchable database of school records, yearbooks, commencements and alumni lists.

Rootsweb School Alumni list for the entire U.S.

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