(Hubbard Circle) Larkin Township, Midland County, Michigan


(Hubbard Circle)
Larkin Township

Located in the center of the SW 1/4 of  section 12, Old Bismark Rd. used to run 
diagonally through this section and burials were made in the center by a group of pine 
trees. This was near Hubbard Circle (Hubbard Road & Ehlers Road). According to Mr. & 
Mrs. Paul Rinas no stones were ever placed there., they mounded the dirt on top of the 
grave. He said if you come in from Parish Road to N. on Forest Hill Drive to the end, 
into the woods aways, there is a pond a farmer dug out years ago for his cows. The 
cemetery is on the NW corner of the pond. Mr. Rinas said at one time they had a wooden 
fence around it, but it has fallen over now. The following information was gone over 
with him and some others in the area, and they thought those names sounded right for 
the dates. This was on October 31, 1998 by Margaret Wegner and Cheryl Speaker

BEHLING, Augusta Burkusky (?)  first wife of Fred Behling d. ca. 1906
BEHLING, baby son  ( Augusta & Fred Wm.)
KAISER / KYSER  adult male  (this one Mr Rinus remembers being buried higher on a hill 
	because it was wet)
RAMAIN, boy   (d. in fire ca. 1913 - 1914)
WESTPHAL,  baby girl (d. late 1890's..relative remembers his father making the coffin 
	and painting it red; it was carried on a wagon to the burial place.)
DAMMANN, Wilhelm Gustav Johann Joachim  bn. August 25, 1858 in Camin, Mecklenburg/
	 Schwerin, Germany; immigrated in 1881, d. August 29, 1908. m.Caroline Kruger 
	Nov. 18, 1882 in Zilwaukee. (info from gr-grandaughter)

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