Indigent Soldier Burials - Midland County, Michigan
First Name Last Name Service Date of Death Place of Death Place Buried Occupation at Time of Death
Abram Clapper Pvt. Company C, Regiment of Penn Volunteers July 10, 1898 Coleman, MI Coleman Cemetary, Midland County, MI Laborer
William H. Atchinson Pvt. 1st Battery 19 Regiment of New York Volunteers January 14, 1915 LaPorte, MI LaPorte Cemetary, Midland County, MI Retired
Mrs. John Rood Wife of Pvt. Company J 21st Regiment of Ohio Volunteers December 14, 1914 Jasper Township, MI Seville Cemetary, Gratiot County, MI Housewife
Charles H. Hubbell Cpl. Company F 7th Regiment of Michigan Volunteers August 7, 1915 Midland, MI Midland Cemetary, Midland, MI Retired Farmer
Mrs. E. N. Carly 29th Regiment Volunteers June 6, 1915 Coleman, MI Coleman Cemetary, Midland County, MI Housewife
Marion Franklin Minniear Staff Sgt., U.S. Army Air Corps,  September 14, 1944 Terre Haute, IN Midland Cemetary, Midland, MI Armour-Gunner U.S. Army Air Corp.
Charley E. Watt Pvt. Headquarters Troop 4th Division May 23, 1945 Pontiac, Oakland County, MI Romeo, MI Janitor
Frederick P. Davis Pvt. 1577th Ordinance Group April 13, 1945 Detroit, Wayne County, MI St. Louis, MI Truck Driver
Duane J. Hardy Lt U.S. Army Air Corp. November 13, 1945 March Field, CA Midland, MI Blue Print Machine Operator
Margaret Davidson Wife of Soldier August 12, 1945 Ingersoll Twp, Midland Cty., MI Midland, MI  
Hugh W. Ryan Seaman, Naval Service of the United States January 17, 1946 Midland Twp, Midland Cty., MI Frederic, MI Carpenter
Frank R. Dague Pvt. 1st Class Company F 339th Infantry January 20, 1946 Jerome Twp., Midland Cty., MI Sanford, MI  
Joseph P. Churchfield Recruit November 25, 1945 Midland, MI Midland, MI Insurance Salesman
John Boyd Kraps Sgt. 15th Btry., July Automatic Rep. Draft May 2, 1946 Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Cty., MI   Pumper-Leonard Oil Company
Harry Orville Badder M/M 2C U.S. Navy October 5, 1946   Midland, MI Sailor
Arthur E. Friday T/5 145th Q.M. Supply Platoon November 16, 1946   Bentley Cemetary, Bentley, MI Dow Chemical Employee
Raymond E. Simco Pvt. 365th Tec. Sch. Sq. (S.P.) A.C. April 25, 1942   Kelley Cemetary, Midland County, MI Filling Station Attendant
Dewey G. Conway Pvt. Company F Regiment 336 Engr. February 27, 1946 Midland, MI Midland, MI Barber
William W. Phipps Mechanic 120 F.A. February 20, 1947 Lee Twp., Midland County, MI Ridgelawn Cemetary, Breckenridge, MI Farmer and Carpenter
Enson C. Levely Seaman U.S. Navy March 7, 1947 Larkin Twp., Midland County, MI Midland Cemetary, Midland, MI Laborer and Farmer
Margaret  Fry Widow of Samuel Fry, Pvt. Company D 6th Rgmt. NY, Inf. May 7, 1947 Midland, MI Midland, MI Housewife
Richard W. Walker Seaman 1st Class S.V. 6 U.S.N.R. June 29, 1947 Tobacco Twp, Gladwin Cty., MI Midland, MI Laborer
William Joseph Hogan P.F.C. July 26, 1947 Midland, MI Calvary Cemetary, Midland, MI Foreman, Austin Construction Co.
Edward J. Graham T4 June 29, 1947 Tobacco Twp., Gladwin Cty., MI Gilmore Cemetary, Farwell, MI Truck Driver
Alton Lee Prince C. Pho M. December 29, 1946 Midland, MI Raleigh, North Carolina Jeweler
Aaron Davis Pvt. Company H Regiment of Michigan Volunteers, Infantry May 1st, 1887 Homer Twp., MI Pine River Cemetary, Midland Cty., MI Common Laborer

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