Midland High School
Midland County, Michigan



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Phyllis Thayer
George Irish
Hazel Dorr
Vern Root
Wallace Matew
Marion Johnson
Dale Venner
Emma Wenzel
Elva Weakman
Helen Grigware
Harman Entenmann
Alice Roberts
John Livingston
Wilhelmine Krenzke
Adney Scott
Ruth Lowry
Frank Townsend
Norris Hubbard
Edna LaVeque
Jean MacDonald
Marjorie Glasgow
Rudolph Hierholzer
Genevieve Adamcik
Dorothy Woodruff
Madeline Bradt
Frank Williams
Jennie LaVeque
Helen Stanford
Esther Moe
Marian Martin
Marjorie Bliss
Lloyd Brooks
Barbara Shipps
Walter Renshaw
Mildred Bradfield
CLaire Schearer
Lester Camp
Henry Hart, President
B. C. Fairman, Principal
Huldah Grieder, Sponsor
George Root, Vice-President
Marian Nelson
Ammon Miller
Edward Hardy
Jessie Badgley
Isabell Kurtz
Lola Burkey
Martin Osborne
Edwin Strever
Norma Beckman
Roberta Townsend
Van Hutchings
Bill Dixon
Janet McKinnon, Secretary
Donna Turk, Treasurer
Bernice Biery
Willard Jones
Marion Oviatt
Marguerite Joynt
Mabel Sugnet
Eleanor Linton
Frederick Barstow
Catherine Dyer
Ermine Goodshaw
Agnes Ashley
Ralph Brown
Marguerite Stark
Walter Brown
Leona Smith
Kenneth Brown
Edward McMullen
Willis Johnston
Iva Middleton
Ellen Segerlund
Mary Gyory
Grace Peek
Alice Long
Helen Parrish
Margaret Joynt
Margaret McWethy
Leila Griswold
Milton LeFevre
Alvin Lincoln
Olive Woodcock
Ivah McKeith
CLark Madill
Max Murphy
Naomi Bowen
Selena Schautz
Donald Woodcock

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