Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
June 15  1878 ??  Grover Female Single 0 days Edenville Born Dead Michigan   Daniel Grover Edenville  MI
                  Kattie Grover Edenville  MI
Feb 28  1878 John Timmons Male Widowed 62 years Homer Rheumatic Fever Canada Farmer John Timmons MI
                  Mary Eve MI
Mar 3  1878 Rachel Timmons Female Single 14 years Homer Rheumatic Fever Michigan Housework John Timmons Homer  MI
                  Emily Timmons Homer  MI
Dec 3  1878 ??  Wayne Male Single 1/2 day Homer Unknown Michigan   Ansen Wayne Homer  MI
                  Martha Wayne Homer  MI
Aug 25  1878 Louie Sasse Male Single 0 days Homer Cholera morbus  Michigan   William Sasse Homer  MI
                  Raeva Sasse Homer  MI
Mar 17  1878 ??   Keenan Male Single 0 days Homer Stillborn Michigan   Michael Keenan Homer  MI
                  Catherine Keenan Homer  MI
Apr 10  1878 Sarah Russ Female Married 68 yrs. 11 mo. 10 days Homer Consumption New York Housewife Preserved Fisher New York
                  Lydia Fisher New York
Dec 9  1878 Willigus Havens Male Single 3 yrs. 8 mo. 8 days Hope Dropsy Michigan   Aaron Havens Hope  MI
                  Mary Havens Hope  MI
July 27  1878 Lizzie F. Mason Female Single 7 mo. 27 days Hope Cholera Infantum Michigan   William J. Mason Hope  MI
                  Nancy J. Mason Hope  MI
Oct 15  1878 Anna Wend Female Married 53 yrs. 2 mo.  Hope Inflammation of Stomach Prussia Housewife John Schwartz Prussia
Nov 7  1878 Hannah Annible Female Married 55 years Ingersoll Lung Fever New York Farmer Unknown  
Feb 5  1878 George Phettaplace Male Single 3 days Ingersoll Unknown Michigan   Eddy W. Phettaplace Midland Co. MI
                  Margaret Phettaplace Midland Co.  MI
May 15  1878 Ann Taylor Female Married 63 yrs. 2 mo. 8 days Ingersoll Paralytic Stroke England Housewife Thomas Dunham England
                  Elizabeth Dunham England
Jan 16  1878 Amy E. Hamilton Female Single 6 mo. 6 days Sanford Scarlet Fever Michigan   L. W. Hamilton Sanford  MI
                  Louisa Hamilton Sanford  MI
Aug 15 1878 July McMahone Female Single 1 yr. 5 mo. 15 days Sanford Cholera Infantum Michigan   Simon McMahone Sanford  MI
                  Hannah J. McMahone Sanford  MI
Dec 25  1878 Hattie V. Phelps Female Single 6 yrs. 11 mo. 18 days Jerome Scarlet Fever Kentucky   John H. Phelps Jerome  MI
                  Mary A. Phelps Jerome  MI
May 30  1878 Peter Moore Male Married 63 yrs. 5 mo. 2 days Jasper Heart Disease New York Farmer Unknown  
May 2  1878 Maria Wilson Female Married 51 yrs. 5 mo. 10 days Lincoln Childbirth New York Housewife Unknown  
May 2  1878 ??   Wilson Male Single 0 days Lincoln Stillborn Michigan   William C. Wilson Lincoln  MI
                  Maria Wilson Lincoln  MI
Dec 8  1878 Clara J. Atwell Female Single 1 yr. 9 mo. 20 days Midland Congestion of Brain Michigan   Henry Atwell Midland  MI
                  Lydia C. Atwell  
Nov 3  1878 Laura Jennings Female Married 23 yrs. 5 mo. 7 days Midland Inflammation of Bowels Maine Housekeeper ??  Gould  
                  Sarah Gould  
Aug 24  1878 Mary E. Wilkins Female Married 34 yrs. 1 day Midland Inflammation of Bowels Canada Housekeeper George Perrigo Milo  Maine
                  Eloisa W. Perrigo  
Nov 12  1878 Margaret J. Dangord Female Married 30 years Midland Consumption Canada Housekeeper James Hepburn Midland  MI
                  Mary Hepburn  
Sep 12  1878 Charles Johnson Male Married 32 years Midland Injury by fall from building Pennsylvania Carpenter Thomas Johnson Pennsylvania
                  ??  Johnson  
Sep 9  1878 Louisa J. Higgins Female Single 6 mo. 1 day Midland Cholera Infantum Michigan   Albert Higgins Midland  MI
                  Pheba Higgins  
Nov 16  1878 Mary J. Sheldon Female Married 47 yrs. 2 mo. 21 days Midland Cancer on Womb New York Housekeeper James Odell  
                  Elizabeth Odell Midland  MI
Sep 22  1878 Henry Ward Male Single 54 years Midland Consumption   Pauper    
Sep 6  1878 Bertie Whitman Male Single 1 yr. 13 days Midland Inflammation of Lungs Michigan   Eugene Whitman Midland  MI
                  Hellen M. Whitman  
Sep 5  1878 Emma R. Ward Female Married 25 years Midland Childbirth Michigan Housekeeper Myron Ripley Flint  MI
                  ??  Ripley  
Sep 4  1878 ??   Ward Female Single 0 days Midland Stillborn Michigan   Ira J. Ward Midland  MI
                  Emma R. Ward  
Sep 21  1878 Lucy M. Fisher Female Single 4 mo. 12 days Midland Brain Fever Michigan   William H. Fisher Midland  MI
                  Caroline Fisher  
Apr 13  1878 Charlott W. Ball Female Widow 95 years Midland Old Age Massachusetts   Henry Ewers  
                  Tryphenia Ewers  
Apr 18  1878 Emily N. Brace Female Married 35 yrs. 2 mo. 23 days Midland Consumption England Housekeeper ??   Higgins  
                  ??   Higgins  
July 15  1878 Nannie M. Brown Female Single 2 yrs. 9 mo. 21 days Midland Quick Consumption Michigan   William Brown  
                  Lottie P. Brown Midland  MI
July 21  1878 Israel Blanchard Male Single 38 years Midland Injury to Leg Canada Laborer ??  Blanchard Canada
                  ??  Blanchard Canada
Mar 11  1878 Susannah B. Elbe Female Widow 75 yrs. 8 mo. 23 days Midland Dropsy Germany None John G. Elbe  
                  Elizabeth Elbe  
Nov 16  1878 Alexander Findlater Male Married 43 yrs. 7 mo. 20 days Midland Overdose of Hydrate Chloral Scotland Hotel Keeper John Findlater Scotland
                  Mary Findlater  
Sep 6  1878 Mary E. McReavy Female Single 2 mo. 1 day Midland Malformation of Spine Michigan   Samuel J. McReavy Midland  MI
                  Ella McReavy  
Sep 19  1878 William Beswick Male Married 65 yrs. 4 mo. 1 day Midland Consumption New York Farmer ?   Beswick  
                  ?   Beswick  
Aug 22  1878 Victoria Denomine Female Single 10 years Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan None Antwine Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
                  Thersa Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
Aug 14  1878 Celina Denomine Female Single 3 years Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan   Antwine Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
                  Thersa Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
Sep 2  1878 Anthony Denomine Male Single 2 years Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan   Antwine Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
                  Thersa Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
May 25  1878 Amelia Denomine Female Single 3 months Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan   Antwine Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
                  Thersa Denomine Mt. Haley  MI
May 10  1878 John F. Condon Male Single 1 yr. 8 mo. Mt. Haley Congestion of Lungs Michigan   Patrick Condon Mt. Haley  MI
                  Mary Condon  
Sep 14  1878 Sarah A. Haley Female Single 2 yrs. 1 mo.  Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan   John Haley Mt. Haley  MI
                  Alice Haley  
Dec 17  1878 James P. Bardau Male Single 2 yrs. 9 mo. Mt. Haley Diptheria Michigan   John Bardau Mt. Haley  MI
                  Johanna Bardau  
Mar 17  1878 ??   Howley Female Single 0 days Mt. Haley Stillborn Michigan   John C. Howley Mt. Haley  MI
                  Laura E. Howley  
Apr 2  1878 Henry Otway Pierson Male Single 22 yrs. 8 mo. 23 days Porter Hemmorage of Lungs England None Benjamin Pierson England
                  Jane Pierson England
Oct 26  1878 Mary Ellen Patnaw Female Single 6 yrs. 7 mo. 4 days Porter Diptheria Michigan   John Patnaw Porter  MI
                  Charlotte A. Patnaw Porter  MI
Dec 16  1878 ??   Potter Female Single 2 days Porter ?? Michigan   Robert Potter Porter  MI
                  Alice Potter Porter  MI
Oct 27  1878 Cora Miller Female Single 5 yrs. 3 mo. 27 days Warren Diptheria Warren   George Miller Warren  MI
                  Adella Miller Warren  MI


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