Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
July 9 1877 Clyde Moon Male Single 1 yr. 10 mo. 1 day Edenville Cholera Infantum Michigan   Charles W. Moon New York
                  Elizabeth A. Moon  Penn.
Mar 31  1877 John W. Grover Male Widowed 88 yrs. 8 mo. 28 days Edenville Pneumonia Pennsylvania Carpenter    
Mar 13  1877 ?  Abbott Male Single 4 days Midland Unknown Michigan   David A. Abbott Midland  MI
                  Elizabeth Abbott Midland  MI
Nov 21  1877 John D. McKay Male Single 8 mo. 8 days Midland Teething Michigan   John McKay Midland  MI
                  Sarah McKay Midland  MI
Feb 15  1877 Arthur R. Wallace Male Single 6 yrs. 7 days Midland Diptheria Michigan   Marvin J. Wallace Midland  MI
                  Julia A. Wallace Midland  MI
Apr 19  1877 Pleasant Johnson Female Married 29 years Midland  Neuralgia Pennsylvania Housekeeper Hezekiah McGill Midland  MI
                  Elizabeth McGill Midland  MI
Sep 29  1877 Daniel McGillis Male Single 10 yrs. 3 mo. 26 days Midland Spinal Disease Michigan None Duncan McGillis  
                  Elizabeth Vashell Midland  MI
Feb 17  1877 Maudie M. Aldrich Female Single 3 yrs. 7 mo. 17 days Midland Diptheria Michigan   Truman Aldrich Midland  MI
                  Mary B. Aldrich Midland  MI
June 2  1877 Orville Patterson Male Single 9 yrs. 8 mo. 27 days Midland Drowning Michigan   William Patterson Midland  MI
                  Caroline Patterson Midland  MI
June 2  1877 Alonzo Patterson Male Single 7 yrs. 10 mo. 1 day Midland Drowning Michigan   William Patterson Midland  MI
                  Caroline Patterson Midland  MI
Apr 11  1877 Lena Bacon Female Single 7 yrs. 1 mo. 28 days Midland Scarlet Fever Michigan   Theodore B. Bacon Midland  MI
                  Sarah J. Bacon Midland  MI
Mar 27  1877 Jemima Hays Female Married  48 yrs. 7 mo. 11 days Midland Tumor New York Housekeeper Mathew P. Dutcher NY
                  Sarah C. Dutcher   NY
Dec 13  1877 Joseph Class Male Single 29 days Midland Marasmus  Michigan   Thomas Class Midland  MI
                  Mary Class Midland  MI
Nov 19  1877 Nellie C. Bates Female Single 5 mo. 7 days Midland Cholera Infantum Michigan   Andrew J. Bates Midland  MI
                  Ellen M. Bates Midland  MI
Mar 30  1877 Robert J. Allen Male Married 30 yrs. 1 mo. 3 days Midland Consumption NY Laborer Robert G. Allen Midland  MI
                  Sybel Allen Midland  MI
Aug 14  1877 Susie B. McCrary Female Single 11 mo. 3 days Midland Dysentery Michigan   William McCrary Midland  MI
                  Oro E. McCrary Midland  MI
Dec 16  1877 Julia McCrary Female Single 3 mo. 9 days Midland Cholera Infantum Michigan   William McCrary Midland  MI
                  Oro E. McCrary Midland  MI
Jan 6  1877 Daniel M. Keeley Male Single 16 yrs. 5 mo. Lake Station  MI By a Falling Tree Canada Laborer William B. Keeley Midland  MI
                  Johanna Keeley Midland  MI
Apr 24  1877 Williw Oscar Male Single 2 yrs. 10 mo. 9 days Midland Burned Michigan   Charles Oscar Midland  MI
                  Maria Oscar Midland  MI
Aug 24  1877 Lester B. Clason Male Single 14 months Midland Dysentery Michigan   Roger W. Clason Midland  MI
                  Sarah C. Clason Midland  MI
July 22  1877 Mathew Carle Male Married 67 years Midland Cancer Canada Farmer Mathew Carle  
                  Betsey Carle  
Dec 28  1877 Melinda VanWinkle Female Married 32 years Kansas Consumption Michigan Housekeeper Silas Reynolds Midland  MI
                  Maria Reynolds Midland  MI
May 5  1877 Clara A. Howard Female Married 44 years Midland Lung Fever NY Housekeeper Henry Farrington NY
                  Clara Farrington NY
Sep 26  1877 Charles A. Fisher Male Married 73 years Midland Old Age Canada Farmer ?? Fisher  
                  ??  Fisher  
Mar 3  1877 Samantha E. Carr Female Single 15 yrs. 10 mo. 2 days Midland Liver Complaint Canada None James. W. Carr  
                  Ann Carr  
May 8  1877 Jannette Ross Female Widow 74 years Midland Dropsy NY Housekeeper ??  Buchanan  
                  ??  Buchanan  
June 12  1877 Delila Smith Female Married 24 yrs. 11 mo. 24 days Midland Heart Disease Michigan Housekeeper James Stevens Midland  MI
                  Mary Stevens  
June 22  1877 Anna Carr Female Widow 54 yrs. 7 mo. 6 days Midland Inflammation of Lungs Scotland Housekeeper John Douglass  
                  Mary Douglass  
July 14  1877 Caroline Budd Female Married 43 yrs. 13 days Midland Consumption NY Housekeeper Henry Tice NY
                  Gertrude Tice  
Aug 15  1877 Mabel M. Chase Female Single 11 mo. 12 days Midland Cholera Infantum Michigan   David W. Chase Midland  MI
                  Lydia A. Chase  
Aug 14  1877 John T. Murphy Male Single 33 years Midland Drowned Maine Laborer John Murphy Ellsworth  ME
                  ??  Murphy  
Sep 4  1877 Emma Donaldson Female Married 40 yrs. 11 days Midland Murdered by Strangulation NY Housekeeper Henry Parker  
                  Nancy Parker Sanford  MI
Sep 16  1877 Clifford Smith Male Single 7 yrs. 10 mo. 14 days Midland Dysentery Michigan   Marshall Smith Midland  MI
                  Ella Smith  
June 6  1877 Adelbert Deacon Male Single 6 years Midland Drowned Michigan   Darius Deacon  
                  Sarah Deacon Flint  MI
Mar 5  1877 Lewis D. Brewster Male Single 5 yr. 1 mo. Midland Tyhpoid Pneumonia Michigan   Ethelbert J. Brewster Midland  MI
                  Maudma Brewster  
Feb 17  1877 Sarah Robinson Female Married 64 yrs. 5 mo. Porter Heart Disease Vermont Farmer John Brown Vermont
                  Thankful Brown  
Nov 14  1877 E??  Murphy Female Married 44 years Homer Rheumatic Fever NY Housewife Samuel Starks NY
Oct 23  1877 Augustus Burnham Male Married 46 years Homer Liver Complaint Ohio Farmer Oliver Burnham  
                  Margaret Burnham Ohio
Dec 2  1877 Mary A. Arnold Female Single 11 yrs. 11 mo. 18 days Homer Burned by Stove Michigan   James Arnold NY
                  Ann Arnold MI
Oct 20  1877 John Windover Male Married 24 yrs. 3 mo. Homer Typhoid Fever Canada Farmer John Windover MI
                  Elizabeth Windover Canada
Sep 18  1877 Martha Jane England Female Married 31 years Homer Liver Complaint Canada Housewife Joseph Knowls Canada
                  Margaret Knowls MI
Dec 3  1877 Joseph Knowls Male Married 59 years Homer Heart Disease Canada Farmer George Knowls MI
                  Nancy Knowls MI
Oct 15  1877 Alice Maxwell Female Married 62 yrs. 9 mo. 21 days Hope Asthma Ireland Farmer    
Aug 28  1877 Eddie Went Male Single 1 yr. 11 mo. 23 days Hope Cholera Infantum Michigan   August Went Hope
                  Sophia Went Hope
June 11  1877 Louisa Hager Female Married 57 yrs. 11 mo. 10 days Hope Injury of Hip Germany Farmer    
Nov 3  1877 Christy J. Linzey Female Single 10 mo. 10 days Warren Unknown Michigan   Ely Linzey  
                  Emily Linzey Warren  MI
July 30  1877 Thersa M. Coyle Female Single 2 yrs. 8 mo. 5 days Warren Unknown Michigan   John Coyle Coleman  MI
                  Mary Coyle Coleman  MI
Aug 29  1877 Gordon C. Pearsall Male Single 6 mo. 10 days Warren Inflammation Michigan   Brad Pearsall Warren  MI
                  Julia Pearsall Warren  MI
Apr 7  1877 ??  Hingston Male Single 1 day Ingersoll Unknown Michigan   James L. Hingston London Ont Can
                  Mary Hingston Niagara Co.  NY
Aug 26  1877 Phillip Fahay Male Single 1 yr. 5 mo. 2 days Ingersoll Unknown Michigan   Philip Fahay Ireland
                  Ellen Fahay Ireland
Aug 25  1877 Edward Davis Male Single 3 yrs. 10 mo.  Ingersoll Bloody Flux Michigan   James Davis Ingersoll  MI
                  Eliza Davis Ingersoll  MI
Feb 28  1877 Daniel Hawley Male Married 74 yrs. 4 mo. Jerome White Swelling New York Farmer William Hawley New York
                  Elsa Hawley New York
June 1  1877 Patrick Sulivan Male Single 21 yrs. 3 days Jerome Consumption Canada Farmer Patrick Sulivan Ireland
                  Catherine Sulivan Ireland
Apr 5  1877 Eliza B. Sanford Female Married 56 yrs. 7 mo. Jerome Inflammation of Lungs Ohio Housewife Amos Button Ohio
                  Catherine Button Ohio
Feb 11  1877 Sabrina Berthrune Male Married 28 yrs. 1 mo. 5 days Geneva Consumption Canada Housewife    
Oct 13  1877 Sofa Berthrune Female Single 1 yr. 9 mo. 3 days Geneva Spinal Fever Michigan   Sabrina Berthrune MI
                  Doria Berthrune MI
July 7  1877 Patrick Tripp Male Single 37 yrs. 4 mo. 9 days Geneva Consumption Canada Farmer James Tripp Canada
                Amy Tripp Ireland


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