Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
Jan 15  1876 James H. Ferguson Male Single 6 months Midland City Inflammation of the Bowel Midland   James Ferguson Midland  MI
                  Mary A. Ferguson Midland  MI
Apr 27  1876 Dellie M. Burger Female Single 26 years Midland City Consumption New York None Sydna Burger New York
                  Sylvia Burger New York
July 15 1876 Rubie Johnson Female Married 27 years Midland City Consumption New York None Cyrus Berger Midland MI
                  Pheba A. Berger Midland MI
Apr 16  1876 Georgie Jennings Female Single 1 yr. 10 months ? Spinal Fever Midland City None George M. Jennings Midland MI
                  Laura Jennings  
Aug 24  1876 Leslie B. Clason Male Single 1 yr. 1 mo. 8 days Midland City Dysentery Midland City None Roger W. Clason Midland City
                  Sarah C. Clason  
Jan 6  1876 William L. Sheldrick Male Married 43 years Midland City Dysentery England Saloon keeper    
Dec 11  1876 Maggie Vieu Female Single 3 years Midland Dysentery Midland   John Vieu Midland
                  Augie Vieu  
Jan 15  1876 Joseph E. McKay Male Single 9 years Midland City Scarlet Fever Michigan   Joseph McKay Midland  MI
                  Mary McKay  
June 12  1876 James W. Carr Male Married 62 yrs. 15 days Midland Liver Complaint Canada Farmer Daniel Carr Canada
                  Emma Carr  
Mar 14  1876 Isaac D. Bailey Male Married 77 years Midland Consumption NH Physician    
Sep 18  1876 Thomas Shirley Male Single 10 mo. 16 days Midland Inflammation of Bowels Midland   Paul Shirley Midland
                  Jannette Shirley  
Nov 6  1876 James G. Wait Male Single 2 yrs. 4 mo. 8 days Midland Canker Michigan   Samuel G. Wait Midland
                  Nancy Wait  
Aug 18  1876 Drucilla S. Collar Female Widow 53 yrs. 8 mo. 18 days Essexville Bay Co. Apoplexy Ohio None Josiah Wood Ohio
                  Mary Wood  
Sep 25  1876 Ida Wallace Female Single 9 days Midland Unknown Midland   Marvin J. Wallace Midland  MI
                  Julia Wallace  
Aug 6  1876 Henry Boice Male Single 4 yrs. 9 mo. 13 days Midland Injury received Midland   Henry Boice Midland  MI
                  Louisa Boice  
Oct 9  1876 Maud C. Tiffen Female Single 2 mo. 2 days Midland Brain Fever Midland   William Tiffen Midland  MI
                  Marie Tiffen  
Oct 22  1876 Hellen Davidson Female Single 2 mo. 18 days Midland Cholera Infantum Midland   William Davidson Midland  MI
                  Margaret Davidson  
July 17  1876 Phillippe Loranger Male Married 37 years East Saginaw Dyspepsia Canada Laborer    
Aug 15  1876 Ermina A. McCartney Female Single 14 yrs. 1 mo. Ausable Drowning Michigan None George McCartney Midland  MI
                  Harriet McCartney  
Dec 21  1876 ?  Quigley Female Single 1 day Midland Infancy Midland   James Quigley Midland
                  Ida Quigley Midland
Aug 11  1876 Horatio Dustan Male Single 2 months Midland Dysentery Midland City   James Dustan Midland City
                  Isabella Dustan  
Sep 20  1876 Gracie Hubbard Female Single 2 yrs. 6 mo. Warren Scarlet Fever Michigan   William R. Hubbard Warren  MI
                  Malissa A. Hubbard Warren  MI
Aug 6  1876 Ellen McCormick Female Single 7 months Warren Whooping Cough Michigan   Henry McCormick Warren  MI
                  Jane McCormick Warren  MI
Aug 16  1876 Cora Burnham Female Single 6 mo. 5 days Warren Inflammation of Bowels Michigan   John Burnham Geneva  MI
                  Mary Burnham Geneva  MI
Feb 23  1876 John Sias Male Married 73 yrs. 4 mo. 23 days Jasper Chronic Rhumatism New York Farmer    
May 18  1876 Mary E. Wells Female Single 1 yr. 8 mo. 1 day Edenville Pneumonia Michigan   George Wells Edenville  MI
                  Melissa Wells  
Nov 18  1876 George W. How Male Married 26 yrs. 5 mo. 27 days Lincoln Consumption New York Farmer William How Clayton Co.  NY
                  Elmira How  
Mar 2  1876 Catherine Ryan Female Married 23 years Homer Consumption New York Housekeeper   New York
Mar 6  1876 Lorinda Wells Female Single 12 years Homer Drowned Michigan   William Wells Homer  MI
                  ?  Wells  
Oct 17  1876 James Francis Timmons Male Married 54 yrs. 7 mo. 17 days Jonesfield Caused by Wagon Montreal Farmer Noah Timmons Montreal
                  Mary Timmons  
Mar 19  1876 Sarah Kennedy Female Married 58 years Ingersoll Rupture of the Heart Scotland Weaver    
Mar 26  1876 Loring S. Winslow Male Married 69 years Ingersoll Paralysis New York Physician Joseph Winslow New York
                  Anna Winslow  
July 20  1876 Lenora Rockwell Female Single 1 yr. 10 mo. Ingersoll Dysentery Michigan   George O. Rockwell Ingersoll  MI
                  Alice Rockwell  
Nov 14  1876 Florence J. McMillan Female Single 1 yr. 22 days Ingersoll Whooping Cough Ingersoll  MI   Allen R. McMillan Ingersoll  MI
                  ?  McMillan  
Dec  1876 Lucius Gott Male Single 8 months Ingersoll Inflammation of Bowels Michigan   Francis Gott Ingersoll  MI
                  ?  Gott  
Oct 1  1876 Amy Johnson Female Single 7 yrs. 5 mo. 12 days Mt. Haley By Fire Canada   Jacob Johnson Mt. Haley  MI
                  Rhody Johnson  
Oct 9  1876 Rhody Johnson Female Married 29 years Mt. Haley By Fire Canada Housekeeper    


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