Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
Jan 8  1874 M. E?? Male Married 34 yrs. 6 mo. 9 days Midland Consumption New York   G. Mansfield Midland
                  C. Mansfield Michigan
Jan 14  1874 A. P. Door Male Single 4 yrs. 11 mo. 25 days Midland Scarlet Fever Michigan   A. Door Midland
                  A. M. Door Michigan
Aug 18  1874 William Kealey Male Single 1 yr. 2 mo. 6 days Midland   Michigan   John Kealey Midland
                  Mary Kealey Michigan
Mar 26  1874 Edward Jessup Male Single 10 days Midland Unknown Michigan   Fauk Jessup Midland
                  Mary Jessup Midland
Apr 15  1874 Edwin Jessup Male Single 29 days Midland Unknown Michigan   Fauk Jessup Midland
                  Mary Jessup Midland
Aug 27  1874 Sarah Fisher Female Single 1 mo. 27 days Midland Unknown Michigan   William Fisher Midland
                  Caroline Fisher Midland
?? Not Named Female Single 4 years Midland Consumption Michigan   Unknown Midland
Feb 20  1874 John Payne Male Single 21 years 3 mo. 7 days Midland Consumption New York Laborer Charles Payne Midland
                  Edna Payne Midland
Sep 3  1874 Dottie Wallace Female Single 1 mo. 13 days Midland Congestion of Brain Michigan   Marvin Wallace Midland
                  Julia Wallace Midland
Aug 11  1874 Susan Foster Female Married 72 years Midland Cancer Connecticut   Samuel Sangdon Midland
                  Polly Sangdon Midland
Jan 10  1874 F. Beardsley Female Single 3 mo. 10 days Midland Croup New York   Allen Beardsley Midland
                  Celia Beardsley Midland
Sep 16  1874 Cortland Ross Male Single 6 mo. 10 days Midland Cholera Infantum Michigan   Thomas Ross Midland
                  Celia Ross Midland
Apr 18  1874 Cynthia Fletcher Female Single 63 yrs. 3 mo. 5 days   Consumption Unknown   Unknown  
July 7  1874 Nancy Irwin Female Married 75 yrs. 11 mo. 26 days Midland Apoplexy Ireland   William Redman Ireland
                  Mary Redman Ireland
Unknown ?  Richardson Male Single 70 years Midland Dropsy Unknown Physician Unknown Michigan
Sep 8  1874 CharleseBall Male Single 16 days Midland Unknown Midland   G. Ball Midland
                  Amelia Ball Midland
Aug 29  1874 Charles Bradley Male Single 2 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days Midland Dysentery Midland   Horatio Bradley Midland
                  Nelly Bradley Michigan
Sep 15  1874 Eliza Sawyer Female Single 40 years Midland Consumption Canada   Unknown  
Sep 2  1874 Florence Burch Female Single 9 mo. 18 days Midland Dysentery Michigan   Sylvanus Burch Midland
                  Martha Burch Michigan
May 5  1874 Amasa Daniels Male Single 63 years Midland Dysentery Michigan Laborer    
June 21  1874 Russell A. Ellsworth Male Single 7 mo. 21 days Midland Unknown Michigan   William Ellsworth Midland
                  E. Ellsworth Midland
Dec 14  1874 William A. Babcock Male Single 56 yrs. 10 mo. 8 days Geneva Typhoid Fever New York Carpenter Moses Babcock Geneva
                  Elizabeth Babcock Michigan
Mar 23  1874 Lilly Leur Female Single 2 mo. 23 days Geneva Consumption Michigan   L. Leur Geneva
                  Louann Leur Michigan
Dec 8  1874 James Sanford Male Single 29 days Geneva ??  on the Neck Michigan   William Sanford Geneva
                  Sarah J. Sanford Michigan
June 21  1874 Asa Foster Male Single 3 yrs. 11 mo. 27 days Jerome Inflammation of Lungs Michigan   Henry Foster Geneva
                  Tara Foster Michigan
Apr 20  1874 Not Named Female Single 1 day Ingersoll   Michigan   Henry Mills Ingersoll
                  Mary Mills Michigan
Oct 15  1874 Not Named Male Single   Ingersoll       Edwin Gerard Ingersoll
                  Caroline Gerard Michigan
Mar 14  1874 C. Winslow Female Single 22 years Ingersoll Childbirth Michigan   Unknown  
June 4  1874 George Warner Male Married 23 years Ingersoll Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown  
Sep 8  1874 Frederic Gosturen Male Single 1 year Ingersoll Inflammation of Bowels Michigan   C. Gosturen Ingersoll
                  Elizabeth Gosturen Michigan
May 10  1874 Not Named Female Single 1 day Ingersoll Unknown Michigan   Edward Hecop Ingersoll
                  Martha Hecop Michigan
Nov 15  1874 Ellen Healey Female Widow 75 years 10 days Mount Haley Old Age Ireland   Unknown Mt Haley
June 11  1874 Alfred Wells Male Married 42 years Warren Unknown Canada   Unknown Maine
Oct 12  1874 Martha Rix Female Single 3 yrs. 10 mo. 6 days Warren Twp. Congestion of Lungs Ohio   Martin Rix Michigan
                  Matilda Rix Michigan
Jan 29  1874 William J. Rennard Male Single 11 mo. 17 days Warren Scarlet Fever Michigan   L. Rennard Michigan
                  H. Henwood Michigan
Dec 14  1874 Julia Reolden Female Married 55 years Homer ? Ireland   Unknown  
Nov 12  1874 Mary S. Lewis Female Married 39 years Hope Consumption ?   John Major  
                  Mary Major  
Aug 6  1874 Millie Mudge Female Single 5 mo. 18 days Hope ? Michigan   Abel Mudge Michigan
                  Sarah Mudge Hope
Feb 25  1874 William Nobles Male Widow 64 yrs. 10 mo. 15 days Homer ? New York Farmer William Nobles Canada
                  ? Nobles Canada
Aug 10  1874 Kate Furkins Female Married 20 years S?? Cancer Michigan   Unknown Unknown
Aug 5  1874 Not Named Female Single 5 days Lincoln ? Michigan   F. Furkins Unknown
                  Kate Furkins  


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