Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
Aug 28  1872 Neva S. Anderson Female Single 3 mo. 26 days Midland Summer Complaint Michigan   John W. Anderson Midland City
                  Sallee Anderson Midland City
July 12  1872 Thomas H. Coller Male Married 48 years Midland ?? Ohio Lumberman Herman Coller Ohio
                  Nancy Coller Ohio
Nov 17  1872 Robert Walton Male Single 3 mo. 10 days Midland Inflammation of Brain Midland City   Robert Walton Midland City
                  Angelina Walton Midland City
Aug 19  1872 Charles Seely Male Single 3 yrs 4 mo. 9 days Midland Typhoid Fever Saginaw  MI   William  Seely Midland City
                  Rhoda Seely Midland City
Oct 18  1873 Blanche Mericle Female Single 7 years Midland Typhoid Fever Saginaw  MI   James Mericle Midland City
                  Emma Mericle Midland City
Jan 28  1872 Grenliff Riggers Male Married 34 years Mount Haley Killed by log rolling on him Maine Lumberman William Riggers Dover Maine
                  Susann Riggers Dover Maine
June 9  1872 James J. Maxwell Male Married 29 yrs 11 mo. Midland Typhoid Fever New York Carpenter Daniel Maxwell New York
                  ??  Maxwell New York
Nov 20  1872 Benny M. McArdle Male Single 10 yrs 5 mo. Midland Scrofula New York   Edmund McArdle Midland
                  Sarah M. McArdle Midland
May 4  1872 Mary Heale Female Single 14 yrs. 5 mo. 4 days Midland Typhoid Fever Maine   Dexter Heale Dead
                  Isabella Heale Midland
Oct 6  1872 Frederick Duston Male   1 mo. 17 days Midland Dysentery Michigan   James Duston Midland
                  Isabella Duston Midland
July 30  1872 Seth J. Hulbert Male   1 mo. 23 days Midland Unknown Michigan   Sylvester Hulbert Midland
                  Lydia Ann Hulbert Midland
July 21  1872 Esta Herald Female Married   Midland Cholera Maine   Unknown  
July 13  1872 Mary Marsh Female Single 82 years Midland Cholera New Hampshire   Sam Bailey  
                  Vera Bailey  
Mar 12  1872 Dennis Deacons Male Single 33 years Midland Inlammation of Lungs New York Laborer Henry Deacons Michigan
                  Nancy Deacons Michigan
Aug 10  1872 Aurilla Grant Female Single 9 yrs. 9 mo. 4 days Midland  Smallpox New York   Dirk Grant Michigan
                  Emily Grant Michigan
July 26  1872 Will Bingham Male Single 62 years Midland Consumption New York Carpenter Alfred Bingham Michigan
                  Debra Bingham Michigan
Aug 1  1872 Hamlet Wellman Male   11 yrs 1 mo. 7 days Midland Killed by fall from horse Michigan   Alonzo Wellman Michigan
                  Rebecca Wellman Michigan
Dec 31  1872 Clide R. Hinkley Male   4 yrs. 4 mo. 16 days Midland Typhoid Fever Midland  MI   J. W. Hinkley Midland
                  ??  Hinkley Michigan
July 30  1872 John W. Reardon Male   12 days Midland Unknown Midland  MI   John Reardon Midland
                  Ann Reardon Michigan
  Fred Oscar Male     Midland Whooping Cough Midland   Charles Oscar Midland
                  Maria Oscar Michigan
Sep 27  1872 R. H. Ball Male     Midland Dysentery Midland   Will Ball Midland
                  Amelia Ball Michigan
1872 Not Named Male     Midland Inflammatory  ?? Midland  MI   Thomas McCartney Midland
                  Emily McCartney Michigan
Sep  1872 Magie Tupper Female   1 mo. 7 days Midland Canker Rash Midland  Mi   Joseph Tupper Midland
                  Mary J. Tupper Michigan
Mar 31  1872 Mary O. Hoyt Female Married 26 yrs. 8 mo. 25 days Midland Smallpox Dover  Maine Housekeeper Syford Dow Dover  
                  Mary Dow Maine
Apr 11  1872 Lotta Hoyt Female   2 yrs 5 mo. 26 days Midland Smallpox Midland  MI   George Hoyt Midland
                  Mary Hoyt Michigan
Mar 15  1872 Sophrena Keating Female Married Not known Midland Smallpox Dover  Maine Housekeeping Not known Dover  Maine
Apr 11  1872 Archie Keating Male   Not known Midland Smallpox Midland  MI   R. T. Keating Midland
                  Sophrena Keating Michigan
Apr 15 1872 Hattie Keating Female   Not known Midland Smallpox Midland  MI   R. T. Keating Midland
                  Sophrena Keating Michigan
Apr 11  1872 Laura Keating Female   Not known Midland Smallpox Midland  MI   R. T. Keating Midland
                  Sophrena Keating Michigan
Apr 13  1872 Not Named Female   Not known Midland Smallpox Midland  MI   R. T. Keating Midland
                  Sophrena Keating Michigan
Dec 5  1872 Joseph C. Kenton Male Single 23 yrs. 11 mo. Midland Cerebral Spinal Neuragenta Michigan Clerk Ebton Kenton Frankenmuth 
                  Caroline Kenton Michigan
Oct 20  1872 Frederick M. Cook Male Single 23 yrs. 11 mo. Midland Typhoid Fever Canada Laborer Thomas Cook Ontario
                  Jane Cook Ontario
Nov 14  1872 Willis Clason Male   4 yrs. 18 mo. 10 days Midland Consumption Midland  MI   Rufus Clason Midland
                  Emma Clason Michigan
Apr 15  1872 John Davidson Male Single 6 mo. 5 days Midland Whooping Cough Midland  MI   William Davidson Midland
                  Maggie Davidson Michigan
Dec 18  1872 Esther Ellen Talbot Female Single 6 mo. 15 days Midland Whooping Cough Midland City   James Talbot Midland
                  Susan Talbot Michigan
Sep 13  1872 C. H. Dexter Male Single 1 mo. 25 days Midland Inflammation of Bowels Midland  MI   Jonathan Dexter Midland
                  Rosetta Dexter Michigan
July 18  1872 Amanda Morrison Female Married 39 years Midland Black Erysipelas Pennsylvania Housekeeping Thomas Holt Penn.
                  Sarah Holt Penn.
Sep 5  1872 John M. Allen Male Single 1 yr. 10 mo. 28 days Midland Unknown Midland  MI   James Allen Midland
                  Ann M. Allen Michigan
Jun 24  1872 Ida M. Smith Female Single 1 yr. 10 mo. 8 days Midland Typhoid Fever Midland  MI   George Smith Midland
                  Catherine Smith Michigan
Jan 9  1872 Christian Taylor Female Married 32 years Midland Childbirth Ontario Housekeeping David Anderson Ontario
                  Nancy Anderson Ontario
Jun 11  1872 Henry L. Lewis Male   10 mo. 26 days Midland Inflammation of bowels Midland  MI   Henry Lewis Midland
                  Elizabeth Lewis Michigan
May 22 1872 Mary W. Townsend Female Married 54 years Midland Inflammatioin of bowels Ontario   Unknown Unknown
Aug 25  1872 Not Named Female     Midland ?? Midland  MI   William Ling Midland
                  Martha Ling Michigan
July 9  1872 Robert J. Brown Male Married 64 yrs. 5 mo. 26 days Ingersoll Unknown New Jersey Farmer Unknown Unknown
Oct 26  1872 Harry Saundy Male Married 83 yrs. 10 mo. 25 days Ingersoll Old Age New Hampshire Cabinetmaker Unknown Unknown
Oct 8  1872 Phebe James Female Married Unknown Porter  MI Consumption Ontario Housekeeping Andrew Williams Ontario
                  Clara Williams Ontario
June 28  1872 Nellie Etta Smith Female Single 28 days Porter  MI Inflammation of Bowels Porter  MI   George Smith Porter
                  Nancy M. Smith Michigan
Nov 23  1872 Hannah Benjamin Female Single 28 yrs 2 mo. 12 days Porter  MI Smallpox Utica New York Dressmaker John Benjamin Porter  MI
                  Sandi Benjamin Michigan
Aug 15  1872 William Bailey Male Single 14 years Jasper  MI Typhoid Fever Michigan   B. B. Bailey Jasper
                  Mary E. Bailey Michigan
Dec 18  1872 Charles W. Fields Male Single 8 years Jasper  MI Typhoid Fever Pennsylvania   Albert Fields Jasper
                  Julia Ann Fields Michigan
Dec 4  1872 Lester A. Martin Male Single 2 yrs. 1 mo. 2 days Winger  OH Typhoid Fever Jasper  MI   A. J. Martin Jasper
                  Alvira Martin Michigan
Sep 25  1872 No Name Female   5 months Gladwin  MI Unknown Unknown   M. Andrews ?
                  Sonia Andrews ?
Jun 9  1872 No Name  Male   5 days Gladwin  MI Unknown Gladwin  MI   Ben Wilber Gladwin
                  Julia Wilbert Michigan
Dec 25  1872 John L. Hicks Male Married 44 days 1 mo. 26 days Jerome  MI Typhoid Fever New York Carpenter S??  Hicks Lowell 
                  Julia Hicks Michigan
Nov 21  1872 Not Named Female     Jerome  MI Unknown Jerome  MI   Ralph Denton Jerome 
                  Alice Denton Michigan
Mar 15  1872 Georgia Ann Moore Female Single 6 mo. 10 days Jerome  MI Scarlet Fever Jerome  MI   Thomas Moore Jerome
                  Caroline Moore Michigan
July 15  1872 Francis E. Hawley Female Single 1 mo. 3 days Jerome  MI Dysentery Jerome  MI   William Hawley Jerome
                  Emma Hawley Michigan
Jun 8  1872 Not Named Male     Jerome  MI Unknown Jerome  MI   James Odell Jerome
                  Emily Odell Michigan
Aug 14  1872 Philadelphia Line Female Married  41 years Jerome  MI Unknown        
Apr 18  1872 Samuel Brunn Male Married 38 years Midland  MI Unknown   Carpenter    
Apr 15  1872 Alvira Ann Grout Female Married 37 yrs. 7 mo. 9 days MI Unknown Ontario   Willard Grout Midland
                  Nancy Grout Michigan
May 2  1872 Arnold J. Raymond Male Single 9 mo. 9 days Hope  MI Consumption Hope  MI   John B. Raymond Hope
                  Sarah E. Raymond Michigan
Feb 25  1872 Nellie C. Mills Female Single 15 yrs 15 days Hope  MI Congestive Chills Ontario Housekeeping Harding Mills Hope 
                  Sarah Mills Michigan
Mar 30  1872 George Mills Male Single 19 yrs 11 mo. 15 days Hope  MI Typhoid Fever Hope  MI Farmer Harding Mills Hope
                  Sarah Mills Michigan
Aug 6  1872 Gehical Garbett Male Single 1 yr. 6 mo. 15 days Hope  MI Unknown Hope  MI   Archibald Garbett Hope
                  Mary Ann Garbett Michigan


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