Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
Jan 16  1871 Emogene Reymans Female Married 27 yrs 5 mo. 21 days Hope Dysentery New York   Judson Odele Pennsylvania
                  Mary Odele Pennsylvania
July 29  1871 George A. Reymans Male Single 3 yrs 3 mo. 24 days Hope Dysentery Michigan Farmer Abraham Reymans Michigan
                  Emogene Reymans Michigan
Aug 4  1871 Maria Carr Female Single 10 yrs 10 mo. 23 days Hope Dysentery Pennsylvania   Marshall Carr Michigan
                  Mary W. Carr Michigan
Mar 22  1871 Bessey May Haywood Female Single 1 month Hope ??  of Lungs Michigan   Ralph Haywood Michigan
                  Sarah Haywood Michigan
Aug 5  1871 Caroline Fraser Female Single 2 yrs 27 days Hope Dysentery Michigan   Edwin Fraser Michigan
                  Rhonda Fraser Michigan
Sep 7  1871 David Crampton Male Married 66 yrs. 5 mo. 2 days Ingersoll Inflammation of Lungs Vermont ?? Unknown Unknown
Oct 17  1871 William Parker Male Single 17 yrs 9 mo. 29 days Ingersoll Killed by fall  ?? Canada Lumberman Solomon Parker Ingersoll
                  Emma Parker Ingersoll
Nov 27  1871 Herman Barnes ?? Male Single 72 yrs. 11 mo. 23 days Ingersoll Congestion of Lungs Canada Farmer Unknown Unknown
Oct 30  1871 Not Known       Edenville Still born Edenville   Ralph Denton Edenville
                  Alice Denton  
Aug 6  1871 Neida Bardwell Female Married 59 years Edenville Consumption Canada   Not known  
Dec 1  1871 Wallace Bowman Male Single 2 mo.  3 days Edenville Not known Edenville   Charles E. Bowman Edenville
                  Julia Bowman Edenville
Dec 27  1871 Oliver Martin Male Single 11 days Homer Not known Homer   Jerry Martin Homer
                  Alice Martin Homer
Dec 9  1871 Elizabeth Ride Female Married 32 yrs. Homer Consumption Ohio   Not known Not known
Oct 15  1871 Joseph Lamphere Male Single 18 yrs. Warren Killed by fallen ice Michigan Laborer Joseph Lamphere Genessee
                  Mary Lamphere MI
May 15  1871 Not known Female Single 2 mo.  25 days Warren Inflammaton of Brain Warren   Samuel Hillsdale Warren
                  Lucinda Hillsdale Warren
Nov 25  1871 Mary Riley Female Married 22 yrs 3 mo.10 days Gladwin Child birth  ?? Germany   John Dorsey Gladwin
                  Louisa Dorsey Gladwin
Aug 14  1871 Melissa Diffen Female Married 26 years Gladwin Dropsey of the Heart Canada   Unknown Unknown
                  Unknown Unknown
Apr 14  1871 Julia A. Wellman Female Single 21 yrs 14 days Midland Heart disease Michigan   Emily Wellman Midland
Sep 20  1871 William Hughes Male Single 2 yrs 3 days Hillsdale  MI Canker on the stomach Michigan   George W. Hughes Midland
                  Eliza Hughes Midland
Mar 14  1871 Hattie A. Sheldick Female Single 7 yrs 2 mo. 20 days Saginaw Twp.  MI Unknown England   Henry Sheldick Midland
                  Emily Sheldick Midland
Apr 20  1871 No Name Male Single 3 days Midland Typhus Fever Midland   John Anderson Midland
                  S. Anderson Midland
July 16  1871 Edwin Baldwin Male Single 19 yrs 1 mo. 27 days Midland Typhus Fever Midland   W. Baldwin Midland
                  Emily Baldwin Midland
July 25  1871 Not known Female Single     Still born Midland   Henry Wellman Midland
                  Harriet Wellman Midland
Aug 5  1871 William Gallager Male Married 23 yrs 11 mo. 28 days Midland Killed in accident in Mill Midland Blacksmith Jacob Gallager Lapeer  MI
                  N. Galager Lapeer  MI
Mar 10  1871 Hedley Thompson Male Married 52 yrs 3 mo. 7 days Midland ??  complaint New York Farmer James Thompson New York
                  Rhoda Thompson New York
July 28  1871 Amos T. Fisher Male Single 3 yrs. 21 days Midland Unknown Midland   William Fisher Midland
                  Caroline Fisher Midland
June 1  1871 James Dexter Male       Unknown Midland   Jonathan Dexter Midland
                  Rosella Dexter Midland
Oct 23  1871 James McIntosh Male Single 26 yrs 6 days Midland Brain Fever Michigan   James McIntosh  
                  C. McIntosh  
July 15  1871 Anna Hoyt Female Single   Midland Still born Midland   George Hoyt Midland
                  Mary A. Hoyt Midland
Nov 19  1871 Dolly Carl Female Single 8 mo.  2 days Midland Brain Fever Midland   George Carl Midland
                  Elizabeth Carl Midland
June 6  1871 Charles Banks Male Single 15 yrs 8 mo. 25 days Midland Brain Fever Midland   L. F. Banks Midland
                  Margaret Banks Midland
Sep 28  1871 Daisey Gillot Female Single 5 yrs 5 mo. 8 days Midland Typhus Fever Midland   Adolphus Gillot Midland
                  Sarah Gillot Midland
July 8  1871 Williams Jacobs Male Married 35 yrs 5 mo. Midland ?? Canada Laborer William Jacobs Saginaw
                  Hannah Jacobs Saginaw
June 10  1871 John E. Cook Male Married 34 years Midland Typhoid Fever New York   Syman Cook New York
                  Mary Cook New York
May 20  1871 Roy Cook Male Single 3 years Midland Dysentery Michigan   John Cook Midland
                  Ruth Cook Midland
May 7  1871 Fredrick Swallow Male Single 8 mos. Midland Whooping Cough Michigan   Thomas Swallow Ingersoll
                  Mary Swallow Ingersoll


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