Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
Feb  1869 Ezra P. Alexander Male Married 35 yrs. Midland City Jaundice Ohio Filer Unknown Unknown
Apr 19  1869 John Kernison Male Single 19 yrs. Midland City Measles Canada Farmer Unknown Unknown
Mar 20  1869 Agnes A. Abbott Female Married 30 yrs. Midland Dropsy NY      
Nov 21  1869 Samuel Ellsworth Male Married 60 yrs. 6 mo. 14 days Midland City Consumption New York Carpenter Joseph Ellsworth Pennsylvania
                  Cynthia Ellsworth  
Aug 31  1869 Abbie Sumner Female Single 19 yrs 9 mo. 4 days Midland City Consumption Pennsylvania Housekeeper Philo Sumner Midland
                  Lucy Sumner  
Jun 28  1869 Ira Turk Male Married 47 yrs. 9 mo. 22 days Midland City Hemorage Vermont Laborer Jacob Turk Vermont
                  Sophia Turk  
Aug 23  1869 Frank Davis Male Single 21 days Midland Congestion of Brain Michigan   Ephiram Davis Michigan
                  Sarah Davis  
May 17  1869 Mary L. Lowell Female Single 2 yrs. Midland City Congestion of Brain Michigan   Henry Lowell Michigan
                  Amanda Lowell  
May 3  1869 Daniel Sharp Male Single 14 yrs. 7 mo. 5 days Midland City Overdose of Morphine Canada   Thomas Sharp Michigan
                  Mary Sharp  
June  1869 Abream Egbert Male Married 78 yrs. Midland City Old Age New York Laborer Unknown  
Dec 9  1869 Chalres B. Wright Male Married 45 yrs. 1 mo. Midland City ?? Vermont Lawyer John Wright New York
May 6  1869 William L. Butler Male Single 20 yrs 6 mo. 21 days Midland Fall from barn New York Farmer William C. Butler Ohio
                  Abigail J. Butler  
July 3  1869 Freeman Mills Male Single 9 mo.  5 days Lincoln Congestion of Brain Lincoln   Samuel Mills  
                  Sarah Mills  
Feb 17  1869 George W. Postic Male Married 33 yrs. 7 mo. 25 days Lincoln Drowned Michigan Farmer    
Apr 29  1869 Margaret McCullock Female Married 30 yrs. 11 mo. 21 days Ingersoll Heart disease Ohio      
Apr 24  1869 Infant Male   1 day Ingersoll Unknown Ingersoll   William Atchison Ingersoll
                  Hellen Atchison  
Sep 5  1869 Rosetta Goodspeed Female Single 14 yrs. 10 mo. 18 days Ingersoll Typhoid Fever Ohio   Egred Goodspeed Ingersoll
                  Caroline Goodspeed  
Mar 2 1869 Barbara Wood Female Married 32 yrs. 1 mo. Sheridan   Indiana   Jacob Roos Indiana
                  Elanor Roos  
Oct 24  1869 ??  Lundnum Male Single 5 mo. 13 days Sheridan   Sheridan   Albert Ludnum New York
                  L. Ludnum  
Sep 28  1869 Ephram Wells Male Single 9 mo. 19 days Homer Whooping Cough Homer   Daniel Wells Homer
                  Henrietta Wells  
Apr 28  1869 John Kelley Male Single 1 yr. 6 mo. Homer Inflammation of Brain Homer   William Kelley Homer
                  Elizabeth Kelley  
Apr 4  1869 Mary T. Herreck Female Married 24 yrs. Homer Puerperal Fever Massachusetts Housewife    
July 20  1869 Calvin Ribbe Male Single 16 yrs 2 mo. 6 days Jasper Encephalitis Massachusetts   Erskine Ribbe Jasper
                  Elsa Ribbe  
Nov 3  1869 Johnny Ribbe Male Single 13 yrs 1 mo. 21 days Jasper Typhus Fever Massachusetts   Erskin Ribbe Jasper
                  Elsa Ribbe  
Apr 20  1869 Francis B. Pebb Female Married 41 yrs. Jasper Typhus Fever        


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