Date of Death Full Name of Deceased Sex Married/Single Age Place of Death Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
        Yrs.    Months    Days         Name Residence
March 7 1868 Mary A. Stephens Female Single 7 yrs. 4 mo. 13 days Ingersoll Diarrhea Michigan   Joseph Stephens Ingersoll
Jan 5  1868 Joseph Labron Male Single 2 years Ingersoll Unknown C. W.   Joseph Labron Ingersoll
June 14  1867 John Hutchins Male Married 25 yrs. 11 mo. 2 days Ingersoll Consumption C. W.  Farmer Charles Hutchins Ingersoll
July 16  1867 Lydia Nutter Female Single 1 yr.  2 mo.  7 days Ingersoll Unknown Ingersoll   Joel C. Nutter Ingersoll
Mar 9  1868 Emma C. Spencer Female Single 12 yrs. 10 mo. 24 days Ingersoll Consumption Ingersoll   Conklin Spencer Ingersoll
Apr 11  1868   Female Single 1 month Homer   Homer   Allen McKinnon Homer
                  Catherine McKinnon  
Apr 9  1868 Davis Finout Male Single 35 years Homer Consumption Cayhuga Cty. NY Clerk William Finout Homer
                  Sally Finout  
Feb 24  1868 John Bailey Patterson Male Single 27 days Homer ?? Homer   Mary M. Patterson Homer
                  Chester Bailey  
Feb 16  1868 Not Named     1 hour Lincoln   Lincoln   H. S. Averill Lincoln
                  Augusta Averill  
Sep 7  1867 Not Named     1 hour Lincoln   Lincoln   H. S. Averill Lincoln
                  Augusta Averill  
  Willard J. Mills Male   7 months Lincoln       H. Mills Lincoln
                  L. Mills  
  Ina Elizabeth McCreary Female   10 mo.  5 days Lincoln       William McCreary Lincoln
                  Agnes McCreary  
  Effie Viola Raymond Female   4 mo.  7 days Lincoln       Henry Raymond Lincoln
                  Rosetta Raymond  
  Mary M. Riggs     2 mo. 5 days Lincoln       James Riggs Lincoln
                  P. Riggs  
  Herman W. Havens Male   5 mo.  27 days Lincoln       A. Havens Lincoln
                  Mary Havens  
Oct  1867 Franklin M. Ford Male   2 yrs. 5 mo. Jasper Inflammation of Brain NY   William M. Ford Jasper
                  P. Ford  
Oct  1867 Mary Jane Martin Female   1 yr. 11 mo. 22 days Jasper Dysentary     A. J. Martin Jasper
                  Eliza Martin  
Feb  1868 Rose Mary Martin Female   7 mo.  25 days Jasper Consumption Jasper   Robert Martin Jasper
                  Marry E. Martin  
Aug  1867 Scott M. Dipus Male   4 yrs.  4 mo. Jasper Consumption Jasper   M. Dipus Jasper
                  Lori Dipus  
July 1  1867 James McLain Male   9 mo.  15 days Jerome Summer complaint Jerome   Laughlin McLane Jerome
                  May McLane  
  Adelbert Holley Male   7 months Jerome Summer  complaint Jerome   William Holley Jerome
                  Emity Holley  
Mar 6  1867 Jennie E. Church Female Single 8 months Midland Pneumonia McComb Cty.   Samuel N. Church Midland
                  Martha M. Church  
July 23  1867 Cassie McCartney Female Single 1 yr. 6 mo. 13 days Midland Congestion of Brain Midland   Thomas McCartney Midland
                  Emily McCartney  
July 7  1867 John Hickling Male Single 1 yr. 11 mo.  5 days Midland Dysentary Midland   William Hickling Midland
                  Maranela Hickling  
Aug 6  1867 John A. Mashue Male Single 1 yr. 3 mo.  15 days Midland Convulsion Midland   John B. Mashue Midland
                  Lucy C. Mashue  
Aug 10  1867 Michael Dryden Male  Single 20 days Midland Want of vitality Midland   Michael Dryden Midland
                  Ellen Dryden  
Aug 5  1867 Rosetta Randell Female Single 5 days Midland Want of vitality Midland   William H. Randell Midland
                  Charlotte Randell  
Aug 14  1867 Minnie Sherwood Female Single 3 mo.  26 days Midland Diarrhea Shiawassee   John J. Sherwood Midland
                  Elizabeth Sherwood  
Aug 26  1867 Liza E. Hampton Female Single 1 mo. 2 hrs. Midland Diarrhea Midland   James Hampton Midland
                  Celia Hampton  
Aug 30  1867 Lillie M. Gardner Female Single 15 days Midland Diarrhea Midland   Matthew Gardner Midland
                  Elizabeth Gardner  
Oct 16  1867 Ethel Townsend Female Single 2 mo. 4 days Midland Diarrhea Midland   Joseph Townsend Midland
                  Emaline Townsend  
Oct 17  1867 Charles White Male Single 1 day Midland Want of Vitality Midland   Charles White Midland
                  Lizzie White  
Dec 27  1867 Minta Hinkley Female Single ?  days Midland Cough Midland   Jerry Hinkley Midland
                  P. Hinkley  
July 26  1867 Hellen Eaton Ball Female Single 5 mo.  5 days Midland Lung Fever Midland   George Ball Midland
                  Amelia E. Ball  
July 29  1867 Oliver Miner Male Married 65 yrs. Midland Dysentary New Hampshire   William Wheeler NH
Apr 15  1867 Sarah Elsworth Female Widow 82 yrs. Midland Old Age New York     NY
Apr 18  1867 William Davis Male Married 45 yrs. Midland Consumption New York Laborer    
Oct 15  1867 Joseph Bullard Male Married 55 yrs. Midland Whiskey New York Laborer    
Apr 6  1867 James H. Eastman Male Married 70 yrs. Midland   New Hampshire Shoemaker Ezra Eastman NH
                  Betsy Eastman  


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