Located in the center of the SW of section 12, Larkin Township, Midland, MI. Old Bismark Rd. used to run diagonally through this section and burials were made in the center by a group of pine trees. Both the road and the village disappeared in the early 20th century. This was near Hubbard Circle (Hubbard Rd. and Ehlers Rd.).  The cemetery can be reached from Parrish Rd. then north on Forest Hill Drive, cemetery a short ways into the woods. According to Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rinas and other local residents no stones were ever placed there. Information gathered on October 31, 1998 by Cheryl Speaker and Margaret Wegner. In 2006 a group rededicated the cemetery. Information on this project and the cemetery can be obtained from Karen Schultz   Research is still being conducted to determine who all may be buried there. Those who are known to be buried in the cemetery are as follows:


Behling, Louise   died April 27, 1893   aged 24 yrs. 11 months;  of child birth fever (first wife of Fred Behling)

Behling, Augusta Burkusky   died March 4, 1906  aged 37 years 6 months 9 days; of pneumonia   (second wife of Fred Behling)

Behling, Walter F. C.   died October 15, 1905   aged 4 months 12 days; of whooping cough. Son of Fred and Augusta.

Behling, William    died September 16, 1893 aged 5 months of infant cholera. Son of Fred and Augusta. 

Dammann, Wilhelm Gustave Johan Joachim  born August 25, 1858 in Camin, Mecklenburg/Schwerin, Germany died August 29, 1908. Husband of Caroline Kruger. (immigrated to the United States in 1881)

Kaiser, Amelia    born 1833 in Russia - died June 16, 1910.  Wife of Charles  

Mattes, William   died May 4, 1905. Aged 31 years, 2 months, 20 days; of heart nephritis

Ramin, child    died July, 1896.  Son of Ernest.         

Westphal, infant girl    died in late 1890s. Relative remembers his father making the coffin and painting it red; it was carried on a wagon to the burial place.

Other possible burials in this cemetery are:

Griebe, child    Died December 1893

Griebe, Ernst Wilhelm   Died September 5, 1900; of infant cholera

Kullick, Elder    Died September 25, 1908

Lisius, John    Died November 17, 1912; of valvular heart lesion

Keyser, male (according to Paul Rinas; burial was made higher on the hill because it was wet)


 1998 -  2007 by Margaret Wegner