City of Midland

Located in the City of Midland, on Waldo Court, just off Old US 10 
(Saginaw Road) in Mapleton. It is a small square lot overgrown with 
lilac bushes. The city says they feel it was just to the north of this, 
and the stones moved to the hill. We only found three of the stones readable, 
they were laying all in a pile in the center of the lilac bushes on the hill. 
Was read by Cheryl D. Speaker & Margaret Wegner on May 1, 1999.

ANEMAN, Edith  d. Aug 27, 1866  age 1m24d
ARRANCE, Willard  W.  aug 3, 1863 – Aug 1, 1866  child of Wm. & Rowena
ARRANCE, Charlotte, wife of Wm.  D. April 1, 1860  age 37y5m15d

These people are buried here but couldn’t read the remaining stones in the pile.
KING, Georgia R.  d. July 13, 1886  age 8y5m13d
KING?, father  (no dates)
KING?, mother (no dates)
ARRANCE, William  d. May 13, 1873
ARRANCE, Etta L.  Aug. 20, 1862 – Sept. 10, 1862
ARRANCE, Henry E.  Aug. 1, 1862 – Aug. 28, 1862

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