Luedder's 1929 Midland Directory



The meaning of most of the abbreviations used in this Directory are too apparent to need explanation, but we note the following: 

adel:  for Adelaide
adv:  advertiser
agt:  agent
Ashmn:  for Ashman
au:  auto repair
Ave:  Avenue
bk:  bookeeper
Butt:  Buttles
carp:  carpenter
Carp:  Carpenter
Cronk:  for Cronkright
cs:  college student
ct:  commercial traveler
D:  Dow Chemical Co
dom:  domestic
E:  East
Eastmn:  for Eastman Rd
Ellis:  for Ellsworth
emp:  employ
fac:  factory
Fitz:  for Fitzhugh
lab:  laborer
march:  machinist
mfr:  manufacturer
mgr:  manager
N:  North
Park Dr:  for Park Drive
Patt:  for Patterson
ph op:  phone operator
PO:  postoffice
Posey:  for Poseyville Rd
prop:  proprietor
res:  residence
r:  retired
s:  student
S:  South
stenog:  stenographer
supt:  superintendent
tch:  teacher
Tittab:  for Tittabawassee
u:  under school age
W:  West
w:  widow
1- Moulder
2- Coremaker
3- Engineer
4- Box Dept
5- Machinist
6- Toolmaker
7- Millwright
8- Fireman
10- Steamhammer
11- Foundry
12- Patternmaker
13- Beater Dept
14- Wood Worker
15- Blacksmith
16- operator
17- Paper Maker
18- Electrician
19- Boiler Dept
20- pipefitter
21- truck driver
22- chemist
23- Shipping Dept
24- Inspector

(NOTE:  The numbers denote the employment followed in the factories indicated)

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