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Surname Given Name Section Township Postoffice
Maclaren Malcolm 32 Mills Hope
Madison Wm. 34 Lincoln Averill
Magoon B. P. 12 Ingersoll Smith's Crossing
Mahany John 3 Lee Sanford
Mahany Joseph 22 Jerome Sanford
Mainhood John 7 Geneva Coleman
Mainprice Chas. 3 Geneva Alamando
Major James sr. 35 Midland Smith's Crossing
Major James jr. 11 Ingersoll Smith's Crossing
Major Wm. 1 Ingesoll Smith's Crossing
Mallory John a. 22 Lee St. Elmo
Maloney Michael 20 Larkin Midland
Malyak Stephen 28 Larkin Midland
Mann Ed. 10 Ingersoll Freeland
Marby A. J. 31 Warren Coleman
March Alfred 32 Porter Redstone
Marckschaffel Theo. 35 Jerome Sanford
Marcy Seth 26 Ingersoll La Porte
Marcy W. H. 25 Ingersoll La Porte
Marcy John L. 4 Lee Sanford
Markle Isaac 16 Hope Edenville
Marsh Mrs. M. D. 27 Homer Barnes
Marshall John 34 Ingersoll La Porte
Marshall James 34 Hope Hope
Martin I. W. 14 Homer Midland
Martin Celia 11 Homer Midland
Martin Eli 28 Mt. Haley Jam
Martin Peter 28 Mt. Haley Jam
Martin Michael 21 Mt. Haley Jam
Martin Henry 13 Greendale St. Elmo
Martin Robt. 18 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Martin Alvira 30 Jasper St. Louis
Martin Chas. 30 Jasper St. Louis
Martin R. C. 30 Jasper St. Louis
Martin John R. 20 Larkin Midland
Martindale Chas. 29 Midland Midland
Martindale A. 33 Greendale Shepherd
Martineau John 16 Homer Midland
Masher Freeman 30 Porter Redstone
Masher Francis C. 30 Porter Redstone
Mason John 1 Lincoln Hope
Mason Felix 1 Lincoln Hope
Mason Arthur 1 Lincoln Hope
Mason Robert 21 Hope Edenville
Mason Wm. J. 21 Hope Edenville
Mason Adelbert 21 Hope Edenville
Mashue Lucy C. 21 Lee St. Elmo
Mathney John 35 Edenville Sanford
Matters John 35 Mt. Haley Jam
Maxwell Wm. E. 14 Hope Hope
Maxwell John 14 Hope Hope
Maxwell John 29 Ingersoll La Porte
Maxwell James 29 Ingersoll La Porte
Mead F. H. 25 Jerome Sanford
Measures Wm. 5 Geneva Coleman
Medler Robert 31 Porter Breckenridge
Medler M. L. 31 Porter Breckenridge
Meed W. L. 31 Porter Redstone
Meed James 5 Midland Midland
Mercier Louis 14 Mt. Haley Jam
Merryman E. J. sr. 30 Midland Midland
Merryman E. J. jr. 30 Midland Midland
Meryman Mrs. D. 30 Midland Midland
Metz John 30 Larkin Duel
Metzger John 32 Mills Hope
Meyers Joseph 5 Ingersoll Midland
Meyers J. 36 Jasper Breckenridge
Miller Aaron 9 Larkin Midland
Miller Lewis J. 34 Larkin Midland
Miller Albert 12 Mills Estey
Miller John 3 Edenville Edenville
Miller Herman 25 Greendale Stearns
Miller Gustave 24 Lee Midland
Miller Lewis 24 Lee Midland
Miller Ed. 28 Jerome Sanford
Miller O. H. 22 Mt. Haley Jam
Miller B. 2 Porter Bradford
Milliman Lura     Village of North Bradley
Mills Wm. H. supervisor 27 Hope Hope
Mills Burton 27 Hope Hope
Mills Wellington 27 Hope Hope
Mills Edwin 26 Hope Hope
Mills Stephen 26 Hope Hope
Mills Mrs. Sarah 26 Hope Hope
Mills Harvey 35 Ingersoll La Porte
Mills D. A. 35 Ingersoll La Porte
Milner Wm. 36 Midland Smith's Crossing
Miner L. G. 14 Jerome Sanford
Mitchell David 32 Jasper St. Louis
Mitchell Thos. 26 Edenville Edenville
Mitchell Jeff. 33 Jasper St. Louis
Moans Peter 18 Warren Coleman
Molter Jacob 2 Edenville Edenville
Monks C. A. 28 Greendale Stearns
Monroe Wm. sr. 23 Lincoln Averill
Monroe Wm. jr. 23 Lincoln Averill
Monroe Albert 22 Lincoln Averill
Montgomery Albert 34 Hope Hope
Montgomery Mrs. A. 34 Lincoln Hope
Montgomery R. B. 20 Porter North Wheeler
Montgomery Lottie 20 Porter North Wheeler
Montgomery Chas. 16 Porter North Wheeler
Moody Mary 33 Jasper St. Louis
Moore Thomas, supervisor 1 Edenville Edenville
Moore Martin 34 Mt. Haley Jam
Moore John jr. 14 Mt. Haley Jam
Moore Robert 24 Greendale Stearns
Moore Henry 24 Greendale Stearns
Moore G. W. 33 Ingersoll La Porte
Moore D. E. 33 Ingersoll La Porte
Moore W. 29 Ingersoll La Porte
Moore Henry 31 Ingersoll La Porte
Moore John 19 Ingersoll La Porte
Moran Roger 28 Mt. Haley Jam
Morford James 26 Jasper St. Louis
Morford John W. 26 Jasper St. Louis
Morford Samuel T. 36 Jasper St. Louis
Morris Wm. 6 Larkin Hope
Morris Hugh 6 Larkin Hope
Morris John 6 Larkin Hope
Morrison Wm.     Village of North Bradley
Morrison Ellen     Village of North Bradley
Morrison Joseph     Village of North Bradley
Morse Geo. W. 7 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Morse Glen 4 Ingersoll Smith's Crossing
Morehart H. 7 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Morehart Orin 7 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Moyer W. H. 25 Porter Jam
Moyer Clara M. 25 Porter Jam
Moyer John 4 Lee Sanford
Mosher Oliver 13 Geneva North Bradley
Mosher Nathan 33 Porter Wheeler
Moulton Benj. 24 Ingersoll La Porte
Mountain Geo. 23 Homer Barnes
Mudd Chas. 36 Homer Midland
Mullaly Wm. 6 Geneva Coleman
Mulvaney P. J. 15 Ingersoll Sly
Munger Hiram 29 Larkin Midland
Munger B. 21 Ingersoll Sly
Murdock James 21 Larkin Midland
Murdock Jerome 7 Larkin Midland
Murgard Geo. 2 Ingersoll Midland
Murphy Francis 11 Mills Estey
Murphy L. 23 Jerome Sanford
Murphy John 5 Ingersoll Midland
Murphy J. A. 27 Mt. Haley Jam
Murphy James 34 Mt. Haley Jam
Murphy Francis 1 Edenville Edenville
Murphy Fred 34 Homer Barnes
Murphy Samuel 26 Midland Midland
Murphy John 26 Midland Midland
Murphy M. 26 Midland Smith's Crossing
Murphy Francis 24 Midland Midland
Murray Robt. D. 22 Lee St. Elmo
Murray Wm., sr. 21 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Murray Thos. 21 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Murray James 21 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Myers Chas. F. 3 Edenville Edenville
Myers James 3 Edenville Edenville

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