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Surname Given Name Section Township Postoffice
Gagnee Louis 15 Mt. Haley Jam
Gakle John 8 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Gamble James 25 Edenville Edenville
Gamble John 31 Jasper St. Louis
Gardiner Dr. Matthew 30 Midland Midland
Gardiner W. 33 Ingersoll La Porte
Garrah Frank 32 Midland Midland
Garrecht Theobolt 3 Lee Sanford
Garrett Geo. 32 Ingersoll La Porte
Garrett Samuel 22 Ingersoll La Porte
Garrett Hugh, jr. 35 Ingersoll La Porte
Garrett Hugh, sr. 36 Ingersoll La Porte
Gaskell S. D. 24 Ingersoll La Porte
Gateman Henry 36 Jerome Sanford
Gauthier Joseph 15 Mt. Haley Jam
Gay Allen 26 Lee Midland
Gay Isaac 22 Lee St. Elmo
Gear John R. 32 Ingersoll Hemlock
Geary Joseph     Village of Sanford
Gehaski M. 28 Larkin Midland
Gempel Geo. 33 Jerome Sanford
Gempel Barbara 33 Jerome Sanford
Gerard Henry 22 Ingersoll La Porte
Gerard Edward 19 Ingersoll Smith's Crossing
Gerard L. 27 Ingersoll La Porte
Gerard L. 35 Midland Smith's Crossing
Gerntner John 1 Larkin Duel
Geronty Wm. 23 Jerome Sanford
Geronty Hannah E. 23 Jerome Sanford
Gerstacker C. 25 Larkin Midland
Gibbs Albert E. 28 Greendale Stearns
Gibbs Geo. C. 27 Greendale Stearns
Gibbs* F. T. county surveyor 28 Greendale Stearns
Gibbs* Olive E. 28 Greendale Shepherd
Gibbs T. C. 28 Greendale Stearns
Gibbs Wm. 18 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Gibson J. 20 Porter Redstone
Giddeon Florin 32 Larkin Midland
Gifford Henry 12 Mt. Haley Jam
Gilbert   28 Lincoln Averill
Gilbert G. 28 Mt. Haley Jam
Gillman James 2 Midland Midland
Gillman David 14 Midland Midland
Gillman Edward 14 Midland Midland
Gillman D.     Village of North Bradley
Gilson M. A. 20 Ingersoll Midland
Gingrich Elizabeth 1 Jerome Sanford
Gingrich David 1 Jerome Sanford
Glass Wm. 11 Homer Midland
Gleckler Simon 26 Hope Hope
Gleason Wm.     Village of North Bradley
Gleason R. 33 Midland Midland
Godfrey Z. S. 12 Homer Midland
Godfrey Ella 12 Homer Midland
Godwin Wm. 3 Warren Coleman
Goff Gilbert B., sr. 9 Hope Edenville
Goff Gilbert B., jr. 16 Hope Edenville
Goff Emily 9 Hope Edenville
Goit Samuel C. 25 Porter Merrill
Goldsmith Geo. 7 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Goodspeed E. 31 Ingersoll Iva
Goodspeed R. 32 Ingersoll Iva
Goodyear G. L. supervisor 34 Jasper St. Louis
Goodyear Frank C. 34 Jasper St. Louis
Gordon Geo. 8 Ingersoll Midland
Gordon Mrs. Geo 8 Ingersoll Midland
Gorman Daniel 27 Mt. Haley Jam
Gorman Thomas 27 Mt. Haley Jam
Gotham Herman 28 Greendale Stearns
Gotham R. B. 20 Larkin Midland
Gotham S. U. 20 Larkin Midland
Gotham D. K. 20 Larkin Midland
Gotham A. F. 20 Larkin Midland
Gould Mrs. E. A. 35 Jasper St. Louis
Gould A. 35 Jasper St. Louis
Gould John 9 Ingersoll Midland
Gould Wm. 23 Ingersoll La Porte
Gould Cruth 23 Ingersoll La Porte
Gould H. W. 24 Ingersoll La Porte
Gould Wm. 19 Geneva Coleman
Gould B.     Village of North Bradley
Gowing Solomon 16 Ingersoll Midland
Gowing James 16 Ingersoll Midland
Gowing Samuel 16 Ingersoll Midland
Graboski John 28 Jerome Sanford
Grace John 3 Lee Sanford
Graves D. E. 11 Midland Midland
Graham John 15 Hope Hope
Gransden Thos. 11 Edenville Edenville
Gransden Wm., sr. 14 Edenville Edenville
Gransden Wm., jr. 14 Edenville Edenville
Gransden David 26 Edenville Edenville
Gransden Stephen L. 1 Edenville Edenville
Gransden Mrs. S. L. 1 Edenville Edenville
Gravell John 34 Lincoln Averill
Gray Horace 29 Larkin Midland
Gary Mrs. Horace 29 Larkin Midland
Gray Floyd 29 Larkin Midland
Gray Henry 33 Larkin Midland
Gray Geo. 17 Larkin Midland
Gray Chas. 17 Larkin Midland
Gray Alanson 16 Larkin Midland
Gray O. 16 Larkin Midland
Gray Harley 16 Larkin Midland
Gray Edward 16 Larkin Midland
Gray Thos. 24 Edenville Edenville
Gray Austin 24 Edenville Edenville
Gray Mrs. Elizabeth 24 Edenville Edenville
Gray Wm. 29 Mills Hope
Gray E. F. 13 Warren Luman
Grayak Frank 36 Mills Midland
Grayson Albert 27 Porter North Wheeler
Grebe Wm. 12 Larkin Duel
Grebe Julius 12 Larkin Duel
Grebe Michael 23 Lee Midland
Green Frank 5 Geneva Coleman
Green Augusta 5 Geneva Coleman
Green J. W. 8 Greendale Mt. Pleasant
Gregway Joseph 22 Hope Hope
Gregory W. H. 31 Jerome Sanford
Grice Caleb 14 Hope Hope
Grice Thos. 14 Hope Hope
Grice Wm. 11 Hope Hope
Griffer Victor 31 Ingersoll Iva
Gill Ludwig 35 Edenville Sanford
Gill Morris 1 Edenville Edenville
Grove Geo. 4 Mt. Haley Bradford
Grover Michael 1 Edenville Edenville
Grover Wm. 1 Edenville Edenville
Grover Mrs. Kate 1 Edenville Edenville
Gruber Peter 20 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Gruber Cora L. 20 Jasper Pleasant Valley
Guerling Julius 31 Jerome Sanford
Gullacher E. 6 Ingersoll Midland
Gummo James 16 Larkin Midland
Gydes James 10 Mt. Haley Bradford

*Removed to Midland too late for classification.


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