Clarksburg Cemetery

Located in Marquette Co., Ely Township
west of Ishpeming by Greenwood

Copyright @ 1990 all rights reserved by Catherine A. Grady with assistance of Raymond L. Grady
Used with her permission on the Marquette MIGenWeb site March 9, 2004.

These files are the images of the pages from Catherine's book.  Catherine has also included where found the death records and other information for each grave and worked with the township and county to create her book.

Front Cover
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Publication Info. and

Page 1
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Baumgertner, Block, Casey and Dishnow

Page 2
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Dishnow and French


Page 3
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Grimord, Hansen and Hogan

Page 4
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Hogan and Hurkins

Page 5
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Kenny/Kinney and Lalonde

Page 6
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Lencour, Ogea, Pelmear, Tourville

Page 7
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Tourville, Victor 
and unmarked graves

Back Cover - credits
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