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Keweenaw County Michigan

Full Marriage Transcriptions

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DateDecember 11 1875
GroomGivenThomas H.
GroomResAllouez Mine
GroomBPBreage Cornwall Eng
BrideGivenMary Ann
BrideResAllouez Mine
BrideBPNorthumberland Eng
OfficialJames Cruse
Witness1Mrs. M. J. Crui---
Witness1ResidenceAllouez Mine
Witness2Mary Jane Tragonbo-
WitnessResidenceAllouez Mine
Notesspellings as in record when readable

ID is the Book Page Record: The number code kew=Keweenaw Clerk, the first number after kew is the volume number,  p=page number, r=record number on that page. 

All spellings are those that are found on the county clerk's records.  If you find yours and there is an incorrect spelling please don't ask to change the spelling as these are the ones that are contained on the records themselves.

The current records had very tiny, and cramped writing which is making some of the letters and words nearly impossible to read.  I have been scanning and blowing the image up to a larger (huge) size and it seems to be helping.  When letters were impossible to read or questionable as to what they were - is in the place of the letter.

For earlier marriage records (pre-1867) go to Houghton Co. records as Keweenaw was part of Houghton Co.