Fr. Zugelder thought the soil of Beaver Island could be made to yield a paying crop.  Accordingly, when the land-owners there were offered contracts for raising peas for a seed company he encouraged them to try it.  They did so and raised a very good crop of peas, receiving a price that encouraged them to try a second year of peas.  While not so good as that of the first year, a fairly remunerative crop rewarded their efforts.  Then Fr. Zugelder got busy among them.  “Put something back in the soil, or you will run it out.” he told them.  They listened respectfully, but, being fisherman and not farmers, not many heeded this sound advice, with the result that the third year’s crop was a distinct disappointment.

     In July, 1905, Fr. Zugelder came to Beal City.  To him fell the hard task of rebuilding the church.  The present beautiful edifice of granite gives evidence of his indefatigable labors.  The mason work was done by Messrs. Kepke and Frank Doll and the carpenter work by Peter Bierschbach.  The church is built with all modern improvements and is one of the best country churches in Michigan.  It was consecrated by Rt. Rev. H.J. Richter, Bishop of Grand Rapids.  The anniversary of this day is celebrated August 15th.

     The Sister’s house and the church are built of gray granite stone, and are a credit to the surrounding country.  Under Fr. Zugelder’s efforts a high school building was erected in 1926, and now has many alumni and alumnae to cherish the memory of their years of instruction there.

     In the summer of 1919 Fr. Zugelder celebrated his silver jubilee as service as  a priest.  He made a trip to Europe, and revisited the scenes of his boyhood, besides stopping in Switzerland and other countries.


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