Winn Area Centennial History Book, Winn, Michigan 1876-1976


Edward W. and Laura Woodruff Family


Edward W. Woodruff, son of Edwin and Mary Jane, was born in Sandusky, Ohio, February 6, 1858. He was married to Sapprona Porter at Bowling Green, Ohio, on April 9, 1878. He moved to Martin, Ohio, on March 1, 1881, when his wife and one daughter died leaving him one daughter, Linnie (Bundy), two and a half years old.


He married Miss Laura Miller at Waterville, Ohio, on September 8, 1882. To them were born three sons and three daughters: Fred, September 1, 1883; Burt, August 28, 1885; Leona (Courser), May 14, 1896; Dorothy (Breuer), December 12, 1897; Hurbert, June 20, 1899; Ruth (Zettel), October 1901. They came to Michigan March 1888 and lived in a log cabin. He cleared a farm and made a home in Broomfield Township.


Mr. Woodruff represented his county in the state Legislature in 1899-1900. He was a member of the school board and a township officer.  


Transcribed by Joan Van Spronsen





                                                     Woodruff Family


Back row: Burt, Edward, Linnie (Bundy), Laura (Miller), Fred

Front row: Hurbert, Ruth (Zettel), Leona (Courser), Dorothy (Breuer)