Woodin's Mill

from the Weidman Messenger, Thursday, July 21, 1966


     George woodin identified this old photo for us as the tail race from Woodin's Mill back out into the river.  At first the picture was difficult of identification, but George saw it and at once knew it was the back flow or return of used water into the Chippewa River.

     The large structure at the bend of the river was the mill, and beyond that can be seen Woodin's home, now used as the main ranch-house on the Chippewa Ranch now owned by the Penningtons.

     The Woodin Mill was founded by George Woodin, the present George Woodin's grandfather.  Mr. Woodin the founder was later killed in his mill, when a winter deep freeze stopped and clogged the mill wheels in the water, and Mr. Woodin went down into the place where the water-wheels were.

     As we understand the tragedy, Mr. Woodin tried to dislodge pieces or chunks of ice with his foot and the ice suddenly let go, the mill wheels started, and he was killed.

     Lumber, at the time Mr. Woodin ran his sawmill, sold for $4.00 per thousand board feet.  This was lumber like you never see today, all prime material.  If a board had a knot in it, it was tossed out or used for some inferior purpose other than building. 

     After the area was timbered and the logs about used up, Woodin's Mill, became a grist mill, grinding grain for farm families from Drew to Sherman City and all around.

     Mrs. A. W. Neelands sent us this priceless old photo, from her home in Pontiac.

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