Hamlin, Northup, Smith, Walling Records

These records were copied April 8, 1894, very possibly from Bible Records, into a copybook by Miss Libbie Hamlin of Shepherd, Michigan. The book is now owned by Joan Stilgenbauer Durham, grand daughter of Libbie Hamlin that was. She lent it to her kin, Irene Hamlin, who graciously permitted it to be copied for the records of the Shepherd Area Historical Society, November 7, 1979.

Joan Stilgenbauer married Lawrence Durham. Her parents were Russell and Icel Northup Stilgenbauer; Icel was the daughter of Elizabeth Hamlin, whose first husband was Clark Northup and whose second husband was Arthur Schoonover, Irene Hamlinís parents were Bli Hamlin his wife Ettie Carpenter.

Irene Hamlin of Shepherd, Mich. has more of these family records and would be most happy to assist anyone researching these people.

An attempt was made to copy these facts exactly written in the copybook, but some of the letters were hard to decipher and the book itself is very fragile.

Copied April 8, 1894

A Record of the Births and Deaths of the Parents and Family

of Archelaus Walling and Hannah Bassett, Wife of Archelaus Walling.

Archelaus Walling was born Oct, 12, 1765

Hannah Bassett Walling was born Aug. 16, 1770

married Jan. 20, 1788

Children of the above:

 1. Asaph Walling was born Jan. 26, 1790

 2. Almon Walling was born Nov. 21, 1791

     3. Samuel Walling was born Jan. 23, 1794

4. Joshua Walling was born Feb. 10, 1796

  1. William Walling was born Mar, 27, 1798
  2. Jacob Walling was born Sept. 24, 1800

    7. Clamessa Walling was born Oct. 1, 1802

8. Hannah Walling was born Mar. 23, 1805

9. Asaph Walling died June 7, 1810

10. Almon Walling died

11. Samuel Walling died

12. Joshua Walling died Mar. 26, 1842

  1. William Walling died Oct. 30, 1878
  2. Jacob Walling died Feb. 9, 1830
  3. Clamessa Walling died

Hannah Walling died Feb. 8, 1827

Family record of Arch. Walling, Any Colvin Walling

Olive Walling was born Dec. 4, 1806

Israel Walling was born Dec. 2, 1808

Mary A. Walling was born Aug. 12, 1811

John B. Walling was born Mar. 18, 1813

Amy E. Walling was born Oct. 31, 1815

Olive Walling died Jan. 21, 1813

Israel Walling died

Mary A. Walling died Dec. 22, 1894

John D. Walling died Sept. 11, 1822

Amy E. Walling died Dec. 29, 1834

Arch Walling was married to Amy Colvin Feb. 18, 1806

William Walling and Poly Smith married Feb, 11, 1824

Children of above-

Olive Walling was born Nov. 3, 1824

Benjamin S. Walling born Nov. 17, 1825

Helen M. Walling was born Mar, 3, 1827

Martha A. Walling was born Jan, 8, 1829

William Walling was born Jan, 17, 1831

Gilbert Walling born Dec, 3. 1832

Mary E. Walling was born Mar, 7, 1835

Sarah C. Walling was born .14ov. 25, 1837

Hannah A. Walling was born Dec, 22. 1839

Levi N. Walling was born Sept. 5, 1843

John Q (?) Walling was born Mar. 14, 1347

Ellen A. Walling was born July 3, 1853


Olive Walling died Sept. 21, 1853

Benjamin Walling died Apr. 14, 1870

Helen M. Walling died

Martha A. Walling died

William H. Walling died

Gilbert Walling died Dec. 25, 1832

Mary E. Walling

Sarah C. Walling died May 1, 1869

Hannah A. Walling

Levi N. Walling June 27, 1873

Ellen A. Walling died Oct. 9, 1873

Record of deaths and births of the parents and grand parents of

Polly Smith

Children of Benjamin and Sally Smith

Jason Smith was born Apr. 20 1802

Amon Smith was born July 2, 1803

Hannah Smith was born Apr, 17, 1805

Calvin Smith was born Doc 1806

Polly Smith was born Aug. 21, 1808

William Smith was born Apr. 20. 1810

Harvey Smith was be July 21, 1815

Parents of Polly Smith. wife of Wm. Walling

Abaliah Smith was born July 15, 1749

Lydia Smith was born Dec. 8. 1750

Benjamin Smith was born Mar. 21, 1782

Sally Smith was born Apr. 7, 1784


Abaliah Smith died Sept. 1840

Lydia Smith died

Benjamin Smith died March 12, 1826

Sally Smith died Jan 13, 1831


Jason Smith died

Amon Smith died Aug, 15, 1850

Hannah Smith died

Calvin Smith died

Polly Smith died May 12, 1883

William Smith died 1859

Harvey Smith

Record of Benjamin S. Walling 2 children

Willard H. (?) was born July 17, 1866

Mina Walling was born Jan, 7, 1868

Record of Levi W. Walling

Levi C. Walling Was born Dec. 21, 1872

died Oct. 29, 1873

Record of Carl Northup and Lucy Nortbup

Joseph Northup was born Mar, 8, 1831

Hannah E. Northup was born May 18, 1837

Nelson C. Northup was born Mar. 15 1840

Lymn A. Northup was born Aug. 5, 1844

Lucy A. Northup was born Nov. 23, 1851


Joseph B. Northup

Hannah E. Northup

Nelson C. Northup died Nov. 14, 1868

Lyman A. Northup died Nov. 12, 1866

Carl Northup was born Dec. 2, 1807

Lucy Northup was born May 20, 1811

Carl Northup and Lucy Butts was married June 8th, 1830

Joseph Northup and Mary E. Walling were married May 26, 1833

Edgar J. Webb and Hannah A. Northup was married Mar. 7, 1839

Family Record of Joseph and Mary E. Northup

William C. Northup was born July 18, 1854

Henry E. Northup was born Oct. 5, 1856

Edgar W. Northup was born Jan. 11, 1359

Clark L. Northup was born Aug. 23, 1873


William C. Northup

Henry B. Northup died July 8, 1883

Edgar W. Northup died May 3, 1894

Clark L. Northup

Family Record of William and Mary Northup Children

Mandy B. Northup was born Nov. 21, 1883

Lena M. Northup was born May 24, 1891

Mandy B. Northup died April 5, 1884

Lena Cray Northup

William Northup and Mary Nicholson was married Feb. 23, 1882 by

Rev. P.Sheldon

Miss Ella A. Walling and Carlos Morey was married Feb. 29

Levi N. Walling, and Ella A. Clark was married Feb. 28

Clark Northup and Libbie Hamlin was married Mar. 17, 1894 by

Reuben Wellman, JP


Record of Clark and Libbie Northup Family

Icel C. Northup was born August 13, 1895

Lottie I Northup was born January 28, 1898

Lottie I Northup died September 3, 1898

Anslaus J. Northup born Oct. 18, 1901

Arthur Devere Schoonover born July 17, 1901

Family Record of A.J. Hamlin

Elizabeth W. Hamlin born Sept. 21, 1877

Mabel I Hamlin born Mar. 11, 1879

Eli J. Hamlin born Mar 14, 1881

Myrtie I. Hamlin born Feb. 20, 1883

A.J. Hamlin died Oct. 6, 1923

Eli Hamlin born May 23, 1823

Eli Hamlin died

A. J. Hamlin born Mar. 17, 1857

Caroline Hamlin born Dec. 2, 1839

Caroline Hamlin died Feb. 27, 1894

Mabel Hamlin was married to Willard Walton Sept. 23, 1897

Born to Mabel and Willard Walton

Fay Walton born

Fern Walton born

Arthur Walton born

Eli Hamlin and Ettie Carpenter was married Mar. 14, 1900

John Smith and Myrtle Hamlin married 1901

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