Isabella County Churches
by Township

Name of Church


  Coe Township
St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church Shepherd
Shepherd United Methodist Church Wright Avenue, Shepherd, 1899 Plat Map
Westlawn Church of Christ 222 Dearing Dr., Shepherd
Destiny Christian Ministries Shepherd
Chippewa Street Church of Christ 415 N. Chippewa, Shepherd
Glad Tidings Church 5348 W. School Rd., Shepherd
Coe Church of Christ 10152 E. Coe Rd., Shepherd, 1899 Plat Map
First Baptist Church Salt River/Shepherd Wright Ave., built in 1872, 1879-1899 Plats
Irish Town Catholic Church 1899 & 1915 Plats show it in Sec. 32, north side of road
  Chippewa Township
United Brethern Shepherd Rd., 1915 Plat, Sec. 20
Methodist Episcopal Shepherd Rd. 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 21
Evangelical Church Leaton Rd. 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 30
Evangelical Church Chippewa Rd., 1915 Plat Sec. 35
Countryside United Methodist Church 4624 S. Leaton Rd.
Jehovah's Witnesses 8065 E. Broadway
New Life Christian Fellowship (Church of the Brethren) 7989 E. Broomfield
Chippewa Indian United Methodist 7529 E. Tomah
Faith Indian Nazarene Church 6304 E. Broadway
Apostolic Lighthouse 9625 E. Pickard
Chippewa Baptist Pickard, Sec 16
  Denver Township
Indian Methodist Episcopal Church - Bradley Chapel 1915 Plat, Sec. 9
Leaton United Methodist church 6890 E. Beal City Rd., 1899 Plat
St. Charles Catholic Church  
Owen's Church (Methodist Episcopal) Sec. 4 1899 Plat
Delwin Baptist Church 1899 Plat
  Wise Township
Methodist Episcopal Church Sec. 6 1879, 1899 and 1915 Plats
Ackers Corner Church 1915 Plat Sec. 27
Indian Church 1915 Plat Sec. 30
Wise Presbyterian Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 34
New Hope Fellowship Missionary Church 10546 N. Loomis Rd.
Indian Baptist Church Sec. 30 1899 Plat
Andersonville Church May 1897
Loomis Methodist Episcopal Church Monroe St. 1899 Plat
  Lincoln Township
Free Methodist church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 9
Baptist Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 30
Methodist Episcopal Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 31
Strickland Baptist Church 10023 S. Green Rd.
Central Michigan Free Methodist Church 6012 S. Mission Rd.
Wesleyan Holiness Chapel 8900 S. Crawford
  Isabella Township
Center Methodist Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 8 E. Rosebush Rd. 1890, burned Dec. 3, 1944
North Branch Indian Church 1915 Plat Sec. 30, Meridian Rd.
Methodist Episcopal Church Main St. Rosebush, 1899 Plat
Rosebush United Methodist Church 3805 School St., new building
Rosebush Presbyterian Church 3914 N. Mission, 1874 - burned, 1899 Plat
Rosebush Baptist Church Main St., 1899 Plat
Hornerites 1907
Indian Church Nippising built summer 1861, still standing 1911
Union Chapel 1897
Methodist Episcopal Church NE Corner of Sec. 19, 1899 Plat
  Vernon Township
St. Henry Catholic Church 4079 E. Vernon Rd.  1899 and 1915 Plats, Section 35
  Fremont Township
Union or "Log" Church 1915 Plat, Section 18
Church of God 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 17
Winn United Methodist Church 8187 S. Winn Rod, 1899 Plat
St. Leo the Great, Catholic Church 2546 W. Blanchard Rd.
  Deerfield Township
Zion German Lutheran Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 1, moved to Mt. Pleasant in 1938
Caldwell Methodist Church Two Rivers used until about 1940
Free Methodist Church River and Winn Rd. 1899 Plat, moved to Joseph Gruss farm
Methodist Episcopal Church Deerfield Center, built 1897, torn down in the 60' or 70's
Coomer Methodist Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 34
  Nottawa Township
Free Methodist Church Vandecar and Weidman Rd.
Methodist Episcopal Church Vandecar
St. Philomena's Catholic Church later St. Joseph the Worker 1881 to present
Indian Methodist Church Sec. 9, 1899
  Gilmore Township
Baptist Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 22
Methodist Episcopal Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 24, moved to Harris St., Mt. Pleasant, 1928
Christian Church (Later Gilmore Church of Christ) 1915 Plat, Sec. 27
  Rolland Township
United Brethren Sec. 2
Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 1
Wesleyan Methodist Church 3rd St. (north side of Blanchard)
Trinity Wesleyan Church 6989 W. Millbrook Rd.
Disciple Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 9
Methodist Episcopal Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 14
Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 29
Methodist Episcopal, Blanchard Main Street, 1899 Plat
Christian Community of Fellowship (United Methodist) 7655 W. Blanchard Rd.
Catholic Church Third and Maple Sts. in Blanchard 1899 Plat
  Broomfield Township
Church at Bundy  
Zion Lutheran Church Sec. 11, now on Sec. 13 1899 Plat
Free Methodist Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 34
Free Union Church Sec. 32, 1899 Plat
  Sherman Township
Sherman City Union Church 1899/1904 to present...not in use.
Free Methodist Church Weidman, S. Woodruff Rd. moved or torn down ca 1944/45
Forest Hill Wesleyan Church 10000 block of Weidman Rd.
Methodist Episcopal Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 28, 1905
Seventh Day Adventist Church 1899 and 1915 Plats, Sec. 30
Weidman United Methodist Church 3200 N. Woodruff Road, Weidman, Michigan
Forest Hill Church of God 1879 Plat, Horr, Michigan
  Coldwater Township
Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 9 (Stone Church?)
Brinton Chapel  
Holiness Movement  
Church of the Open Bible  
German Lutheran  
Church of the Latter Day Saints  
Free Will Baptists  
Union Church  
Methodist Episcopal Church N. Brinton Rd. 1899 Plat
  Union Township
Protestant Episcopal Oct. 1875
Christian Church Oct 1875, 1899 Plat, Corner Illinois and University (?)
Gilpin Methodist Episcopal Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 2
Brookin's Evangelical Church 1915 Plat, Sec. 5
Methodist Episcopal Church 1915 Plat, Sec 32
Zion Lutheran Church 3201 E. River Rd.
Central Assembly of God 2445 S. Lincoln
Central Baptist Church 1101 W. Broadway
First Baptist Church 1802 E. High
Grace Church 218 S. Mai
Maranatha Baptist Church 1526 Airway Drive
Isabella Baptist Church SBC 623 S. Fancher
Christ Our Savior Catholic Church 1305 S. Mission
Sacred Heart Catholic Church 302 S. Kinney, 1884 Oak St. (1876-1887)
St. Mary's University Parish 1405 S. Washington
Potter's House Family Worship Center 5346 E. Deerfield Rd.
Church of Christ 1033 S. Brown
First Church of Christ 1610 E. Broadway
Faith Community Church of God 113 W. Broadway
Prospect Park Church of God 1906 S. Lynnwood Dr.
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 1404 S. Crawford
Mt. Pleasant Community Church 1102 E. Gaylord
St. John's Episcopal Church 206 W. Maple
Faith Lutheran Church WELS 1402 E. Preston
Immanuel Lutheran Church ELCA 320 S. Bradley
Family Life Center 3910 Millbrook
Trinity United Methodist Church 202 S. Elizabeth (Gulick Church moved to Mt. P. in 1939)
Wesley Foundation 1400 S. Washington
Mt. Pleasant First Church of the Nazarene 1980 S. Lincoln
Central Michigan Christian Church 3433 S. Lincoln
The Salvation Army 1308 Burch
First Presbyterian Church USA 1250 Watson Rd. 1884, Court St. and S. Main St.
Mt. Pleasant Community Church 1400 W. Broomfield
Cornerstone Church 2214 S. Lincoln
Pine River Friends (Quaker)  
Victory Christian Center 1114 W. High
Seventh Day Adventist Church 1730 E. Pickard
Standing in the Gap Campus Ministry 412 W. Broomfield
Church of God S. Lansing St.
Central Michigan Jewish Association - Temple Benjamin 502 N. Brown
Christ the King Lutheran Chapel 1401 S. Washington
Unitarian Church 1883 - 1884 map Corner of University and Illinois
Christian Science Church 319 University, 1907, present site of Art Reach
Free Methodist North Lansing Street (?) Franklin St. (?)
United Brethren in Christ  
Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Sep 1908
United Brethren Sec. 33, 1899 Plat
Church Sec. 34, 1899 Plat
Methodist Episcopal Church Sec. 32, 1899 Plat
United Methodist Church 400 S. Main, Mt. Pleasant

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Volunteers hold copyright to the material they have donated for this site.  Not to be copied and used in any format to any other site or in any other media. 

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