City & County Directories

1925 Mt. Pleasant City and Isabella County Directory

1930 Mt. Pleasant City and Isabella County Directory
The 1930 Census has been released. It  does not have a soundex.
The county and city directories published in 1930 will be useful
in locating who you are looking for in the census.

Obtaining EDs for the 1930 Census in One Step (Large Cities)
Excellent find aid for Enumeration Districts for the 1930 census.

1940 Isabella County Directory

School Lists & Censuses
The gap created by the loss of the 1890 census leaves a 20 year span of time that the genealogical researcher needs to fill with other records. School lists and censuses from the 1890's are helpful in pinpointing where families with children from the ages of 5 through 20 lived.  The school census was generally carried out yearly.
School attendance lists are not as accurate because school attendance, while encouraged, was not required.  Children were often needed at home.   Students stayed in a particular grade until they passed the state examinations for that grade. 

One Room Schools: Michigan's Educational Legacy:
a web presentation of the Clarke Historical Library
Central Michigan University

Qualified Teachers of Isabella County,
also List of Directors for 1905- 1906

Eighth Grade Graduates - Isabella County
1916 - 1922

Broomfield Township

Hummel School, January 22, 1902
Coldwater Road, Between River Road and Pickard Road

Chippewa Township

Coe Township
Register of School Officers and Teachers

1897 - 1904

Record of Pupils of the Public Schools
of  Shepherd, Michigan
1896 - 1897
1901 - 1905

Record of Pupils of the High School
of  Shepherd, Michigan
1897 - 1905
Childs School, Township of Coe
Teachers of the Childs School
Nov. 1898 to May 1905
Lillian Ludy
Grace Struble
Grace McKee
Pearl A. McKee
Henrietta (Cohoon) McKinley
Cora (Cohoon) McGarry
September 11, 1905 and Ending November 3, 1905 (Fall).
November 20, 1905 And Ending March 13, 1906 (Winter).

March 14, 1906 and Ending May 1906 (Spring).
September 10, 1906 and Ending November 12, 1906 (Fall).

March 11, 1907, and Ending May 3, 1907 (Spring)
September 9, 1907, and Ending November 1, 1907 (Fall)
November 11th, 1907, and Ending March 6th, 1908 (Winter)
March 9th, 1908 and Ending May 15th, 1908 (Spring)
September 14, 1908 and Ending November 9th, 1908 (Fall)

November 9th, 1908 and Ending March 5th 1909 (Winter)
March 8th, 1909 and Ending April 30, 1909 (Spring)

Fall 1909
School Year 1910 - 1911
Visitors to Childs School, Coe District Number 3
It was located on the northwest corner of Section 20.
Campbell School, Township of Coe, 1926

Coldwater Township

Deerfield Township

Denver Township
District 2, Township of Denver, School Census

Fremont Township
District 2, Township of Fremont, School Census,%20MI_small.jpg
Submitted by Annisa Rodgers Koch. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.
This is a school picture, according to Annisa, from somewhere in Winn, Mi. 
The year range is 1943-1953.  She believes it is a 10th grade graduation class. 
The individuals from center to right are:
Eddy Carter, Bonnie Thayer, Alvin Peacock, Joyce Hethington, Alex Fox, Lavonna Fox and Merritt Wonsey.

Gilmore Township

The Case School: Gilmore District No. 4
The Weidman Messenger contains the names of the teachers
and students in the Case School during the late 1890's.

Isabella Township

Walton School - 8th Grade Graduation Picture
 The photo is from approximately 1900 - 1905.  Walton School was in Isabella Township,
Section 8. Mary Sue Pletcher provided the picture.  The information on the back of the picture states:

1)  Anna Miller--far right Mary Sue's g-grandmother
2)  Floyd Johnson--I think sitting on the center side
3)  Pearl Nolan--I think standing
4)  John Thrasher---I'm not sure of any of these placements
5)  Ethel Johnson (Hamilton)--I think far center. 

Please contact Violet Welsheimer if you have any further information or corrections.

Lincoln Township

Nottawa Township

Nottawa Township School Censuses
Varying years, from 1882 through 1925

Rolland Township

Sherman Township
District 4, Township of Sherman, School Census
Woodin's Mill, Sherman Township, School Lists, 1891 - 1895
Drew School Children Photo and History - April 23, 1925
History of Sherman Township - Fred L. Kent
Includes the history of the schools of Sherman Township in the early years.

Union Township
Vernon Township
District 5, Vernon School 1915 Class Picture
Class picture with students identified, by Mrs. Ruth (Funnell) Marshall.
District 3, Township of Vernon, School Census and Teacher's Register

School Yearbooks from Isabella County

1911 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook - The What Not

1918 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook - Zookitizam

1919 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook - Zookitizam

1920 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook - Zookitizam

1923 Mt. Pleasant High School Yearbook - Zookitizam

Central Michigan Normal School 1910 - The Chippewa - The First Annual

Central Michigan Normal School 1911 - The Chippewa  - The Second Annual

Central Michigan Normal School 1912 - The Chippewa  - The Third Annual

Central State Teachers College  1929 - The Chippewa


Commencement Lists

Isabella County High Schools

Mount Pleasant High School Commencement Exercises
Thursday Evening, June 15, 1922

53rd Annual Commencement Exercises of the
Mt. Pleasant High School, June Twentieth, 1935

Commencement Exercises of the Mount Pleasant Public Schools, June Fifth, 1958

1940 Mt. Pleasant High School

1941 Mt. Pleasant High School

1942 Mt. Pleasant High School

1943 Mt. Pleasant High School

Weidman School - 1902 through 1967
The Weidman High School consolidated into the Chippewa Hills District.
The first Chippewa Hills High School graduating class was 1968.

Weidman School 1949 Yearbook

Central Michigan
1892 -- Central Michigan Normal School
1927 -- Central State Teacher's College
1941 -- Central Michigan College of Education
1955 -- Central Michigan College
1959 -- Central Michigan University

BY: Claude S. Larzelere, M. A.
(Department of History & Civics)

Michigan History Magazine, July 1919, Vol. 3
History of the founding of the school.

Central Michigan Normal School, August Commencement, 1925

Fortieth Anniversary Commencement Program
Central State Teachers College, June Twenty-four, 1935

Central Michigan Normal School

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