Of Isabella County, also List of Directors
for 1905-1906   

Central State Normal School Faculty

Chas. T. Grawn, M.Pd. Principal, Psychology
Lucy A. Sloan, M.S. English Language and Literature
Fred L. Keeler, B.S. Department of Science
Charles H. Eastrich History
Wm. Bellis, M.Pd. Mathematics
A. F. Wood, A.B. Reading and Rhetoric
Harper C. Maybee Music
Anna Barnard, A.B. Latin and German
Elizabeth Wightman Drawing
R.D. Calkins, A.B. Geography
Chas. F. Tabling, A.B. Physiology and Physical Training
Mae Woldt, B.S. Assistant in Science
Rachel Tate Woman's Dean and Assistant in English
Wm. Miller Manual Training
Eugene C. Rowe, A.B. Assistant in Pedagogy
Bertha M. Ronan Physical Training
Orpha E. Worden, A.B. Instructor in Mathematics
Adeline D. Christopher, A.B. Instructor in Latin and History
Lillian K. Sabine, A.B. Instructor in English and Rhetoric
Alice M. Lowden Pianist
Amy M. Burt, A.M. Instructor in History
Ruby Russell Instructor in Music
Homer Derr Instructor in Science
M. Louise Converse, A.B. Librarian
Florence L. Bishop Clerk
John Kelley, A.M. Supt. Training School
H. Grace Parsons Kindergarten
Frances Burt Critic Teacher, 1st Grade
Emma F. Robertson Critic Teacher, 2nd Grade
Fanny I. Allen Critic Teacher, 3rd Grade
Elizabeth Neer Critic Teacher, 4th Grade
Mary Thompson Critic Teacher, 5th Grade
Estella Schneider Critic Teacher, 6th Grade
Mrs. Minnie Termaat Critic Teacher, 7th Grade
Julia Martin Critic Teacher, 8th Grade

           Mt. Pleasant City School         

W. V. Sage, Supt.

U. of M.
Edwin White, Principal O. W.
Clara Chase U. of M.
Ella Richardson Central Normal
Lettia Gosling Albion College
W. B. Hyney Albion College
Grace Fasquelle City
W. H. Hartley City
Mae Kane Central Normal
Elizabeth McKinnoh Central Normal
Mabelle Cox Central Normal
Laura Kinney Central Normal
Caroline Wilcox Central Normal
Sophia Bunn Central Normal
Maud Wightman Central Normal
Nellie Ballister City

Life Certificates
Fred Bellinger Mt. Pleasant
Mildred Murtha Shepherd
Grace Breese Shepherd
Harriet Soule Shepherd

Graded Certificates
Amelia Cook Millbrook
Grace Darke Shepherd
A. J. Archer Rosebush
Francis McCann Mt. Pleasant
Michael Brondstetter Mt. Pleasant
Harry Wetzel Shepherd

Rural School Course
Roy Ayling Mt. Pleasant
Arthur Ayling Mt. Pleasant
Mary Senily Mt. Pleasant
Anna Burgeois Mt. Pleasant
Lanie Bowen Mt. Pleasant
Madge Davis Mt. Pleasant
Luella Smith Herrick
Ivan Wallington Mt. Pleasant
May Waight Caldwell
John B. Cluley Rosebush
Celia Ludy Shepherd
Rose McNerney Rosebush
Margaret Kelley Mt. Pleasant
Mabel Snyder Winn
Alvina Buhrer Winn
Walter Keen Winn
Inez McCollum Vandecar
Merle SPicer WInn
Tina Riggle Winn
Hallie Prescott Mt. Pleasant
Helen Tainor Rosebush
Marie Trainor Rosebush
W. E. Donohue Mt. Pleasant
Pearl McKee Shepherd
Katherine Murphy Mt. Pleasant
Anna Murphy Mt. Pleasant
Ethel Naldrett Mt. Pleasant
Clinton Cazatt Riverdale
Gertrude Graham Farwell
Mary Williams Riverdale
Beniah Shear Mt. Pleasant
Anna M. Priestly Mt. Pleasant
J. Crawford Rosebush
Earl Whitcomb Blanchard

First Grade Certificates
B. F. Duffy, Blanchard August, 1906
Newman Smith, Blanchard October, 1907
James M. Swift, Weidman March, 1906

Second Grade Certificates
Hattie Masten, Farwell October, 1905
Vera Boyer, Blanchard April, 1906
Frank Morrison, Loomis April, 1906
Margaret Logan, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Kate Mitchell, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Wm. McCann, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Lena Merrihew, Drew October, 1904
Edward Houghton, Blanchard March, 1907
Esmerald Allen, Blanchard March, 1907
Alma Lidell, Weidman June, 1907
Margaret Duffy, Mt. Pleasant June, 1907
Lillian M. Prowdley, Shepherd June, 1907
Cora Cohoon, Shepherd August, 1907
Mae Garvin August, 1907
Eva D. Keith, Shepherd August, 1907
Mary McGuire, Mt. Pleasant August, 1907
Anna Kenney, Mt. Pleasant August, 1907
Mary Rush, Mt. Pleasant August, 1907
Ida Hartley, Herrick August, 1907
Frank Owen, Mt. Pleasant August, 1907
Cora A. Teller, Blanchard October, 1907
Kate Powell, Mt. Pleasant March, 1908
Lavina Bengal, Beal City June 1908
Jessie Duffy, Blanchard June 1908
George H. Fraser, Rosebush June, 1908
Alice Judge, Alma June, 1908
A. W. Lynch, Rosebush June, 1908
Theresa McConnell, Rosebush June, 1908
Viola O'Hora, Mt. Pleasant June, 1908
Bessie Smith, Blanchard June, 1908
Belle Heavy, Mt. Pleasant June, 1908
Anna L. Wilson, Weidman June, 1908
Henrietta Cohoon, Shepherd August, 1908
Elsie Cratsley, Mt. Pleasant August, 1908
Linnie Parker, Shpherd August, 1908
Anna Russell, Blanchard August, 1908
Lottie E. Vicary, Shepherd August, 1908

Third Grade Certificates
Homer Banks, Blanchard March, 1906
Louise Bengal, Beal City March, 1906
Frances Church, Herrick March, 1906
Albert Collier, Remus March, 1906
Celia Delo, Weidman March, 1906
Hallie Garratt, Blanchard March, 1906
Leaptha Mapes, Loomis March, 1906
Pearl Nolan, Rosebush March, 1906
Elsie Robart, Blanchard March, 1906
Beatrice Burwash, Loomis June, 1906
Ethel M. Fall, Mt. Pleasant June, 1906
Myrtle Foster, Blanchard June, 1906
Minnie Larsen, Blanchard June, 1906
Mary Mitchell, Mt. Pleasant June, 1906
Genevieve Riley, Farwell June, 1906
Jos. S. Snitzler, Mt. Pleasant June, 1906
Wm. Wixon, Barryton June, 1906
Bessie Wortman, Coleman June, 1906
Belle Hoag, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Margaret O'Sullivan, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Goldie Ervin, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Bertha Hill, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Fred M. Morgan, Caldwell August, 1906
Julia McCollam, Brinton August, 1906
F. J. McNutt, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Faith McCarthy, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Teresa McFarlane, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Mamie Riley, Weidman August, 1906
Elnora Beutler, Drew August, 1906
Minnie West, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Elizabeth Duffy, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Harry Quinn, Farwell August, 1906
Sara Smithers, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Agnes Battle, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906
Mae Breidenstein, Mt. Pleasant August, 1906

List of School Directors
1 E. J. Hutchinson Millbrook
2 E. E. Wolfe Caldwell
3 Geo. W. Dowell Remus
4 Marion McArthur Caldwell
5 Edwin E. Hein Mt. Pleasant 1
6 Jos. H. Norman Mt. Pleasant 2
7 Jas. Baughn Remus 2
8 E. W. Woodruff Blanchard 3
9 Wm. Richardson Remus 1
1 Fr. Geo. Richmond Mt. Pleasant
2 Frank Ripley Mt. Pleasant 4
3 O. W. Gilmore Shepherd 1
4 Geo. B. Priestly Mt. Pleasant 4
5 Corwin Hardgrove Alembic
6 Fr. L. M. Zingery Mt. Pleasant
7 Fr. Wm. A. Smith Mt. Pleasant
8 G. E. McNeal Mt. Pleasant
1 Fr. H. D. Kratz Shepherd
2 F. A. Worthington Shepherd
3 Wm. H. Ardner Shepherd
4 F. J. Norton St. Louis 2
5 Jesse Childs Shepherd
6 Fr. E. J. Doyle Shepherd 1
7 R. E. Clark Shepherd 1
8 H. J. Alleman St. Louis
1 F. C. L. Soper Sherman City
2 Theo Love Brinton
3 Robert Hilliker Barryton 2
4 Royal St. John Barryton 2
5 B. B. Stevens Brinton
6 Geo. H. Allen Brinton
7 Fr. Geo. Hunt Barryton
1 Stephen Hart Mt. Pleasant 7
1 Fr. George Anderson Mt. Pleasant 5
2 Fr. W. G. McCullough Wise
3 Pauline Machuta Leaton
3 Fr. Fred P. Thorpe Leaton
4 A. A. Neff Coleman 2
1 Chas. A. Warner Mt. Pleasant 3
2 A. G. Marshall Mt. Pleasant 2
3 H. A. Eggleston Boyden
4 Chas. Ruegsegger Mt. Pleasant 2
5 Fr. W. W. Rarden Caldwell
6 Alfred DeLong Mt. Pleasant 2
7 John C. Wood Mt. Pleasant 1
8 Fr. H. O. Whelan Mt. Pleasant 1
9 Daniel Rogers Boyden
1 James H. Hunt Mt. Pleasant 3
2 Fr. D. D. Richardson Blanchard 3
3 Geo. Z. Sutton Winn
4 Robt. Davis Winn
5 Chas. H. Walker Riverdale 1
6 John Sandbrook Blanchard 1
7 L. E. Hunt Winn
1 R. B. McGuire Farwell
2 M. T. Brasington Farwell
3 J. T. Sifton Gilmore
4 E. S. Crowley Gilmore
5 Burton Glen Farwell
1 W. W. Swindlehurst Mt. Pleasant 5
2 W. J. Graham Rosebush
3 E. E. First Rosebush
4 Nathaniel Whitney Rosebush
5   Mt. Pleasant 8
6 Robert Willit Mt. Pleasant 5
2 Fr. Jas. Egan Elwell
2 F. E. Townsend Shepherd 1
4 Geo. W. Schooley Mt. Pleasant 8
5 Fr. Geo. Brandell Shepherd 2
6 J. A. Brown Riverdale 1
7 D. H. Cogswell Shepherd 2
8 Uriah Willoughby Shepherd 2
Mt. Pleasant School Board    
  I. A. Fancher, President  
  Frank McNamara, Secretary  
  Chas. T. Russell, Treasurer  
  H. A. Graham  
  S. Jamison  
1 Fr. J. A. Cliff Weidman
2 Peter Schumacher Mt. Pleasant
3 John Doerr Weidman 2
4 N. Laubenthal Mt. Pleasant
5 David Cotter Weidman
6 H. J. Yuncker Beal City
1 Irving G. Green Blanchard
2 Fr. Joseph R. Banks Blanchard
3 R. G. Peabody Blanchard
4 Fr. Jas. Lynch Blanchard
5 Frank Garrison Blanchard
7 Albert Beckley Blanchard
8 Chas. S. Wood Blanchard
2 W. L. Denslow Weidman
3 Geo. W. Waight Caldwell 1
4 C. Latham Remus 4
6 O. Ashton Weidman
2 Fr. L. A. Bowen Mt. Pleasant
3 Wm. Ritchie Mt. Pleasant
4 H. Wheeler Mt. Pleasant
5 Fred Farner Mt. Pleasant
6 Jos. Shaw Mt. Pleasant
1 John Northon Clare 4
2 Clarence Thayer Clare 3
3 E. J. Thayer Rosebush
4 John Cassady Farwell 2
5 Albert Little Rosebush
6 Wm. Wirth Clare 3
1 John Simonds Loomis
2 J. W. Maxwell Herrick
4 Jas. A. Thomson Coleman
5 H. W. Lefurge Coleman 2

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