Before the coming of the St. Dominican Sisters in 1901 the following were teachers:

     Adolph Hundt, Alois Vogel, Grace Bamel, Marie Miller and Anna Engel.  With the coming of the Sisters dates a new era for the parochial school.  The music department of the school has been popular with Nottawa and neighboring townships, and among the teachers who have given the school the best of their ability may be mentioned Sister Phillipa, who taught violin and piano about 25 years ago.  She is now in Grand Rapids.  The Sisters keep up with all modern instruction, and give their pupils every advantage of their studies.

     St. Philomena’s parish may justly be proud of the members of religious orders who have come from its ranks.  Sisters from the parish are:  Anna Tilmann, Sr. M. Anita;  Anna Fedowa, Sr. M. Aurelia;  Anna Zucker, Sr. M. Barbara;  Lizzie Zucker, Sr. M. Marguerite;  Cecelia Mahaffy, Sr. M. Norbert;  Nora Doll, Sr. M. Aracoeli;  Anna Bleise, Sr. M. Rosina;  Olivia Neubecker, Sr. M. Laurentina;  Helen Bleise, Sr. M. Natalia;  Rosalia Thelen, Sr. M. Ermina;  Lorraine Andres, Sr. M. Theodine;  Martha Martin, Sr. Grace Ellen;  Leona Schafer, Sr. M. John Baptist;  Christine Schafer, Sr. M. Madeline Sophie;  Mary Neyer, Sr. M. Bernadine;  Mary Schafer, Sr. Marie Alexander;  Margaret Schafer, Sr. M. Samuel.

     There have been 55 graduates from this high school.

     The parish has roster of the following priests;  Rev. Fr. Schueller, now of Traverse City, St. Francis church;  Rev. Fr. Doll, now deceased;  Rev. Fr. John Grinzinger, now of Chesaning, Mich.;  Rev. Fr. Edw. Neubecker, now of Charlevoix.

     May these brief records recall sweet memories of bygone days in the hearts of old pioneers, and serve as incentive to continued fidelity and attachment for their parish to all members.


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