From the scrapbook of

Anna Koyl




(Hand Dated 26 Dec. 1935)


Residence Sales Here - Necessitate String of Moves


Sales of property in Shepherd appear to have necessitated a number of moves to be

made by families here before the first of March.

Because of the purchase of the H. E. ROSSELIT home on Hall Street by

Mrs. Nina HILDEBRAND of Ithaca,mother of L. T. CHAPIN, who is to take

possession March 1,Mrs. ROSSELIT and family will move into the old L. D. ESTEE

home on Maple avenue, which they purchased from the HANNETT estate.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Z. TOMPKINS who occupy this place, have conditionally leased the

present residence of Dr. W. G. YOUNG on Wright avenue for a year.

Dr. YOUNG plans to move his family into the home that he owns in connection with 

office on Wright avenue, for greater convenience in looking after his business.

Walter O'CONNOR and family now occuping the former William BURNHAM

place to which Dr. YOUNG is to move, will remove to the present home of

Al HOKEMEYER on Wright avenue which it is understood 

Mr. O'CONNOR has purchased from William SAWVEL.

Mr.HOKEMEYER plans to purchase and move into the residence formerly

occupied by the late William THOMAS and now occupied by John MURRAY.

The transaction is subject to approval of the probate court.The MURRY family

plans to move to the home occupied by B. T. PILE, who will move to the TAYLOR

farm south of Shepherd,owned by Arthur GILMORE.



Special to the State Journal

NO year indicated


Jessa CHILDS 50th Anniversary


Shepherd,April 10:Mr. & Mrs. CHILDS celebrated their 50th wedding

anniversary Easter Sunday with an open house and reception at their farm home

south of Shepherd.Mr. CHILDS has spent his entire life on the same farm, on which his

father settled as a young man.Mrs. CHILDS before her marriage was Edith SANFORD

of Perry.They have two children,a son, Loyal CHILDS, and a daughter

Mrs. Elmer FAIRCHILDS, both of Shepherd.

Another daughter,Mrs. Gertrude BROWN, died in March of this year.They have

seven grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

They are both members of the Church of Christ and of the Order of Eastern Star

and Gleaners.

Mr. CHILDS is also a life member of the Shepherd Masonic Lodge.




Hand Dated - 22 June 1933





A pretty but simple wedding was that which Sunday morning,June 18, at 9 o'clock,

united Miss Lillian A. WILLIAMS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John R. WILLIAMS of

Shepherd, with Hugh L. BERGY,son of Mrs. Margaret BERGY of Ionia.

Only immediate relatives witnessed the ceremony, which was solemnized at the

bride's home.

The wedding party was grouped for the single M.E. ring service, which was read by

the Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS,in a bower of beauatiful white peonies and green ferns.

The bride was charming in a gown of pink crepe with white slippers and carried

a bouquet of pink roses amid white and green.The bridesmaid,Miss Velma WILLIAMS,

sister of the bride, was attractively gowned in yellow crepe, wore white slippers

and carried yellow roses amid white and green.

Rex WILLIAMS, brother of the bride, was groomsman.

A wedding breakfast was served following the ceremony and Mr. & Mrs. BERGY

left immediately on a wedding trip to North Carolina and South Carolina.After two

weeks, they will be at home to their friends in Ionia, whre the groom is employed as

bookkeeper in a bank.The bride wore a blue ensemble with blue accessories for her going

away costume.

The Sunday event was preceded by several pre-nuptial functions in the bride's

honor and the WILLIAMS home was open house last week to numerous

friends from away.

Mrs. BERGY was graduated from the Shepherd High School and Central

State Teachers College before beginning her career as teacher six years ago in Ionia,

chere she has since been employed in the schools and where the romance

that culniated with the Sunday wedding had its inception.

She is socially popular here.



Hand Dated - 1964






A double wedding took place on July 25, and was preformed by 

Reverend G. Edgar SCHADE of the West Side Gospel Tabernacle, when Nettie

L. ERVANS of the Mt. Pleasant area became the bride of William A. PIATT of

Shepherd and her daughter,Eva E. HALL, married Charles SHOTIS of

Melvindale, Michigan.

At the ceremony held at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Bolton WELCH, Sr., the brides

wore pink and blue dresses with corsages of pink rosebuds and white carnations.

A luncheon was given by Mrs. WELCH and served by Mrs. PIATT'S granddaughters,

Pat WELCH and Roxie FOX.

Mr. and Mrs. SHOTIS left for a wedding trip west and to visist her son in 

Missouri.On their return, they will make their home at 17236 Flint Street

in Melvindale.

Mr. PIATT will be 83 this August and his bride is 73 yrs. old.The PIATTS

will make their home at South Isabella Road.



No Date




Miss Leota Mae TRAVIS,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert TRAVIS of

Shepherd,became the bride of Alvin BARNIKOW of Bay City.The young couple

spoke their vows in the home of the Ref. W. H. BELL who preformed the ceremony

on Saturday,January 30 at 4 p.m.The Bride chose a navy blue filled suit with

angora trim jacket,pencil slim skirt,accassories were red, with a corsage of red

roses held with a silver ribbon,completing the bride's attire.Her attendant,

Miss Beverly BROOKS,wore a grey suit, with blue accessories, her corsage was

red roses.

Both mothers of the young couple wore navy blue with grey accossories.Corsages

were of yellow chrysanthemums.

The groom's attendant was Mr. Tom DRUMMON.A reception was held in the

Methodist Church parlors at 7:30 p.m. where they received many lovely gifts,

after the receptions the happy couple left for a short honeymoon which took them

to Silver Valley.Both young people re students at Central Michigan College.

Mr. BARNIKOW is a senior and Mrs. BARNIKOW is a sophomore.

They will be at home at 222 1/2 Pine street in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Only the immediate families attended the wedding ceremony at the Rev. BELL home.



July 5,1950




A wedding of interest to Shepherd friends of the groom took place

July 5, 1950 at 7:30 p.m. at the Methodist Church in Wauseon, Ohio, when Miss

Mary Belle MATHEWS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Forest MATHEWS and the late

Mrs. MATHEWS of Covington, Ohio, and Robert McGARRY,son of Mr. & Mrs.

George McGARRY of rural Shepherd, were united in marriage by Rev. Nobel ROMPEL.

The bride chose a royal blue taffeta gown with white accessories and a corsage of

red roses for her marriage.

Mr. Stanley CARTER acted as best man and he and the groom both wore

brown suits.

Mrs. ROMPEL played "O Promis Me".

Before leaving Covington, Ohio, the bride was employed by Rev. Hugh MARLIN

as file clerk and typist.

The happy couple re living with Mr. & Mrs. CARTER on a farm out of Wauseon

until leaving shortly for Michigan where Mr. McGARRY expects his next job to be.

They plan on spending some time with the groom's parents at that time.



Hand Dated - April 1928




A simple but prettily appointed home wedding took place Saturday evening when

Portia, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. P. H. PITTS of this city (Mt. Pleasant)

spoke her marriage vows with William SHEPHERD before Rev. C. B. HAWKINS,

in the presence of the immediate families and a few close friends.The bridegroom

has his home all in readiness and following a short honeymoon they will make

their home on the SHEPHERD farm north and east of Shepherd.





Sunday,June 17,1917,Mr. & Mrs. B. A. COHOON were reminded of its

being their 50th anniversary when all their children with their families, with other

relatives and friends came to help the celebrate with basskets well filled.And to the 

number of 27,they sat down to an enjoyable dinner.A few of the dishes that were used,

were presented to the bride 50 years ago that day.Mr. & Mrs. COHOON

were married at Leonia, Jackson County on Monday,June 18,1867, at the noon hour.

The marriage ceremony was witnessed by the mother of the bride and brother,

Willard ROCKWELL, who now lives in Jackson,and Dave COHOON,cousin of the

groom who was present Sunday.

On the 28 th day of June 1867,Mr. & Mrs. COHOON moved near Shepherd

to the old log house which is still standing on his farm south and west of

Shepherd.Mr. COHOON'S father and brother, Joe, were living there at that time.

They lived there until January of that year, then they moved to thier own home

which they now live in.The bride and groom were presented with several presents.

Mr. & Mrs. COHOON are the parents of four daughters and one son;five grand

daughters,two grandsons, and two great grand daughters.

We hope to see Mr. & Mrs. COHOON see many more anniversaries.

One who was there.



Hand Dated - January 1928




Esther Almira CHILDS,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gordon CHILDS, who resides

southwest of town, and Mr. Paul D. EISENHAUER of Farwell were united in

marriage at the home of the bride's parents at high noon,Tuesday, January 24,

Rev. Vanetter of the Christian Church in Shepherd officiating.

Only the immediate relatives of the contracting parties were present.A wedding

dinner was served following the ceremony.

The young people will be at home to their friends after January 28, in Farwell.



Special to the State Journal - Hand Dated - 1933




Farwell - August 2

Clayton Parker STAHLMAN of Shepherd and Miss Lillian BICKELL of Mt. Pleasant

were married by S. LeGran RANDALL at Farwell,July 30.

Mr. & Mrs. Paul EISENHAUER of Farwell accompanied the couple.

The ring ceremony was employed.



Hand Dated - 4 July 1935




A beautiful and largely attended church wedding in which many friends of the

bridegroom here will be interested was solemonized Satruday afternoon at 4 o'clock

in Muskegon, when Miss Margaret COGHLAN,daugher of the late Mr. & Mrs.

Charles COGHLAN, was united with Floyd C. BRATTIN,son of Mr. & Mrs.

F. J. BRATTIN of Shepherd.

Six ushers,all young men friends of the bridegroom, seated the guests at the

Methodist church,whre the nuptial event was solemnized.Mrs. Harold McCRAKEN

of Detroit,sang two solos to the accompaniment of the pipe organ, preceding the 

ceremony.As the wedding group took their places, the minister,the Rev.

S. Stanley COORS was followed by the braidegroom and best man,Harold

McDRAKEN of Detroit.

Then came the bridesmaid,Miss Virginia SUMMERS of Lansing, followed by

the bride, who was attractively gowned in white satin with train, with long veil held in

place by a lace cap.She carried a shower bouquet of white roses, tied with

a white satin ribbon.

The Methodist Episcopal ring service was read.After the ceremony,the wedding

party and several hundred guests repaired to a large reception room on the second

floor of the edifice where the couple received congradulations.

The Ladies' Aid of the church served orangeade and cake to the assemblage.

The church had been beautifully decorated with white flowers for the

happy event.

Mr. & Mrs. BRATTIN left immediately on a wedding trip including

Harrisburg, PA, and points in OH in its intenerary.

After July 15, they will be at home to their friends at 4175 Springle Avenue in 

Detroit,whre Mr. BRATTIN is associated with the BRIGGS' Body

Company as auditor.He was graduated from Shepherd High School and from

Albion College in 1924.His bride, who has been active in church work in

Muskegon, is a talented and accomplished young lady.A number

of prenuptial events were held in her honor.



Special to the State Journal

Hand Dated 1935






Shepherd,June 25

Miss Zora Fern ANTHORY,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claude ANTHONY, and

Wetzel LANTZ,son of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. LANTZ, were married June 20, at 6:15 o'clock

by Rev. W. H. BELL, pastor of the Shepherd Church of Christ, at the parsonage.

They were accompanied by Archie SULLIVAN and Miss Mergie LANTZ and the

ceremony also was witnessed by their parents.

The bride, who is president of the junior class of Shepherd high school, and the

bridegroom were met by a dozen or more of their friends who showered the couple 

with rice.Mr. & Mrs. LANTZ will reside in Clare, where he is employed in the oil fields.




Miss Edith POST,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. L. POST, living northeast of

Shepherd, and Wayne COLE,son of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer COLE, who resides in Alma,

were married at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Fred DeRUSHIA in Shepherd Saturday

evening at 9 o'clock by Rev. W. H. BELL.They were attended by Roy J. LYNCH of

Mt. Pleasant and Miss Evelyun DECKER of Blanchard.

Mr. & Mrs. COLE will live in Shepherd.A wedding dinner was served Sunday to 44

at the home of the bride's parents.





Miss Helen MYERS,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse MYERS of Breckenridge,

and Edmond VAUTRIN,residing northeast of Shepherd,were married Sunday morning

at 9 o'clock at the parsonage of the Shepherd Church of Christ by the Rev.

W. H. BELL.They were attended by the bridegroom's sister and husband,

Mr. & Mrs. Theo LYON of Shepherd.Mr. & Mrs. VAUTRIN will reside on a farm

near the home of his parents.



Hand Dated - June 27, 1935




Miss Ethel ZIKE of Midland and Hubert SPENCER, son of Mr. & Mrs. George 

SPENCER of Shepherd, were quietly married at 2 o'clock Saturday morning, at the

Methodist parsonage, by Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS.They left for a short wedding trip to

Houghton Lake, after which they will return to Midland, where they have a furnished

home awaiting them.

(the 2 o'clock Saturday morning is as appears in book)



Hand Dated - January 10, 1935




Miss Evelyn VAUTRIN,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. E. VAUTRIN of the 

Shepherd community, and Walter K. LEHMAN, of Grand Haven,were quietly

married Saturday eveing at the parsonage of the Church of Christ here by the Rev.

W. H. BELL.They were attended by Mr. & Mrs. Franklin SWITZER.

Mr. & Mrs. LEHMAN left Sunday for Florida, where they will spend the remainder of

the winter, planning to return in the spring.The bride was graduated from Shepherd

high school with the class of 1933 and of the late has been employed in Muskegon.

Her many friends here will extend cordial congratulations and best wishes to the

happy young couple.




Hand Dated - August 8, 1935




After some of the wags of the town had upset arrangement for the wedding

of Iris M. CRAMPTON and Ross Van ALSTINE, last week, compelling them to

flee to avoid annoyance, to Rock Lake near Vestaburg,where the Rev. W. H. BELL

performed the ceremony without the appointed bridesmaid and best man,the

newlyweds were captured Thursday on their return from their honeymoon trip.

With a pickup motor vehicle on which they were placed, followed by a noisy parade

and demonstration was put on through the streets of Shepherd and to Mt.

Pleasant Thursday night.



Iris Marie CRAMPTON,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred CRAMPTON, and 

Ross R. VanALSTINE, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. VanALSTINE and memeber of the firm

of A. VanALSTINE and SON,were quietly married Tuesday evening,July 30, at

the home of the bride.Only immediate relatives and two or three intimate friends 

witnessed the ceremony, which was performed by the Rev. W. H. BELL at 7 o'clock.

The bride, who was a member of this year's graduating class of the Shepherd High School,

was attended by Miss Jean MILLER,while Harold NIXON was best man.

Mr. & MRs. Van ALSTINE left immediately after the ceremony on a motor trip north.

They will be at home the last part of the week in the Porter apartments on Wright avenue.

A group disposed to haze the principals, was responsible for long blasts of the 

village fire siren that sounded at the time of the wedding.Arrangements had been

made to give the principals a ride in the fire truck, but they evaded their would-be


Many friends of the young couple extend hearty congratulations and best wishes.

Mrs. Edwin CRAMPTON was hostess last Friday eveing at a miscelleanous shower in

honor of the bride-elect, with about 20 in attendance.The guest of honor received

many pretty and useful gifts.Stunts were enjoyed and refreshments served.



Hand Dated - 8 August 1935




Announcement was made last week by Mr. & Mrs. Eli HAMLIN, of the 

marriage of their son,Elton HAWKINS, to Miss Velma RABLEY,which was

solemnized in Lansing Sunday,July 7.The young couple resided in Capitol City

where Mr. HAWKINS has a good position in Lansing Storage Garage.

Both were graduated from the Shepherd High School,he in 1933 and Mrs.

HAWKINS in 1934.She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles RABLEY, who after

having resided in Shepherd for three years, moved to Carson City,where they now live.

Mr. HAWKINS was reared here and during his high school days distinguished

himself as an athlete.

The young couple enjoyed a wedding trip to Niagara Falls and Lockport, NY.

They have the hearty congratulations and best wishes of many friends in the

Shepherd community.



Hand Dated - 21 March 1935




Sharron BURNHAM, a Shepherd boy, but now manager of the meat department

of the Kroger Store in Mt. Pleasant, and Miss Jean WHITCOMB,daughter of

Mr. & Mrs. Claude WHITCOMB of Mt. Pleasant, were quietly married at the

Presbyterian manse in the county seat Saturday evening by Rev. C. B. HAWKINS.

They were attended by Charles BALDWIN of Flint, cousin of the groom,

and Miss Mary Ellen WHITCOMB,sister of the bride.A reception at the

Whitcomb residence followed,with relatives and a few intimate friends attending.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles BALDWIN of Flint,Helen JOHNSON of Port Huron,the

groom's father,William BURNHAM, and Mr. & Mrs. Fred DeRUSHIA were 

among those attending from out of town.A two-course luncheon was served.

The home was attractively decorated for the reception.

Mr. & Mrs. BURNHAM began housekeeping at once in their home on

Crosslane avenue.He was graduated from the Shepherd high school and

virtually completed a course at Central State Teachers College.His bride returned 

Monday to her classes in Mt. Pleasant high school, where she will graduate this year.

Their many friends in the county extend hearty congratulations and best wishes.



Hand Dated - 1935




The marriage of Miss Agnes STALTER,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James STALTER,

and Dale FULTZ,son of Mr. & Mrs. L. B. FULTZ, was solemnized 

Tuesday, August 27, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon by the W. S. PHILLIPS

at the parsonage of the M. E. church in Shepherd.

The contracting couple were attended by Miss Frances STALTER, sister of

the bride, and Joe ULSH.Mr. & Mrs. FULTZ left on a wedding trip to

Long Lake.They will reside on teh FULTZ farm.

Many friends extend congratulations.



22 October 1935




The marriage of Miss Helen BOWMAN,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Forrest

BOWMAN,to Lyle McQUEEN,son of Mr. & Mrs. William McQUEEN of

Shepherd, took place Sunday,the Rev. R. L. BOTTOM performing the ceremony.

Mr. & Mrs. Orville SWIFT were the attendants.Mrs. SWIFT is a cousin of the

bridegroom.Mr. & Mrs. McQUEEN were surprised later in the evening by a group

of friends and relatives who gave them a shower at the home of Mr. & Mrs. SWIFE on

St. Joseph street.Games were played and refreshments served, and the bride

received many lovely gifts.Mr. & Mrs. McQUEEN will make their home in Lansing.



Hand Dated - 1935




The marriage of Albert WIEFERICH of Shepherd, and Miss Dorothy COLE of

Alma, was solemnized Tuesday morning,April 30, at 9 o'clock at St. Mary's

Catholic church in Alma.The Rev. Fr. GILROY solemnized the nuptial mass.

Attendants were Joseph BUSS and Miss Margaret WIEFERICH of Shepherd.

Miss Evangeline SAWKINS played appropriate organ numbers.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer COLE of Alma, and the bridegroom is

the son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph WIEFERICH of Shepherd.

They will reside in Shepherd.





Mrs. Margaret MILLIKEN of Shepherd, and Harry WAY of Ithaca

(Gratiot Co) R.F.D. were quietly married Monday evening, May 6, at the home of the

bride on Orchard avenue here.The Rev. W. S. PHILLILPS, pastor of the 

Methodist church, officiated, and witnesses were Miss Agnes GIRVEN

and Mrs. PHILLIPS.

While Mr. & Mrs. WAY were reticent concerning their plans for the future,

it was understood they would make their home here following a short wedding trip.

The event was a complete surprise to many friends of the bride.

Hearty congratulations and best wishes are extended.



Hand Dated - 1935




Mrs. Minnie O. LYON and W. Irad STRUBLE, well known old residents of 

Shepherd, were married at 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, October 1, by the

Reverend HANTHORNE at the parsonage of the Methodist church in Winn.

They are residing in the residence that has been the home of the bride, east

of Salt River corners.

Mrs. M. E. WRIGHT had prepared an excellent dinner at her home that was

served to the newly weds as they returned from the wedding ceremony.

Mr. STRUBLE stated that he had rented the business building on Wright avenue

formerely occupied by E. A. HOWE, and thet he would open a produce buying

business there.




J. C. TRAVIS,son of Mr. & Mrs. William TRAVIS, residing three miles east

of Shepherd and Miss Edith NETZLEY, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob NETZLEY,

living southeast of the village, were quietly married Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock at the

Methodist parsonage here.They were attended by the bride's brother,John NETZLEY,

and wife.Mr. & Mrs. NETZLEY took up housekeeping on the George BELL farm, east

of the village, which they will operate.Many friends of the young couple extend hearty

congratulations and best wishes.





Clark FREEMAN,well known farmer living northeast of Shepherd, and his

housekeeper,Mrs. Margaret SNYDER, were united in marriage at 8 o'clock Saturday

evening, July 14, by the Rev. W.H. BELL, pastor of the Shepherd Church of Christ.

The quiet event took place at the home of the bride's daughter and husband,

Mr. & Mrs. Erwin SMITH who reside north of the Coe Church.



Hand Dated - 1935




The wedding of Miss Mildred STRUBLE and Charles BINGHAM took place at the

home of the groom's sister, Mrs. Raymond BLOMBERA,at Plymough, Michigan,

Saturday January 19.The groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles BINGHAM Sr of

Plymouth.The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wilber J. STRUBLE of

Shepherd.She was graduated from Shepherd high school in 1933 and also is a

graduate of a beauty school in Pontiac.

The bride was dressed in white and carried a bouquet of red roses.The maid of honor,

Mrs. Rayner BLOMBERA, wore a gown of yellow with a corsage of roses and

sweet peas.Mr. BLOMBERA acted as best man.

After the wedding a bountiful dinner was served.The happy couple received many

beautifull gifts.They will reside in Pontiac.



Hand Dated - 1935




Miss Harriett RICHMOND,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jack RICHMOND, and

Morris WHITMORE,son of Supervisor John E. WHITMORE of Lincoln township 

and Mrs. WHITMORE,were quietly married at the manse of St. Vincent de Paul

Church Tuesday afternoon,Mar 5 at 1:30 by the Rev. Fr. Joseph H. HENIGE.

They were attended by Miss Irene RICHMOND, sister of the bride and Richard

O'CONNOR.Following the ceremony the bride, groom, and attendants went to Alma 

for dinner at teh Wright hotel and Mr. & Mrs. WHITMORE left soon afterward on

a wedding trip to Detroit,Grand Rapids and Lansing.They will make their home on

a farm in Lincoln twonship one and one-half miles west and an equal distance south

of Shepherd.

The bride wore for her wedding a blue crepe gown and hat with gray hose and 

shoes to match.She carried a bouquet of sweet peas and lilies.Her attendant and

sister wore dotted blue crepe with black hat and black shoes, also carried

sweet peas and lilies.

The romance that culminated in the wedding ceremony had it's inception while the two

were students in the Shepherd high school, from which Mr. WHITMORE was

graduated in 1929 and his bride in 1930.He has since devoted his attention to

farming here and she has been employed for the last two years in Detroit.

Their many friends will wish for them, happiness and prosperity.



Hand Dated - 1935




Mrs. Bertha KIEF and Ben GILMORE of Shepherd were married Monday,

Aug 5, at 7 o'clock p.m. in the home of the former neighbors,Mr. & Mrs.

Perry E. MARTIN of Detroit.




A quiet wedding took place New Year's morning at the farm home of Mr. & Mrs.

Perry CLIFTON,when Wesley SWITZER and Miss Velma GIRVEN were united

in marriage by Justice CLIFTON.They were accompanied by Kenneth SWITZER

and Miss Beatrice SIBLEY of Mt. Pleasant.The newlyweds are living on a farm

in Lincoln township.


Hand Dated - 3 October 1935




Miss Dorothy GIRVEN,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl GIRVEN of Shepherd and

Edward BIRTZ of Lansing were married Saturday evening at the home of the groom's

sister in that city.

Mrs. BIRTZ attended the Shepherd high school and is well and favorably

known in this locality.Mr. BIRTZ has a good position in Lansing and they left

immediately for their home there which they had furnished.

Carl GIRVEN and family attended the ceremony.


Hand Dated - 3 October 1935




Lloyd HOLLENBECK and Miss Ruth CATLETT were married Saturday

evening at the home of the bride's parents.The Rev. W. H. BELL performed 

the ceremony and Mr. & Mrs. Leslie FREEMAN were the attendants.

Mr. & Mrs. HOLLENBECK will reside in Shepherd.



Hand Dated - 22 August 1935




Miss Janet MURPHY of Shepherd, and Tomas WALSH of Mt. Pleasant,

were married Tuesday morning at the St. Vicent de Paul Church. 

Rev. J. H. HENIGE performed the ceremony.

The bride wore a dress of brown silk crepe, with brown accessories and

carried a prayer book.

Miss Mildred MURPHY, sister of the bride, acted as bridesmaid.She wore a

blue crepe dress.Patrick KARNS of Mt. Pleasant was best man.

Mrs. WALSH is the daughter of Mrs. E. A. MURPHY and was born and reard here.

She is a graduate of Shepherd high school.

The couple left immediately for a wedding trip and will be at home to thier friends

at Evart after September first.Mr. WALSH has a position as a pharmacist at

that place.


Hand Dated - 1935




A simple and tasteful wedding marked the union at the bride's home in

Shepherd Wednesday afternoon, June 26, at 3 o'clock of Miss Helen Elizabeth ESTEE,

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Claude H. ESTEE, and Alfred Gayle VANCONSANT of

St. Johns.The Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS read the ring service in the presence of

families of the bride and bridegroom.

Mr. & Mrs. VANCONSANT left immediately after the ceremony.They will make

their home in St. Johns, where he is employed in the post office as mail clerk.

Mrs. VANCONSANT,who was born and reared in Shepherd,was graduated from

high school here and later completed a course at Central State Teachers College, 

where she was awarded a degree.Afterward she taught in Olivet and Grayling.

She is a member of the Methodist church and Sunday School and Coe Chaper

No 98, Order of the Eastern Star.

Congratulations and cordial best wishes are extended.



Hand Dated - 1935




Edward MOEGGENBERG,son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben MOEGGENBERG, and Miss

Edith RICHMOND, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Earl RICHMOND of St. Louis, were

united in marriage by Rev. FR. HENIGE in the St. Vincent de Paul Church in Shepherd,

Saturday morning, Nov. 9th, at 9 o'clock.Their attendants were Monica BINNING

and Lawrence MOEGGENBERG.Miss Richmond was attiredin light blue silk crepe

and carried an arm bouquet of swansonia, pink roses and ferns.Miss BINNING wore

brown, and also carried an arm bouquet of swainsona, roses and ferns.

Following the ceremony,a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the groom's

parents, where many lovely gifts were "showered" upon the happy couple.

Mr. & Mrs. MOEGGENBERG are making their home in Lansing whre he has

employment with the Fisher Body Company.




Mr. & Mrs. John /ROETHLISBERGER of near Shepherd are this weed announcing

the marrige of their daughter,Helen Mildred, to Mr. Edwin WHITMORE, the

single ring service having been read by Rev. C. J. KRUSE at 6:30 o'clock,

Saturday afternoon,October 12, in the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in Alma.

The bride, attired in brown silk with corresponding accessories, had chosen as

her matron of honor,Mrs. Gerald MAYES, and Mr. MAYES served as the groom's

best man.Immediately after the ceremony,Mr. & MRs. WHITMORE left on a

southern motor trip and will be at home to their friends in the T. Kirkconnell

(not sure on this name - has been penciled in and not readable) residence in 

Shepherd.Mr. WHITMORE is the son of supervisor, John WHITMORE and

Mrs. WHITMORE of Lincoln township.


11 April 1935




Kermit BOWEN of Crystal Lake and Miss Ida Grace MOATS, were quietly married

at the Methodist parsonage in Alma,Sunday noon, the Rev. Marshall BRAUND 

officiating.They were attended by Wayne SILLS of Crystal and Miss Eva SNYDER

of Vestaburg.After a short wedding trip,Mr. & Mrs. BOWEN will be home to

their friends at Crystal.

Mr. BOWEN was a bookkeeper in the Commercial State Bank here several years and

is now in the mercantile business at Crystal while Mrs. BOWEN was one of our popular

young ladies of Shepherd, and attended Shepherd high School.


Hand Dated - 27 December 1935




Two marriages were solemnized here over the Christmas holidays were announced

Thursday morning by the officiating pastor, the Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS of the

Methodist Church.

At 2:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, he united at the parsonage Miss Jean WALLACE,

who has been making her home with her grandmother, Mrs. Dudley MERRILL, in

Lincoln township, west of Shepherd, and Vernard DUVALL of this village.

There were attended by Mr. & Mrs. Wesley WARE.

Mr. & Mrs. DUVALL will reside on the MERRILL farm.




Christmas night at 7 o'clock,Miss Frieda SCHLEIGH of Mt. Pleasant and Charles 

E. DANCER of Saginaw were the principals in the second nuptial event,

which was solemnized at the home of Mrs. Roxie SALISBURY of Shepherd.

They young couple was attended by Miss Ardell SCHWARTZ of Mt. Pleasant

and Theodore BUTCHER of Wheeler.They will make their home in Saginaw.



St. Louis Leader - 20 June 1935




The marriage of Miss Marguerite WALTER,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Archie

L. WALTER of Breckenridge, and Ralph MOORE of Shepherd occurred on

June 15th at 8 o'clock at the M. E. parsonage in Breckenridge.Rev. F. E. CHAMBERLAIN

read the service, using the single ring cermony.

The background for teh bridal party was made very attractive by a huge basket

of lovely vari-colored iris.The bride was attended by her sister,Miss Ethel WALTER,

and the groom was attended by his brother, Francis MOORE of Lansing.

The bride wore a lovely gown of powder blue silk crepe with a bodice of embroidered

net, white accessories and a corsage of Joanna roses,schizanthus and 

forget-me-nots.The bridesmaid wore a coral rose lace gown, white accessories

and corsage of schizanthus, larkspur and feverfew.

Following the ceremony a nice wedding breakfast was served by the bride's mother

to the immediate families of the bride and groom.The guest were Mr. & Mrs. Paul

MOORE and family and Mr. & Mrs. Chester TRAVIS of Shepherd.The tables

were prettily decorated in pink and white.The center of attraction at the bride

and groom's table was a large wedding cake beautifully decorated with pink and

white icing and mineature bride and groom.

For the past two years Miss WALTER has been teaching in the Ithaca public

schools.Mr. MOORE is an enterprising young farmer.Immediately after the

breakfast the bride and groom left for a short wedding trip through northern Michigan.



'Isabella County Republican

9 July 1953




A quiet summer sedding took place Friday evening at the Methodist Church in 

Shepherd when Joanne BISSELL,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Durward BISSELL and Gerald

NETZLEY,son of Mr. & Mrs. John NETZLEY, exchanged their vows.

Rev. Harold TABER read the double ring service at 7 p.m. in the presence of

the immediate families and a few close friends.

The bride wore a white nylon net over satin,ballerina length gown with shoulder

veil and a corsage of red roses.Her only attendant was her sister, Joyce, who wore

lavender nylon net, ballerina lenght and a corsage of white carnations and yellow roses.

Best man was Gordon NETZLEY, brother of the groom.

Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner including the lovely tiered wedding cake,

was served at Lambert's Sunset Grill for the bridal party and the parents of the

bride and groom.

The couple left immediately after the dinner for a short northern trip, after which they

will make their home in Lansing where the groom is employed.

Both the bride and groom are graduates of the Shepherd High School with the

class of '52'.


'Isabella County Republican'

7 November 1957




A pretty wedding took place Saturday morning November 9th at the St. Vincent

de Paul Church in Shepherd when Nancy YATES, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ted YATES

and Ray ZIMMERMAN,son of Carl ZIMMERMAN of Lansing exchanged 

wedding vows.Fr. ROCZIN,pastor of the church read the double ring ceremony at

ten o'clock.Mrs. John WILBERDING was soloist and Margaret SIMON orgainist.

The bride was gowned in a white floor lenght gown of lace with overskirt

of net and the neckline was trimmed with sequins.She carried a bouquet of red roses.

Mary Lee RECKER, cousin of the bride was maid of honor and she wore light

apricot with darker trim and feather headdress to match with shoulder veil.

Her flowers were white baby mums.

Joan MURRAY and Caroline ZIMMERMAN were the bridesmaids and wore

dark apricot with light trim and also carried baby mums.

Richard YATES acted as best man and Jim MOEGGENBURG and Frank VAUTRIN

were the ushers.

A wedding dinner followed at the parish hall for seventy relatives and friends.

A reception for 250 guests took place at the C. S. A. Hall in St. Louis on

Satruday evening.

The bride is a graduate of the Shepherd High School with the class of '57' and the

groom graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 1956 and is employed in the

laboratory of Dow Chemical in Midland.

The couple left on a honeymoon trip south.They will make their home with the

brides parents for the present.

John MURRAY was hostess at the prenuptial shower for the bride and she

received many lovely gifts.



'Isabella County Republican'

14 February 1952




Miss Lucille Joann HUBER,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. D. HUBER was

united in marriage to John CURTISS,son of Mrs. James HOWELL of Lansing and

Howard CURTISS of Winn, at eight o'clock Thursday evening at the 

Methodist Church.Rev. Myron CLEMENT performed the double ring ceremony

before an alter decorated with baskets of white gladioli and white snapdragons 

with green palms.

The brides attendants were Letitia WILLIAMSON,Mrs. Raymond JENNINGS and

Joanne MILLER.Mr. CURTISS was assisted by Richard CURTISS,Raymond

JENNINGS and Dee HUBER,the latter two performing the ushering duties.

For her wedding,Mrs. CURTISS choose a white slipper satin ballerina length gown

with fitted long sleeve jacket with a peter pan collar decorated with seed pearls.

Her fingertip nylon net veil was attached to a satin pearl covered cap.

She carried a white carnation bouquet centered with an orchid.

The bridesmaids were dressed in orchid gowns and carried yellow daffodil

bouquets and wore daffodile in their hair.

Miss WILLIAMSON wore blue lace also in ballerina lenght.

Mr. Kenneth SCHAIBLY presided at the organ for the prelude and Mrs. Agatha

SWENSON played the wedding marches.Donald HUBER, brother of the bride was

soloist and sang two numbers,"Because"and "The Lords Prayer".

The bride was given in marriage by her father.

A reception was held in the Church parlors immediately following the ceremony.

From a linen covered table, center with a tour tiered wedding cake, topped with a

minature bride and groom, and surrounded by yellow daffodils, guests were served

cake and punch by Mrs. Elmer GAGUSH of Harrison,Mrs. Burl HUBER of Midland,aunts

of the bride, and the brides grandmother,Mrs. J. C. MILLER.

Mrs. HUBER choose a teal gown with brown accessories and daffodil corsage

for her daughters wedding and Mrs. HOWELL wore a gray suit with black

accessories and orchid corsage.

The young couple will make their home in Lansing where they are employed.



'Isabella County Republican'

17 July 1952


Jacob SWITZER Anniversary


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob SWITZER, of Mt. Pleasant, celebrated their Golden Wedding

Anniversary on Sunday,July 12, at their home with all their children present 

for the occasion.

They were Mr. & Mrs. Doren CHAPIN and family of Stanton;Mr. & Mrs. Norman

PACKER and family, also from Stanton;Mr. & Mrs. Otto LOVE and family, of Flint;

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley SWITZER and son, of Shepherd;also Mr. & MRs. Donald GIBSON

and daughter, of Middleton (Mrs. GIBSON is a grandmother and her daughter is

the only great grandchild.)They also have eleven grandchildren, all of whom were

present except Delmar LOVE, who is in California with the Navy.One grandson,

Harold CHAPIN was in WWII for two years and killed five years ago.



'Isabella County Republican'

5 March 1953




A quiet wedding took place at Angola, Indiana on Feburary 24th when Mrs.

Ethel McCLINTIC and Harry MERRITT were united in marriage.

They went to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a short trip before regturning home and

while there, one place they visited was the new Sears Roebuck Building.

They are making their home for the present at the brides home and plan later

on going to Florida.

The groom is the propietor of Merritt's Upholestery Shop in Shepherd.

A dinner was held Sunday at their home with Mr. & Mrs. Ed FRIEBURG and

two children and Mr. & Mrs. John CREEK of Grand Rapids and Mr. & Mrs. 

Kenneth SWANSON of Hart as guests.All are daughters of the groom.



'Isabella County Republican'

26 June 1952




The Christian Church at Shepherd was the scene of a pretty summer wedding,

Saturday when Lois Louise HOLLIDAY,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd HOLLIDAY

and R. G. CONVERSE,son of Mr. & Mrs. Ursel CONVERSE, 

were united in marriage.

Rev. Charles ROSS read the double ring ceremony at two o'clock against a

background of palms, baskets of roses and lighted candles, in the presence of a

large group of relatives and friends.

Rev. L. J. HOOVER, ofMancelona, soloist, sang "I Love You Truly" and "The Lord's

Prayer" accompanied by Mrs. Agatha SWENSON on the piano. Mrs. SWENSON

also played the wedding marches.

The bride was gowned in white with fingertip vail and crried a white Bible

with a rose and streamers.

Mrs Natilie COCKRAN was matron of Honor, and the briedesmaids were Louise

STOVER and Lorraine HOLLIDAY and all wore pastel colors.Vickie Jean BELAN,

cousin of the bride was flower girl and wore pink.

The groom was attended by his brother Dee as best Man and Loren HOLLIDAY,

brother of the bride, and Sharon WORKMAN were ushers.

Mrs. HOLLIDAY chose a green print and Mrs. CONVERSE a royal blue, both

wearing white accessories, and corsages of carnations for the wedding.

A recepting followed immediately in the basement of the church with Edith STOVER,


Ruth Ann HARRY and Leona HOLLIDAY serving the refreshments.

The dining room was decorated with white streamers, bells and bouquets

of roses and syringla.

Following the cutting of the first piece of the tiered wedding cake, by the bride,

assisted by her new husband, Mrs. Erma NESTLE and Mrs. Elnora HARRY assisted

in the cutting and serving of the cake with several members of the Aid Society

assisting with the ice cream and punch.

The bride is a graduate of the Shepherd High School with the class of '51' and

is employed in the Newberry Store in Midland.The groom, a graduate of Shepherd,

Class of '50' is also employed in Midland, at the Dow Gardens.

They will make their home at Midland for the present as they later plan to go

to Ohio, whre the groom will enter college this fall.



'Isabella County Republican'

31 July 1952




A lovely summer wedding took place at seven o'clock Saturday evening, July 26th at

the Chippewa Street Church of Christ,when Carol EDGAR,daughter of Mrs.

Myrtle EDGAR and the late Floyd EDGAR, and Gerald SCOCK,son of Mr. & Mrs.

Nelson SHOCK, exchanged marriage vows.

Minister, C. L. PURYEAR, of Grand Rapids, read the double ring ceremony against

a background of baskets of white gladiolii.

The bride entered the church on the rm of her brother, James, who gave her in

marriage,to the strains of Lohengrin's Bridal Chorus hummed by Jo Ann ZOOK and

Jerrie Lou SCHAFTER, who sang "I Love You Truly" preceding the ceremony.

The bride was gowned in a white ballerina length dress of white satin made with a

full gathered skirt, covered with net and peplum of Chantilly lace, with a jacket of

fingertip lenght and veil of shoulder length.Her bouquet was of white mums.

She was attended by Mrs. Nancy (Bigelow) PORTER, as matron of honor.She

wore a blue eyelet model with white accessories.She too carried a bouquet of white mums.

Best man was Garold SHOCK, twin brother of the groom.

Mrs. EDGAR choose navy blue crepe with white accessories for her daughter's 

wedding and Mrs. SHOCK wore blue crepe with dark blue accessories.Both

mothers wore corsages of white mums.

Ushers were Gary EDGAR and Emil SCHULTZ, brother and brother-in-law of the bride.

A reception at the V. F. W. Hall followed the ceremony at which time the four tiered

wedding cake trimmed with pink rosebuds and topped with an ornament

of bride and wedding bells was served with ice cream, coffee and sandwiches

to the more than one hundred guests present.

Many lovely gifts were received and highly appreciated by the happy couple.

They left for a weeks honeymoon trip to Canada, Niagara Falls, and Ohio,

following the reception, and upon their return, will make their home in Shepherd.

The bride is a graduate of the Shepherd High School, class of '52' nd the

groom is employed at the Dow Cemical Co. in Midland.

Out of town guests attending were Mr. & Mrs. Robert SHRIVER, of

Ashland, OH.,Richard THOMAS of Canton, OH., Mr. & Mrs. John DAVIS, of

Royal Oak,Mr. & Mrs. John SHOCK, of Grand Rapids, and the grooms sister and

family of Holland.



'Isabella County Republican'

10 January 1957




A quiet wedding took place at the home of Rev. W. H. BELL on

December 31st when July DAVIS,daughter of Donald and Cora DAVIS

was united in marriage to Theodore LATOSKI,son of Mrs. Donald DAVIS.

Rev. BELL read the double ring ceremony at two o'clock in the afternoon.

The couple were attended by Mr. & Mrs. Edward VINING.

The bride wore a copenhagen blue gown with geige accessories and a

pink carnation corsage.The attendant was gowned in a blue suit and also had

pink carnation corsage.

They are making their home in rural Shepherd and the groom is employed

at Lobdells in Alma.



'Isabella County Republican'

28 February 1952




The simple ring service was used by Rev. W. H. BELL as he united in marriage

Miss Joyce RAUSCH,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence RAUSCH and

Melvin SHATTUCK,son of Mr. & Mrs. Geroge SHATTUCK, Monday

afternoon at one o'clock, at the BELL residence.

The young couple were attended by Leland SHATTUCK and Florence SHATTUCK.



'Isabella County Republican'

2 May 1957


"Brothers, Sisters Celebrate Silver Anniversary Sunday"


"Mr. & Mrs. Dale WARD


Mr. & Mrs. Clare HATCH


Mr. & Mrs. Merritt WARD


Mr. & Mrs. R. C. ARNOLD


Mr. & Mrs. Dale WARD and Mr. & Mrs. Clare HATCH (Ellen WARD) who were

married 25 February 1932and Mr. & Mrs. Merritt WARD on 19 November 1931

and Mr. & Mrs. R. C. ARNOLD (Ruby WARD) on 19 December 1931,all

celetrated their silver weddings Sunday with a gathering of 200 friends

and relatives at the Jasper Town Hall at Pleasant Valley.


They are all former residents of rural Shepherd


A ham dinner was served and was completed with ice cream and cake.The

beautiful five tiered cake was made by Mrs. William BRICKNER and was topped with

a minature bride and groom under an archway of roses,silver ribbon and silver

bells of various sizes with tiny birds and pink roses added to the acttractiveness.

Mrs. BRICKNER also served the cake to the many guests.

the four brides of twenty-five years ago,had corsages of pink and white

carnations and the grooms had boutonniers of white carnations.

Group singing, looking at pictures of twenty-five years ago,visiting and

taking pictures were enjoyed in the afternoon.

The guest came from Jackson, Flint,Saginaw,Alma,St. Louis,Shepherd,

Mt. Pleasant,Farwell,Coleman and Mr. & Mrs. Ray DECKER came from

North Carolina for the occasion.

The Dale WARDS now live in rural St. Louis;Merritt WARDS in Jackson,

Clare HATCHS in Saginaw and R. C. ARNOLDS in Midland.


Hand Dated - 8 June 1933




Miss Dorothy BRYANT,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles BRYANT,residing

three miles north of Shepherd, was united in marriage with Clare VanDAM of

Grand Rapids, in Elkhart, Indiana,May 31st.They will reside in Grand Rapids

where Mr. VanDAM ownes a garage and where the bride has been for the

last five years.

Mrs. VanDAM was graduated from Shepherd High School in 1927, and has

many friends here who will wish the young couple success and happiness.

She has been practicing as a registered nurse for the last two years,

following her graduation from the Butterworth hospital in Grand Rapids.



Hand Dated - 10 May 1934




Simplicity and limited formality lent charm to a wedding solemnized at

4:30 Susnday afternoon, May 6, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. John WILLIAMS,

whose daughter, Velma Ione WILLAMS was united with Delmar John VOLPEL in

the presence of about 15 immediate relatives.

The Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS,pastor of the Shepherd Methodist Church,

read the impressive ring service.The happy young couple was attended by

the bride's sister,Mrs. Lillian BERGY of Ionia,herself a bride of last June 22 and the

bridegroom by his brother Marvin VOLPEL.

The bride was charming in a crepe gown of ashes of roses hue and carried a

beautiful bouquet of pink rosebuds.Mrs. BERGY wasattractive in pink crepe

and carried a bouquet of yellow rosebuds.

Following the ceremony a three course wedding dinner was served by 

Miss Irene LYNCH and Miss Marie CRAMPTON.The tables were prettily

centered with sweet peas.The bride's table bore a gorgeous wedding cake.

Mr. & Mrs. VOLPEL left soon after the ceremony for their future home in

Peris, Illinois, where through a recent promotion he has taken the management

of the Woolworth strore.They took with them many beautiful wedding presents.

The bride's going away costume was an attractive swagger suit of brown.

The WILLIAMS home has been lavishly and attractively decorated for the

nuptial event with sweet peas, snapdraggons and ferns,the color motif being

pink and white.

Mrs. VOLPEL was graduated from the Shepherd High School in 1927 and later

from Central State Teachers College where she received a life certificate.She

had taught in Ionia for the last five years.Mr. VOLPEL studied in Sturgis

where he completed a high school course.He has been associated for the last

four years with the Woolworth store in Ionia.

The community extends to the young couple congratulations and

best wishes for a happy and prosperous future.



Hand Dated - 22 March 1934




At 8:30 Wednesday night a Shepherd wedding party drove to Ithaca,

where Miss Helen HICKS and Edwin CRAMPTON, who have been

prominent in high school circles here, were united in marriage by the

Reverend ROCHELLE of the M. E. Church.They were accompanied


and the last two attended them while the ring services was read.

Mr. & Mrs. CRAMPTON will make their home here.

The former, who has been a member this year of the high school senior class,

was prominent through his outstanding qualities as an athlete,

having starred on the football, basketball and baseball teams.

He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred CRAMPTON.

Mrs. CRAMPTON, the daugher of Mrs. Helen HICKS of 

Hollywood, CA, has been living during the year or more that she has

spent in Shepherd with her grndmother, Mrs. W. H. THOMAS.

She was a junior in the high school.

Many friends of the young couple will extend hearty best wishes

for a happy wedded career.



Hand Dated - 5 April 1934




A pretty Easter wedding was solemnized Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock

by the Rev. W. H. BELL of the Church of Christ, uniting Miss Emma Lou VAUTRIN,

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. E. VAUTRIN with Theo. S. LYON.The

ceremony was performed at the bride's home northeast of Shepherd and

was witnessed by 38 relatives and friends of the popular young couple.

The bride,charming in a gown of blue crepe and carrying a bouquet of pink roses,

was attended as bridesmaid by her sister, Miss Caroline VAUTRIN, who was

attractive in a gown of pink crepe and carried yellow roses.

Franklin SWITZER of Detroit was groomsman.

As the nuptial group marched to their places under an archway between

the dining room and living room, the Lohengrin weddding march was played by

Leo COHOON,pianist.Miss Evelyn VAUTRIN sang "I Love You Truly"

preceding the ring ceremony.

Following felicitations,a wedding luncheon was served, with a gorgeous 

wedding cake as the centerpiece of the bridal table.The tables had been made

attractive for the happy event by seasonable flowers and


Mr. & Mrs. LYONS are making their home with the bride's mother,

Mrs. Noah LYONS, east of Salt River corners.The bride was graduated from

Shepherd High School with the class of 1929,later attending the

Davenport-McLaughlin business College in Grand Rapids, from which

she was graduated in 1931.During the last winter she has been taking a

course in cosmetology in Lansing.Mr. LYONS, a barber, also

attended the Shepherd schools.

The young couple received numerous pretty and useful gifts.They have

the congratulations and best wishes of the community for a 

happy and prosperous wedded career.



Hand Dated - 1934




A popular young couple identified with well known families of this

community were quietly married Sunday morning,June 24, at 9:45 at the

parsonage of the Shepherd Church of Christ,when the Rev. W. H. BELL read

the ring service uniting Miss Caroline VAUTRIN,living northeast of town,

with Franklin SWITZER,son of Mr. & Mrs. William SWITZER,residing

northwest of the villege.

Mrs. Theo LYON,sister of the bride, and Mr. LYON whose marriage took place

but a few months ago,attended the principals and the bride's parents and

grandparents were the only other witnesses.Mr. & Mrs. SWITZER left soon

after the ceremony for Detroit, where for the present they will make their home at

1350 East Grand Boulevard.

Mrs. SWITZER has taught in the Shepherd schools for the last two years,

previously having been instructor for several years at the Estee School.

She has contracted to teach the Newton School for the next year.

She graduated from the Shepherd High School and later awared a life certificate

at Central State Teachers College.

Mr. SWITZER was graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 1928 and

received a A. B. degree at Central State Teachers College last year.

At present he is employed in Detroit.

Many friends extend congratulations and best wishes to the

deserving young couple.



Hand Dated - 23 August 1934




A romance that had it's inception at Central State Teachers College,

culminated at 10 o'clock Friday morning in a simple but pretty wedding 

solemnized in the First Presbyterian Church in Saginaw, when the pastor

united Ann Burr TAUSEND of Saginaw with Russell ASHWORTH of Shepherd.

Only immediate relatives witnessed the ceremony.The bride was attractively

attired in a brown printed dress with full-lenght brown coat and wore a shoulder

corsage of yellow rosebuds and baby's breath.She was attended by

Miss Helen HESS of Saginaw,while the groomsman was Duane WETZEL 

of Shepherd.

Immediately after the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served to about

20 at the bride's home, and Mr. & Mrs. ASHWORTH left soon

afterward on a wedding trip north.

Mrs. ASHWORTH was graduated from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw

and has attended Central State Teachers College the last three years.

Mr. ASHWORTH was graduated from Shepherd High School and has an A. B.

Degree from Central State.He has taught the last two years in Elberta and

Birch Run, Michigan, where they will make their home.They are

staying temporarily at the home of the groom's parents here.

Congratulations and best wishers are extended by a wide circle of friends.



Hand Dated - 25 October 1934




Mary Geraldine HUMMEL,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo HUMMEL, of

Shepherd and Joseph A. LYNETT of Saginaw were united in marriage 

Saturday morning at 8 o'clock at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in 

Mt. Pleasant by the Rev. Fr. MULVEY, who celebrated nupital high mass in 

the presence of about 50.

Miss Emma NARTKER was bridesmaid and Edward MYERS attended the

groom.The bride was attractively attired in a brown velvet gown with

brown accessories.Both she and the bridesmaid who was gowned in brown

crepe, carried bouquets of pink roses and white chrysanthemuns.

Following the ceremony a sedding breakfast was served to about 20 at the

HUMMEL home,and Mr. & Mrs. LYNETT left on a short wedding trip

before going to their future home in Saginaw.

Mrs. LYNETT, one of the popular young women of this community, was

graduated from the Shepherd High School and afterward studied for the

vocation of nurse at the Saginaw General Hospital.

Many friends here will wish for her and husband a happy and

prosperous wedded career.



Hand Dated - 30 August 1934




Miss Helen MADAR,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph MADAR of

St. Louis, and Wayne MOORE,son of Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. MOORE of

Shepherd,were the principals in a quiet wedding solemnized by the Rev.

W. S. PHILLIPS at the Shepherd Methodist parsonage Satruday morning at

10 o'clock, when the ring service was read.

The bride was attended by her sister,Miss Helen MADAR (unless there were

two daughters of the same first name, this must be in error)and the grrmsman

was Wayne GRANT of Alma.Both the bride and her attendant were attractively

gowned in dark blue silk crepe and carried bouquets of pink roses and babys breath.

Immediately following the ceremony,a wedding breakfast was served to the

immediate families at the home of the bride's parents in St. Louis, and Mr. & Mrs.

MOORE left on a wedding trip to a Century of Progress and to points in 

Wisconsin.On their return, they will be at home in St. Louis at their new home

on East Saginaw Street.

Mrs. MOORE was educated in the Alma schools and graduated from the High 

School there and has been employed for several years in Alma stores.

Mr. MOORE who is a salesman of automobile accessories was reared in

Shepherd and attended the local schools and graduated from Shepherd

High School.Mrs. MOORE will continue her duties at the Billings Store after

completing her two weeks vacation.

Their many friends in this part of the state will extend to the happy couple

their best wishes and hearty congratulatins.



Hand Dated - 22 Apr 1915




A very quiet wedding took place at the home ofMr. & Mrs. Carl PIATT

of Shepherd Thursday afternoon,when Mr. PIATT's sister,Miss

Florence PIATT, and Lewis BARNES both of that village, were united in marriage

by Rev. C. E. DAVIS of the Methodist Episcopal Church officiating.

The bride was prettily attired in a dress of white wool and was unattended.

Mr. & Mrs. BARNES left on the afternoon train for a short wedding trip

to Detroit.

Both the bride and groom are well known and highly respected young

people and have the best wishes of a wide circle of friends.

They will not go to housekeeping this summer as Mr. BARNES has a job

at each Battle Creek and Cadillac,where he will be employed 

for several months.



Hand Dated - 1933




Without the knowledge of their friends, two popular young residents of

the Shepherd community were quietly united in marrige at the Church of Christ

here Sunday afternoon at 2:30, when the Rev. W. H. BELL united Miss

Iram PARKER,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. PARKER, and Lawrence

BRICKNER,son of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew BRICKNER.

Mr. & Mrs. Gayle HOLE,the latter a sister of the bride, and herself a

bride on December 19th, attended the happy young couple.The bride was

charming in a gown of pale silk crepe, trimmed with gold braid.

Mrs. BRICKNER attended the high school here and has been employed for

several years in Stanley's Food Shop.She has been active in the work of the

Shepherd M. E. Church.Mr. BRICKNER,an industrious young farmer,

was graduated from the high school in 1931.A furnished home awaited

them on the farm of the groom's father,1-1/2 miles southeast of the village.

He will conduct the farm.

Many friends of Mr. & Mrs. BRICKNER extend hearty congratulations

and wishes for a happy and prosperous future.



Hand Dated - 15 Apr 1934




A pretty wedding was solemnized with full nuptial high mass in St. Vincent

de Paul Church in Shepherd Tuesday morning at 8:30, uniting Rita Mary MASS,

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John MAAS, who resides just south of the village,

with Elton H. McCLINTIC,son of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. McCLINTIC.

The Rev. Fr. Joseph H. HENIGE officiated in the presence of about 100.

The contracting couple was attended by the bride's sister and brother,

Miss Alice and Richard MAAS.Both bride and bridesmaid were charmingly

gowned in blue crepe.

Following the ceremony a wedding dinner was served at the MAAS home

to members of the immediate family.A huge wedding cake was the table

centerpiece.The happy couple left after dinner on a trip to Lansing.They will

reside on a farm of his uncle,Virgil M. McCLINTIC, near Shepherd, which

the groom has been managing.

Mrs. McCLINTIC was educated in the Shepherd schools and Mr. McCLINTIC

was graduated from the high school here in 1930.

Many friends of these highly esteemed young people wish them 

prosperity and much joy in their wedded career.



Hand Dated - 1934




Mr. & Mrs. William TRAVIS announced the marriage of their daughter,

Fern Leota TRAVIS, to Ronald J. KELLER of Flint,son of Mr. & Mrs.

J. W. KELLER of Mt. Pleasant.The ring service uniting the young couple,

was used in Alma March 3rd by Rev. Marshall A. BRAUD, pastor of

the Alma Methodist Church.

Mrs. KELLER was a graduated from Shepherd High School and received a life

certificate from Central State Teachers College in December 1933.While attending

college she was a member of the Rachel Tate Literary Scoiety, and was

identified with other college organizations, also taking part in 

diverse social activities.

Mr. KELLER was graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School and was awarded

his B. A. degree from Central State Teachers College in June 1933.

Mr. & Mrs. KELLER will reside in Flint where he is associated with the

Buick Motor Company




Charming in it's simplicity was the marriage later of Mrs. KELLER'S brother,

Chester TRAVIS to Miss Pauline MOORE,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Paul MOORE,

which was soleminized at the Methodist Church in Shepherd Sunday

April 8th by the Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS, and of which brief mention was made in

last week's issue of the Republican.They were attended by Mrs. KELLER,

sister of the groom, and Francis MOORE, brother of the bride.

Following the ceremony a fine wedding dinner was served to the immediate

relatives at the home of the bride's parents.

Mrs. TRAVIS was graduated from the Shepherd High School in 1932, and

both are well known and highly esteemed in the community.They are making

their home on the farm of the bridesgroom's parents east of Shepherd.



Hand Dated - 23 August 1934




Thursday evening at 9 o'clock Miss Hazel HUNGERFORD, daughter of

Mr. & Mrs. Uri HUNGERFORD of near Crawford, became the bride of

Basil BARNES of Riverdale R. F. D.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Methodist parsonage in Winn

with the Rev. F. E. PRICE reading the impressive ring service.

Witnesses were the bride's brother and sister,Clarance and Inex HUNGERFORD.

A wedding supper was served at the home of the bride's parents at

10 o'clock Thursday evening, with the immediate family of the bride present.

The repast was immediately followed by a noisy call made by about 40 friends

and neighbors who wished Mr. & Mrs. BARNES a long and happy

wedded life.



Hand Dated - 16 February 1933




Miss Ildah STAHL,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Eldon STAHL of

Coe township, and Harold HALE were united in a marriage Saturday night

by the Rev. W. H. BELL, pastor of the Shepherd Church of Christ, at the

groom's home four miles north of St. Louis, where they are residing.

The bride was attended by Miss Rebecca HANEY and the groom by his

brother, Carl HALE.The ceremony, witnessed by immediate relatives and a few

friends, was performed under a canopy of evergreen.The bride and bridesmaid

were attractively gowned in ligh blue georgette.

Refreshments were served following the ceremony.

The groom's mother who has been living on the farm with her son, plans to

move to St. Louis with another younger son in the near future.



Hand Dated - 1933




The marriage of Roy DELO of Blanchard and Miss Zelpha McQUEEN of

Shepherd, was solemnized Monday at the home of Elder J. A. ROWE.

The ring ceremony was used.They were attended by Sherman ELDER of

Blanchard and Miss Elnore LYON of Mt. Pleasant.

Mr. & Mrs. DELO will make their home at present with the bride's parents

in Shepherd.



Hand Dated - 11 May 1933




Mr. & Mrs. Clement FELTMAN whose marriage was solemnized at the

St. Vincent de Paul Church in Shepherd Tuesday morning, May 2nd,

are keeping house in the BLACK home on Maple Avenue.Mrs. FELTMAN

was formerly Clara DUGGAN,living east of Shepherd near the county line.

Many friends wish them prosperity and happiness.



Gratiot County Marriage Index - 2


Kenneth H. NELSON, age 26, of Coe twp

b. Michigan

Father:George NELSON

Mother:Daisy HAUVER


and Geneva ZIMMERMAN age 22

b. Ohio

Father:Charles ZIMMERMAN

Mother:Bertha FISHBURN


Were married 30 November, 1935 in Alma, Michigan at the

First M. E. Church, by C. J. KRUSE


Witnesses:Alvah ZIMMERMAN


both of Alma.


(Book F., page 19)



Hand Dated - 1934




A wedding of much interest to this community took place Saturday

evening, June 1st inMt. Pleasant. when Miss Merita MYERS, daughter

of Mr. & Mrs. Charence MYERS, became the bride of Milo VanVRANKEN,

son of Mr. & Mrs. Bert VanRANKEN.The impressive ring service was read

by the Rev. C. W. McKENZIE, pastor of the Mt. Pleasant Methodist Church.

Miss Reva MORRIS of Midland, a life long friend of the bride, was

bridesmaid and Eugene BUTCHER of Midland was best man.

The bride was lovely in a gown of white silk crepe with a short bolero jacket

trimmed with white fur and having all white accessories.She ware a shoulder

corsage of pink roses and baby breath.Miss MORRIS was gowned in

peach organdy, with shoulder corsage of yellow roses and baby breath. 

The bride's going-away costume was a three-piece emsemble of shell pink

grepe with white shoes, hat and gloves.

Immediately after the ceremony and felications the wedding party repaired to

the home of the bride's parents in Coe township, where a reception was held

for them.A delicious two-course luncheon was served by 

Lucile MYERS and Elsie JOHNSON.

The VanVRANKEN home was tastefully decorated throughout with pink and

white as the color motif.Guests present from away were Mr. & Mrs.

Lester JOHNSON of Mildand;Mr. & Mrs. WillJOHNSON and Lucile MYERS

of Mt. Pleasant;and Miss Elsie JOHNSON and Harvey BIDLACK of Detroit.

After June 18th, Mr. & Mrs. VanVRANKEN will be at home at 710 South College

Avenue in Mt. Pleasant where he has a position with the Standard Oil Co.

A pretty pre-nuptial event in the bride's honor was a miscellaneous shower 

at the home in Midland of Mr. & Mrs. Lester JOHNSON, Tuesday evening,

June 12th.Fifteen were present and "Co-tie" was the chief diversion.

The bride received many pretty and useful gifts.

The bride and groom are popular young people of this community.Both

were born and reared here and graduated from the Shepherd High School.

Their many friends wish and predict for them a future of

prosperity and happiness.



Hand Dated - 11 January 1934




Frank A. COLE and Mrs. Ethel DRUM were quietly married at the

Christian Church parsonage by the Rev. W. H. BELL Monday evening.

The latter's grand daughters,Miss Alberta CLINE and Miss

Ruth SHOUEY acted as witnesses.



Hand Dated - 4 October 1933




Frank HARRY, who is employed by F. A. Worthington, and Miss

Helen SMITH of Holly, Michigan, were quietly married last Saturday 

evening at Ithaca by Robert ARNOLD, Justice of the Peace.

Mr. & Mrs. HARRY are making their home in the Fox Apartments on

Wright Avenue.Friends here extend congratulations and best wishes.



Hand Dated - 7 December 1933




Miss Agusta WITTE,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Julius WITTE of Lincoln township

and Ray DEXTER of Grand Rapids, were united in marrige at the M. E.

parsonage in Shepherd at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon by the Rev. W. S.

PHILLIPS.The bride's sisters, Miss Annabella WHITTE and Miss 

Margueritte WITTE stood up with them.

Mr. & Mrs. DEXTER will reside in Grand Rapids where he is employed

as a millwright.Mrs. DEXTER was graduated from Central State Teachers

College and has been teaching in Lincoln township.

Her many friends in this locality extend congratulations and best wishes.



Hand Dated - 21 December 1933




Miss Gladys PARKER,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. G. PARKER of the

Shepherd community, and Gayle HOLE of Alma were united in marriage 

Tuesday evening at the M. E. parsonage in Alma by the Rev.

Marshall BRAUND.Miss Irma PARKER, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid

and Lawrence BRICKNER the best man.

The bride was charming in a gown of blue silk crepe.The bridesmaid wore

a becoming gown of rose beige silk crepe.

Mrs. HOLE was graduated from the Shepherd High School in 1928.

She attended the Ferris Institute in Big Rapids and has been bookkeeper in

the office of the county treasurer in Mt. Pleasant for the last two and one-half years.

The groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. David HOLE of Grand Haven.He

attended the Ama High School and the Yerrington Business College in

St. Louis.He has a position with the Star Dry Cleaners in Alma, but

Mr. & Mrs. HOLE will reside in Mt. Pleasant for the present.

Their many friends extend heaaty congratulations and best wishes

to the deserving young couple.



Hand Dated - 28 December 1933

Two Weddings




Two Yuletide wedding ceremonies were solemnized by the Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS,

pastor of the Shepherd M. E. Church, Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday night at 10 o'clock Vernon R. FAIRCHILD and Miss Fay HARRY,

daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marion HARRY, were united at the home in the

northeastern part of the village that had been prepared and furnished

for their occupancy.The couple was attended by the groom's brother,

Ellory FAIRCHILD and the later's wife, Mrs. Christine FAIRCHILD.




Sunday afternoon at 12:45 at the Methodist parsonage,the paster united

Stanley E. VENTON of Midland, who until recently was employed at the bank in

Blanchard, with Miss Margie BURKHOLDER of Lansing,a former Blanchard

girl who has of late held a clerical position in the capitol city.

They were attended by Elzy HOWARD of Remus and Miss Gladys

BURKHOLDER of Blanchard, sister of the bride.Mr. VENTON is employed

by the Michigan Bean Company in Midland, where they will resided.



Hand Dated - 7 September 1933




Miss Agatha Marguerite CAZIER, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. CAZIER,

and Cecil H. SWENSON,son of Mrs. Joanna SWENSON of Holton,

Michigan, stole a march on their friends when they were quietly married at 

7 o'clock Thursday evening,August 31st, by the Rev. Marshall A. BRAUND

at the parsonage of the M. E. Church in Alma.The ring service was used.

They were attended by Mr. & Mrs. Clarence PARKS, the latter a sister of

the bride.Following the ceremony, a wedding supper was served to immediate

relatives at the home of the bride's parents east of Shepherd, where seasonable

flowers were used in decoration.

Mr. & Mrs. SWENSON are residing in Millington, Michigan, where

Mr. SWENSON is beginning another year as principal of the schools.

Mrs. SWENSON was born and reared in Shepherd and was graduated from the

high school here.Later she attended Central State Teachers College where

after having been awarded a life certificate, she took a B.S. degree last June.

She won scholarship honors at Central State and was president for two years

of the Rachael Tate Literary Society.She also was a member of the

Acapella Choir and was identified with other college organizations and

social activities.Mr. SWENSON was graduated from Central State in1932.



Hand Dated - 12 October 1933




Vere DuBOIS, a member of the firm of DuBOIS and RICHMOND, conducting

the Shepherd bakery and Miss Lois M. MOATS, daughter of D. A. MOATS,

and clerk in the Shepherd post office, stole a march on their friends by leaving

early Tuesday morning of this week on a motor trip to North Platte, Nebraska,

where they will spend their honeymoon.They had gone before others

than immediate relatives and business associates knew of their intentions.

It was said that Mr. & Mrs. DuBOIS would visit the bride's sister,Mrs.

Helen MACEY in North Platte.

Many friends of the popular couple will extend congratulations and best wishes.

They will reside on their return to the Porter Apartments on Wright Avenue.

Mrs. DuBOIS was a graduate from the Shepherd High School.



Hand Dated - 9 November 1933




Durward BISSELL and Miss Josephine VODICKA,attended by Miss

Mildred STRUBLE and Thomas WATERS, were married at the Church of Christ

personage Saturday evening by the Rev. W. H. BELL.They will make their

home for the winter with the groom's parents,Mr. & Mrs. Paul BISSELL.



Hand Dated - 11 September 1913




Rolland CLINE and Miss Leah DRUM, well known young people of Coe

township, had been married at the M. E. parsonage in Mt. Pleasant and

were making their home with the bride's parents in Shepherd.



Hand Dated - 1934




Friends here have been notified of the marriage,June 24th, of Kenneth RUHLE

of Selfridge Field, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jesse RUHLE of Shepherd, to Miss

Retha BLACK,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James BLACK of Fenwide, MI

The ceremony was performed at the Methodist parsonage in Sheridan, MI

A reception for Mr. & Mrs. RUHLE will take place in Sheridan,September 15th.

A kitchen shower was given last week for Mrs. RUHLE and she received

numerous pretty and useful gifts.

Mrs. RUHLE was graduated from Sheridan High School and Mr. RUHLE from

Shepherd High School with the class of 1928.

They have the best wishes of many friends.



Hand Dated - 21 June 1934




Miss Marguerite McDONALD, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur McDONLAD,

and Vernon CASZATT,son of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver CASZATT were 

quietly married at the parsonage of the Baptish Church in Mt. Pleasant 

Monday morning of this week by his brother, Paul CASZATT.

The young couple are residing in Shepherd where afurnished home

awaited them.Both are identified with well know Lincoln township families.

Mr. CASZATT attended high school in Shepherd and would have graduated

this year, but he gave up his course to accept employment with the

Roosevelt Oil Company.Many friends of the young couple will wish

them success and happiness.



No Year given




The wedding of Miss Eileen F. HUMMEL,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo HUMMEL

and John J. FISHER, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles FISHER, was solemnized Thursday,

November 9th, at 9:30 a.m. at the home of the bride in Shepherd.The Rev.

W. S. PHILLIPS officiated, using the single M. E. ring service.The bride was

attended by her sister, Miss Bernice HUMMEL and the bridegroom by


Only immediate relatives of the contracting couple witnessed the ceremony.

The bride was charming in a gown of brown crepe and carried a bouquet of

yellow roses and chrysanthemums.Following the ceremony,a wedding

breakfast was served to the nuptial party at Stanley's Food Shop and

Mr. & Mrs. FISHER left soon afterward for Chicago to attend the

World's Fair, and visit relatives.

They will be at home to their friends in teh Joe SOUTHARD house

on Hall Street about November 20th.

A reception in their honor will be given at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Theo HUMMEL

the evening of Novermber 18th.

Mrs. FISHER wore an attractive going away costume of brown material.She

was graduated from the Shepherd High School with the class of 1931 and 

has been employed for several years as bookkeeper by the Shepherd

Grain and Bean Company.Mr. FISHER has been employed by

the same company for the last four years.

Many friends of the popular young couple extend congratulations and

best wishes.



Hand Dated - 1933




Miss Thelma VanALSTINE,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. VAnALSTINE

of Shepherd,and Russel HOUCK of Riverdale, were quietly married Friday

afternoon at 4:00 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents.

The bride wore a dress of white organdy and white veil of lace.She wore a

corsage made of white roses and blue forget-me-nots.Miss Irene

PRITCHARD of Elwell acted as bridesmaid.Her dress was of light green crepe

and she carried a bouquet of pink roses and blue forget-me-nots.

Ros VanALSTINE, brother of the bride, acted as best man.Following the 

ceremony, refreshments, consisting of wedding cake, ice cream and punch

were served.Mr. & Mrs. HOUCK left on a two weeks motor trip to the

Straits and Mackinac Island.They will spend the next two months in Riverdale

and in September they will go to Greenville to make their home, where Mr. HOUCK

is the manual arts instructor in the public school.

Out of town guests for the occasion were Mr. & Mrs. Olan FERRIS and

Dr. and Mrs. Leonard WARD of Alma.



'From Isabella County Republican of 22 May 1913"





Trudie B. BENT, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. B. BENT, was quietly married to

Frank C. POOLE, algonac business man at the home of her parents.The

editor characterized her as "one of our brightest and most charming girls".





Miss Frona VAUGHN and George GIESKIN were the principals in a pretty

wedding at the Catholic Church.Rev. Fr. MULVEY officiated and Miss

Virginia MULVEY played the wedding march.



Charles CAZIER'S Horse


Completing the circut of his mail route,Charles CAZIER hitched his 

horse back of the psot office.The animal broke loose and scampered home,

strewing broken harness along the highway and shattering the

buggy shafts.




Charles BELCH, who had just been hired by the council as "City engineer"

at the salary of $50.00 a month was to succeed Mr. CONKLIN the

first of July.



Hand Dated - 15 February 1934




Married 16 years, last Thursday,George KELLY,Shepherd rural mail 

carrier and his wife passed the day quietly and without any social

observance, although they might have made it the occasion of a 

triple celebration.

Mr. & Mrs. KELLY were born the same day of the same year and they

married on their common birthday anniversary.The wedding ceremony

was performed by her Father,the Rev. A. L. MULLET at his home

in Greendale township.Mrs. KELLY was Miss Esther MULLET prior

to her marriage.





Hand Dated - June 1934




Mr. & Mrs. Vernon CASZATT, of Shepherd, who were quietly married

at the parsonage of the Baptist church in Mt. Pleasant several weeks ago

were given a reception and shower at the hall in Crawford Saturday night.

About 150 who were in attendance enjoyed pot luck supper and a social time.

Dancing was the principal diversion,a Mexican orchestra furnished good music.


Mr. CASZATT,the son of Mr. & Mrs. Oliver C. CASZATT of Lincoln

township,attended the Shepherd High School up to a few months ago.

He is employed in the Roosevelt refinery in Mt. Pleasant.His bride,

formerly Miss Marguerite McDONALD, is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs.

Arthur McDONALD.They are living in the JOSLIN house in 

Shepherd.The guests at the reception presented them with many

handsome and useful gifts.



Hand Dated - 27 June 1935




Miss Ethel ZIKE of Midland and Hubert SPENCER, son of Mr. & Mrs.

George SPENCER of Shepherd, were quietly married at two o'clock 

Saturday morning, at the Methodist parsonage, by Rev. W. S. PHILLIPS.

They left for a short wedding trip to Houghton Lake, after which they will

return to Midland where they have a furnished home awaiting them.



Hand Dated - 11 May 1933




Perry and Emma L. Allen,74 and 67 years old respectively, and residents of

Shepherd for forty-four years with the exception of four years spent in

Georgia, quietly observed Sunday, May 6th, the passing of the 50th

anniversary of their wedding.Thier son,Harvey ALLEN, and wife of

Elwell took dinner with them.Three other sons and two daughters are living.


Perry ALLEN and Emma L. GRUBAUGH said their vows near Bridgeville,

Gratiot County on 6 May 1883.Both are in camparatively good health and

good prospects for many more anniversaries.

Mr. ALLEN is the Central Michigan clog dancing champion and is

known as a musician and entertainer who is identified with the

Lumberjacks Orchestra and entertainment group that has it's

headquarters in Alma.



Hand Dated - 10 January 1935




Of interest to many in the Shepherd community, will be an account taken

from the Santa Ana (Calif) Daily Register of January 2, of the Golden

Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. F. H. McFARREN.Mr. & Mrs. McFARREN

are pioneers of the Shepherd community.

Mr. McFARREN was born in Leslie, Michigan, coming to Shepherd with his

parents when two years old.Mrs. McFARREN is the sister of Mrs.

Nancy McFARREN whose late husband was a brother of F. A. McFARREN.

It was in the home of Nancy McFARREN and her husband that Mr. & Mrs.

F. A. McFARREN met for the inception of their life romance.The

article in Santa Ana newspaper, accompanied by splendied cuts of Mr. & Mrs.

McFARREN follows:

"During a celebration of their golden wedding anniversary New Year's Day in

their home, 412 East Chesnut Street,Mr. & Mrs. Fenner A. McFARREN took

part in a wedding ceremony reminiscent of the service at which they were 

married 50 years ago in Meadville, PA.The bride was the former


Joining the hosts in the observance were all of their sons and daughters

and families,including Mr. & Mrs. W. C. McFARREN and daughters,

Genevive and Lenore, and son William;Dr. & Mrs. H. G. HUFFMAN and

daughters,Betty Ann and Harriet LaRue of Santa Ana;Mr. & Mrs. N. D.

McFARREN and sons, Robert and Donald and daughter, Patricia Louise of

Anaheim;Dr. & Mrs. John B. CLULEY and daughter Betty Jean;Mr. & Mrs.

I. M. RAY and daughter Karen Ghlee;Mr. & Mrs. George B. CRAWFORD

and sons,Donald, James, and Robert of Long Beach;Mr. & Mrs. Maddox

CLEGG of Huntington Beach; and two families of cousins,Mr. & Mrs.

Ernest WILSON and Mr. & Mrs. Dale WILSON of Santa Ana.


Guests assembled in the McFARREN home at 12:30 o'clock yesterday.The

hosts renewed their wedding vows before an alter lighted with tapers

decorated with golden flowers.Maddox CLEGG officiated at a ceremony

during which the bridegroom and his bride were attended by Mr. & Mrs.

E. C. WILSON.Mrs. McFARREN was given away by her grandson,

Donald J. CRAWFORD.Harriet LaRUE and Patricia Louise McFARREN

were the flower girls.The bride wore a valvet gown in the same rich plum

shade as the wedding frock fifty years ago.She had a corsage 

bouquet of gardenias.


Robert and Donald McFARREN played cornet and trombone duets,

"I Love You Truly" and "Down the River of Golden Dreams".

Lenora McFARREN read an original poem to commemorate the occasion.

Following the ceremony, the couple was showerd with gifts.Motion

pictures of the party were taken by Dr. HUFFMAN.

During the last course of an early afternoon dinner,Mrs. McFARREN cut

a green and gold wedding cake which was served with ice cream molds of

bride and bridegroom design.There was group singing of "Their Golden

Wedding Day".Some of the afternoon was given over to reminiscing

of early days gone by.



Miss Ada ANDERSON was a school teacher at the time of her marriage

to Mr. McFARREN in 1885.The couple lived in Michigan, in which

State Mr. McFARREN owned some of the most modern farms in the 

locality of Shepherd.He devoted some time to stock raising.

Mr. & Mrs. McFARREN spent several winters in Georgie, and in

November 1919 came to Santa Ana with intentions of visiting here.

However, they decided to make this city their home.With the

exception of one year spent in Pasadena, they have lived in this

city since that time.


In May, Mrs. McFARREN celebrated her 73rd birthday anniversary.

Mr. McFARREN was 75 years old in October.Both are associated

with the First Baptist Church



Hand Dated - 16 Feburary 1893




Married on Monday,February 13th, at the Catholic Church in

Summerton,by Father HADEN,Emmett A. MURPHY of

this village and Miss Nellie FANNING of Coe Township.



Hand Dated - 1926

Special to the State Journal




Shepherd - 10 June


A class of 23 graduated from the Shepherd High School Tuesday,

the largest in the history of the school.

President H. M. CROOKS of Alma College deliverd the

commencement address,his topic being

"The cost of not having".

Miss Louise WORTHINGTON was valedictorian and Miss

Janet ADAMS salutatorian.


Members of the class were:

Robert BATES - John BRICKNER - Rachel BROOKS - Ferrall COOK

Olive FIELD - Don HANLEY - Nellie HEIDEN - George LOOMIS

Evelyn MOATS - Clarence MOORE - Janel MURPHY - Alice SHEPHERD


Billie WALTON - Ruth WOOD - Valeta DOEPKER - Virgil ROWLAND -

and Stanley HUDNET.



Isabella County Birth Books - Mt. Pleasant, MI


ANKROM - Births


Book 1 - pg 9


September 28, 1868

Zelpha R. ANKRON

Born to Thomas J. ANKROM from Greene Co., PA 


Elizabeth ANKROM, also from Greene Co., PA

Parents now living in Coe Twonship

Date of Record:30 May 1869


Book 1 - pg 29


February 24,1871

Mary Frances ANKROM

Born to the same parents above

Date of Record:14 May 1872




No dates/newspapers listed on below items


(Just states "Funeral memorials)


Harry BRATTIN,b. 23 July 1887 at Nashville, MI

D.25 Dec 1961 at Shepherd, MI

Married Mabel FIELD after coming to Shepherd 1910.

one child:Harry, Jr., married Jeanette and had

Barbara, Marla, Corbett



D.13 Aug 1959 at Lansing at age 69

Married 1917 to Floyd A. STILGENBAUER


Louis W. PERRINE b. 19 Apr 1880 in Battle Creek

d. 24 Aug 1959 Veterans Hosp. in Saginaw.

Spanish American War VET.

Married Blanch (no surname given)

Children:Roland of Detroit;Austin of CA;Vivian DARYMPLE of Alma;

Doris BETTS of Alma;Step-son John TIMMER of Mt. Pleasant and

Andrew TIMMER of Grand Ledge.

Louis had 2 brothers, Herbert of Shepherd and Ralph of Ann Arbor.


Mrs. Jake SWITZER(Cora Etta HOLTON)

B.Siler Co., ILL on 25 Dec 1881,

dau. of Mr. & Mrs. John HOLTON.

D.22 August 1959

M.13 July 1902 to Jake SWITZER

Came to Shepherd in 1909

Children:Mrs. Doran CHAPIN;Mrs. Norman PACKER of Stanton;

Mrs. Hazel LOVE of Flint;and Wesley of Shepherd.


Eva Aaunce McClellan Dunbar

D. 3 August 1959

Father was Ellis FAUNCE

Grandfather was Orrin GATES, early preacher of Orchard Ave

Church of Christ.

Husbands who preceded her in death:



Only child was Merle McCLELLAN who preceded her in death.


Clarence E. STRUBLE

D.14 Dec 1928 in Lansing.

Left a sister,Ella BROWN and brother Jay STRUBLE.



B.22 June 1876

M.16 June 1898 to Nellie, who was b. 23 July 1876 (no surname)

Married 65 yrs in 1963.


(this is listed below, but has been typed over and not very readable - so

may not be correct)


Children:William,John,Ray (m. Elsa MORRIA)

Esther HAZEN of Midland,Elva TAFFORD of Mt. Pleasant,






B.31 May 1895


Children:Jean m. LaVern MAYHEW

Paul M. of Alma

Bruce L. of Remus, killed by train on M66 at Woodbury,

north of Ionia, 1 Sept 1966.




Born:20 June 1848Apple Creek, Ohio


Son,Cleveland HUTCHINSON b. 4 July 1885 ten minutes

after first passenger train ran over newly laid Ann Arbor railroad track.

Son,Coe b. 31 Aug 1888

And six more children



Born30 Aug 1881 Battle Creek

D.13 July 1957

M.Carrie BIRCH

Children:Theron C. of Detroit

Forest of Shepherd

Mrs. George BERKLEY of Shepherd


McKINLEY,William Clifford

Born 6 Jan 1886

Died 13 Dec 1959

Married Henrietta COHOON



Born 21 July 1919 at Shepherd

to Eskil & Edna Kelley NILSON

Married 14 Sept 1941 to Bert DAILEY, Jr.

Died 28 May 1959

Children:Jeanette,Frank,John and William

Sister Faye, wife of Charles GORHAM



son of Richard & Jane HASKIN

Born:20 Oct 1849 Prince Albert, Canada

Died:19 September 1929

Married 11 Sept 1872 to Ella L. MOSHER (she d. 7 May 1928)

Came to Shepherd 1915 - had dry goods business in "Oren" Store

Grand daughter is Mrs. Clarence PARKS

Children:Bernice May BLOMFIELD of Springfield, MASS

Walter of Detroit

Hugh of Detroit

David of Los Angeles

Alice H. STILES of Southbury, CONN.




Items below taken from Funeral Home Memorials in 

possession of Rose COHOON.


Herbert L. COHOON

Birth:19 January 1878

Death:22 March 1947

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Dr. William G. YOUNG

Birth:30 Sept 1872 - Shepherd, MI

Death:14 October 1936 - Alma, MI

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mrs. Phoebe Calfier BROWN

Birth:14 June 1858 - Isabella Co., MI

Death:20 April 1939 - Shepherd, MI

Interment:Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI


Alonzo B. HANN

Birth:14 June 1869

Death:2 March 1952

Interment:Lincoln twp. Cemetery



Birth:12 July 1859

Death:20 May 1950

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


William Wesley ARDNER

Birth:1 March 1886

Death:11 June 1950

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:17 July 1893

Death:7 May 1952

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mercy Rachel PRIEST

Birth:19 January 1901

Death:24 July 1961

Intenment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:6 June 1883

Death:22 May 1959

Interment:Cherry Grove Cemetery, Clare, MI


William T. SWITZER

Birth:15 February 1875

Death:25 Aug 1961

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Robert LaForest DIVELBISS

Birth:9 May 1882

Death:19 September 1957

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:23 Mar 1879

Death:26 September 1957

Interment:Chapel Memorial Cemetery, Birmingham, MI



Birth:29 January 1908

Death:7 July 1958

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Floyd G. SMOCK

Birth:5 August 1885

Death:28 March 1959

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:29 May 1869

Death:29 January 1955

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Ora Gertrude PARKER

Birth:18 February 1883

Death:9 October 1957

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mable Hann TAEDTEY

Birth:26 May 1896

Death:1 November 1944

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Ransom M. COHOON

Birth:16 Oct 1871

Death:2 August 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:26 December 1859

Death:14 October 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Lydia G. WHITE

Birth:27 April 1874

Death:24 April 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mrs. Zerua TRIPP

Birth:29 July 1879 - Marion, MI

Death:9 August 1944 - Ann Arbor, MI

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:16 September 1864

Death:18 December 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mayme BEST

Birth:26 Sept 1881

Death:21 November 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:17 October 1882

Death:31 January 1948

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:16 June 1889

Death:15 January 1949

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mrs. Glenn PARSONS

Birth:26 September 1885 - Isabella Co., MI

Death:3 March 1935 Parson's Homestead, Coe twp.

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:12 October 1864

Death:20 December 1948

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Hattie B. YOUNG

Birth:17 December 1874

Death:18 July 1963

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:30 August 1888

Death:30 January 1963

Interment:Salt River Cemetery



Birth:25 August 1907 - Isabella Co., MI

Death:8 November 1962 - Lansing, MI

Interment:Deepdale Cemetery


David Daniel COHOON

Birth:27 December 1912

Death:14 February 1963

Interment:Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI



Birth:15 October 1880

Death:5 October 1962

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mary Clifton SWITZER

Birth:15 Oct 1877

Death:27 February 1965

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Elsie A. NEFF

Birth:29 January 1880

Death:12 June 1950

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Hollis CLARK

Birth:21 February 1894

Death:21 July 1950

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Della M. BLACK

Birth:22 August 1881

Death:8 March 1950

Interment:Pine River Cemetery


Louella Belle HANCE (or perhaps NANCE-not clear)

Birth:15 February 1882

Death:15 October 1961

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Forrest R. HAYES

Birth:5 November 1900

Death:27 January 1947

Interment:Woodlawn Cemetery


Robert Lale STALTER

Birth:10 July 1948

Death:15 December 1948

Interment:Salt River Cemetery

"Lale & Nelly's baby"


Mrs. Nellie M. ALLEN

Birth:11 April 1887 Pleasant Valley, MI

Death:8 June 1952 - Clare, MI

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mamie Leota TRAVIS

Birth:27 November 1881

Death:9 January 1952

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Mr. John Wesley ANTHONY

Birth:6 May 1855 - New York State

Death:12 April 1938 - Family Residence

Services:Pleasant Valley Methodist Church

Interment:Salt River Cemetery


Arthur Wilson SHOE

Birth:19 June 1878

Death:5 January 1962

Interment:Salt River Cemetery




No Date




Muptial mass was solemnized by the Rev. Fr. T. R. DARK, at St. Vincent

de Paul Church in Shepherd Tuesday morning, October 4th at 8 o'clock,

uniting in marriage Walter NORMAN, who is employed on the Louis MAAS

farm and Miss Nellie LUKE.They were attended by Richard MAAS of 

Shepherd and Mary NORMAN of Toledo.

Following the ceremony,a wedding breakfast was served to members of the

wedding party at the home of the bride's mother here.

A reception and dance were given Tuesday night in honor of

Mr. & Mrs. NORMAN at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Louis MAAS and

Wednesday night they were subjected to a belling.







Elizabeth Jean,only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry J. HUDSON,

of Shepherd, and John Edward KEENAN, of Mt. Pleasant, were the

principals in a wedding of more than usual interest in social circles of

Isabella county, which was solemnized here at 11 o'clock Satruday 

morning,September 12th.

Following the nuptial ceremony, a three-course breakfast was served at

the bride's home on Wright avenue to 18 members of the wedding party.

Miss HUDSON was charming in a gown of dark green chiffon velvet and wore

hot and shoes to match, with light beige gloves and hose.She carried a beautiful

bouquet of pink roses.The bridesmaid,Miss Janet MURPHY, of Shepherd,

wore a brown dress with hate and shoes to match and also carried pink roses.

Mr. KEENAN was attended by Thomas WELSH, of Mt. Pleasant.

The attractive HUDSON home was decorated with a tasteful arrangement of

seasonal flowers.Pink roses,the table decorations harmonized exquisively

with the white linen and silver.

Following the discussion of the delectable repast,Mr. & Mrs. KEENAN left on a

rour including in its intinerary,New Your and points in Canada.On their

return they will be at home to their many friends in Mt. Pleasant.

Among those in attendance from out of town were Mr. & Mrs. F. A. MILLER, and

Mrs. John BANNASCH of Flint;Mr. & Mrs. Frank KEENAN , parents of

the groom and their daughter Miss Elizabeth,and Miss Ella SCHELKE,all

of Mt. Pleasant.


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