History of Weidman

                                                          REV. J. B. MCGINNISS

                                                         (transcribed by: L. Johnson)


     In the year 1899 I arrived in Weidman from Canada with my wife and daughter, Gladys.  I worked for Mr. Weidman one year.

     Rev. I.W. Minor was the pastor at Weidman at this time and at the next conference he was appointed to another charge and I was appointed to the Weidman charge, where I served four of the most wonderful years of my life.

     Deerfield Center and Two Rivers were on the charge and very active.

     While I was in charge at Weidman, the little brick church was built.  We look back on this work with great pride.  The Epworth League had a great part in building the church.

     In 1901 our daughter Bernice, was born, and in 1903 we lost a baby daughter whose body reposes in the Weidman cemetery.

     Mrs. McGinness’ two brothers, Joseph and William Booth, both passed away during our stay in Weidman.  The Middlesworth family meant a great deal to us.  We well remember Jessie’s passing on as well as the arrival of the twins, George and Gerald.  Fey used to drive me around the charge with his faithful horse, Topsy.  Other dear friends of Weidman who were active in the work were Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Drallette, the Holmes family, the Sturdevant family, the Cliff family, the Kew family, the Weidman family, the J. Damons and Percy Schauppner.  I could not take time or space to mention the names of all those we knew and loved.

     Dr. De Groat was the well loved doctor and later Dr. Sweeney took his place.  Mr. Scott was always kind in letting us use the hall when necessary. 

     The lumber yard fire took place and also the main block in town burned leaving only the Weidman home in that block.

     Mr. Parsons was postmaster.  The saw mill was in full swing and the old boarding house a busy place.  When we started house keeping, Judd Marble supplies us with many good things to eat.

     I am now retired and 77 years of age and I spend many hours looking back on the many happy days spent on the Weidman charge.


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