BY Eunice E. Way

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by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


Nah-gah-se-ga, Mrs. Moses. Age 25, marriage license July 1892. Intended was Peter SMITH

Nah-gah-so-gay, Peter. Age 63, marriage license Aug 1895. Intended was Mrs. Wah-se-nich
of Isabella twp.

NAUD, Emiline. Age 17, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Edward A. YOUNG of
Coldwater twp.

NAUMES, Laura. Age 28, married 20 Feb 1900 in St. Johns, MI to Henry BREIDENSTEIN
of Deerfield twp.

Naw-ge-zick. Age 35, marriage license Oct 1888. Intended was S. Pau-so-sah-dung of Denver twp.

NEAZER, George. Age 45, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Ellen MYERS of
Shepherd twp.

NEAZER, George H. Married 25 Nov 1897 to Mrs. Ellen MYERS of Shepherd twp.

NEAZOR, Maggie. Age 19, married 6 Apr 1898 to George Wellington JOHNSTON of
Deerfield twp.

NEBELE, Emma J. Age 17, married 9 June 1892 in Broomfield twp. to Loren L. MORAY of
Fremont twp.

NEEDHAM, Edgar. Age 22, marriage license Mar 1891. Intended was Edith RASEY of
Rolland twp.

NEELAND, Mrs. Lydia J. Age 37, married 13 June 1895 to Edward A. MEEKER of Weidman, MI

NEELEY, Euphemia. Married 18 Jan 1855 in Jackson Co., MI to James CAMPBELL.

NEFF, A. P. Married Dec 1900 in Cleveland, OH to Bertha BEUTEA of Cleveland, OH.

NEFF, Mildred. Age 21, married Aug 1900 to Clarence H. SPOONER of Janesville, WI.
(Father was Jake NEFF)

NEITHERCUT, John M. Married 20 July 1887 to Diena A. ROLISON of Clare, MI

NELLIS, Myrtle. Married 31 Oct 1885 in Coldwater twp. to Simon ISANKART of Sheridan,
Clare Co., MI

NELSON, Allie L. Age 22, married 23 Nov 1899 to James G. FITCH of NM.

NELSON, Arthur. Age 24, marriage license Dec 1899. Intended was Ida RAMEY of Vernon twp.

NELSON, Bertes E. Age 22, marriage license Jan 1900. Intended was Zera NORTON of
Lincoln twp.

NELSON, Charles. Age 23, marriage license Oct 1893. Intended was Maggie O'NARY of
Alma, MI

NELSON, Charles LeRoy. Married 19 Nov 1879 to Ellen Ledora DERBY.

NELSON, D. H. Married July 1882 to Miss LAMB.

NELSON, Douglas H. Wife was Nellie BABBITT.

NELSON, Mary. Married Aug 1885 in Gratiot Co., MI to Arthur STURGIS.
(Father was Rev. NELSON)

NELSON, Will H. Married 16 Jan 1887 in Isabella Co to Julia L. JONES.

NEUENDORF, Louise. Married 15 NOv 1899 in MI to H. J. STROUPE.

NEVINS, Marie. Married Sept 1886 in MI to James G. BLAINE.
(Father was Richard NEVINS of Columbus, OH)

NEVU, Hattie. Age 17, marriage license Aug 1888. Intended was William UTLEY of
Coldwater twp.

NEWBERRY, Ida M. Age 16, married 3 Dec 1888 to William N. TICE of Union twp.

NEWCOMB, Adaline. Age 16, marrige license Mar 1900. Intended was Almon BURNS.

NEWCOMB, Frank. Age 41, marriage license Nov 1900. Intended was Marcella WHITE of
Lincoln twp.

NEWTON, Jas. R. Married 20 Aug 1883 in Rolland twp. to Rebecca HARBAUGH of Rolland twp.

NEWTON, Mattie. Married Aug 1889 in Duluth, MN to Ed. W. BARNES.

NEWVILLE, Flora. Age 16, married 18 May 1892 to David A. LEEK of Gilmore twp.

NEWVILLE, Nellie. Age 19, married 14 Mar 1893 to Horace FORDYCE of Gilmore twp.

NEYOME, Albert. Indian. Age 27, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Louisa FISH of
Nottawa twp.

NEYOME, Jas. Indian. Age 30, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Jennie FISH of
Nottawa twp.

NICHOLAS, Lottie. Age 18, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Charles A. BAKER of
Mecosta Co., MI

NICHOLS, William. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1900. Intended was Vernie MILLS of Loomis twp.

NICHOLLS, Cora M. Age 18, married 14 Aug 1890 to John A. HELLEMS of Loomis twp.

NICHOLS, E.W.S. Married 25 Dec 1883 in Gilmore twp. to Maggie HYSLOP.
(Brother was John L. NICHOLS)

NICHOLS, Eva. Age 20, married 7 Apr 1890 to Lewis LOWE of Sherman twp.
(Father was Daniel NICHOLS of Caldwell twp)

NICHOLS, Eva. Marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Clark BATTIN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

NICHOLSON, Cynthia M. Age 24, marriage license Aug/Sept 1892. Intended was Levi MERRILL
of Deerfield twp.

NICHOLSON, Herbert J. Age 21, married 10 Apr 1890 to Millie JOHNSON of Lincoln twp.

NICHOLSON, Luther G. Age 20, married 26 Mar 1894 in Isabella Co to Emma A. PACKARD.

NICHOLLS, Arthur, Jr. Age 23, marriage license Apr 1893. Intended was Ella QUICK of
Loomis twp.

NIECE, Oscar A. Age 41, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Mrs. Rosella A. NIECE of
Pleasant Valley, MI

NIECE, Mrs. Rosella A. NIECE. Age 39, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Oscar A.
NIECE of Shepherd twp.

NIELANDS, Abram. Age 26, married 10 July 1889 to Martha E. PHILIPS of Wayne Co., MI

NIEMEYER, Frederick, Jr. Age 25, married 18 Sept 1895 to Mabel DEAN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

NILES, Ruby E. Married 22 Feb 1885 in Riverdale, MI to Chas. E. SPINK of Fremont twp.
(Stated that she was born about 1867)

NIX, Effie. Age 19, marriage license Apr 1895. Intended was John BUSHEY of Isabella twp.

NIXON, Ella M. Age 21, marriage license Feb 1893. Intended was George L. HALL of
Deerfield twp.

NIXON, George. Age 22, marriage license July 1899. Intended was Louise DODDS of
Shepherd twp.

NIXON, Hattie V. Age 16, marriage license Apr 1896. Intended was John McCLIGETT of
Deerfield twp.

NIXON, Lewis F. Married 25 Jan 1892 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI to Ellen CASEY of Mt.
Pleasant twp.

NOBLE, A. Belle. Age 23, marriage license Mar/Apr 1890. Intended was William H. ZUFELT
of Fremont twp.

NOBLE, Carlisle M. Age 21, marriage license Oct 1898. Intended was Dena DELANEY of
Fremont twp.

NOBLE, Eva. Age 16, marriage license Feb 1892. Intended was Phillip WORDEN of Loomis twp.

NOBLE, Maud. Age 22, marriage license Mar 1897. Intended was Ernest RICHARDSON of
Lincoln twp.

NOGGLE, Carrie. Married 4 Sept 1890 to Edwin A. PRIEST of Fremont twp.

NOGGLE, William D. Age 22, marriage license July 1890. Intended was Kate CAMERON
of Rolland twp.

NOGGLES, Jennie. Age 17, married 2 Oct 1894 to Clarence W. JOHNSON of Broomfield twp.

NOGGLES, Marion. Age 22, married 2 OCt 1894 to Ella CAMERON of Millbrook, MI

NOHL, Alex. Age 22, marriage license Dec 1892. Intended was Emma VROOMAN of
Broomfield twp.

NOHL, Dan. Age 21, married 9 May 1894 to Lizzie HAENKE of Fremont twp.

NOLAN, Katie. Age 26, marriage license Sept 1896. Intended was A. G. KEITH of Chippewa twp.

NOLD, Frank. Age 31, marriage license May 1897. Intended was Allie HARRIS of Delwin twp.

NOLD, Louise V. Age 28, married 2 July 1894 to Pat McCARTY of Mt. Pleasant twp.

NOMAN, Michael. Age 52, marriage license Oct 1890. Intended was Millie JONES of Rolland twp.

NORMAN, John. Age 23, marriage license Apr 1896. Intended was Edith KIDD of Mecosta, MI

NORMAN, William. Age 19, marriage license Mar 1898. Intended was Gertrude GREEn of
Rolland twp.

NORRIS, Willard L. Age 32, married 28 Feb 1888 to Clara J. SMITH of Mt. Pleasant twp.

NORTHOM, John. Age 26, marriage license Apr 1898. Intended was Anna GRIMASON of
Vernon twp.

NORTHRUP, Clark L. Age 20, marriage license Mar 1894. Intended was Elizabeth N. HAMLIN
of Coe twp.

NORTHRUP, Mabel. Age 22, married 1 Aug 1900 to Manly E. AXTELL of Vicksbrug, MI
(Father was G. N. NORTHRUP)

NORTON, Aurilla. Married 25 Aug 1897 in Vicksburg, MI to Warren B. CANNON.

NORTON, Emma. Age 16, marriage license Mar 1889. Intended was Hiram HALL of Coldwater twp.

NORTON, Frank J., Jr. Age 23, Marriage license June 1894. Intended was Sarah LEONARD of
Coe twp.

NORTON, John. Age 21, marraige license Dec 1895. Intended was Mary KENNEDY of
Lincoln twp.

NORTON, Sevina. Married Nov 1885 in Midland Co., MI to W.J. McKAY.

NORTON, Will. Age 21, marriage license Mar/Apr 1897. Intended was Ettie BEEBE of
Lincoln twp.

NORTON, Zera. Age 18, marriage license Jan 1900. Intended was Bertes E. NELSON.

NOTTAWA, Frank. Age 24, marriage license July/Aug 1889. Intended was Jennie Vay-she-nah-nee
of Delwin twp.

NOWLIN, Lewis C. Age 22, marriage license Aug 1898. Intended was Nellie TRIPP of Denver twp.

NULPH, John. Married May 1886 in Clare Co., MI to Anna HOWLAND of Vernon twp.

NUMA, Henreyetta. Age 20, married 27 Apr 1888 to Ferdinand G. HOUSE of Isabella twp.

NUNEMAKER, John. Age 22, married 1 Feb 1892 to Mary O. CARPENTER of Union twp.

NUNNEMAKER, Nellie. Age 19, marriage license June 1900. Intended was Charles GEARHART
of Isabella twp.

NUTTLE, John. Age 45, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Clara D. BRITTIN of
Denver twp.


OAKES, Fred. Age 23, marriage license Jan 1899. Intended was Lizzie SHAFER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

OAKLEY, Celia. Age 16, marriage license July/Aug 1893. Intended was Grant KEMPLER
of Lincoln twp.

OATHOUDT, Ellsworth. Married Feb 1886 in Chippewa twp. to Viola KEEF.

OATHOUDTH, Lafayette. Married 10 Dec 1876 in Chippewa twp. to Etta THATCHER of
Lincoln twp.

OBERHOLTZER, Annetta. Married 1 Aug 1886 in Isabella Co. to Mell ANGELL.

OBERHOLTZER, Emma. Age 28, marriage license Nov 1887. Intended was Frederick WAGNER
of Lincoln twp.

OBERLIN, Ada. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Clarence W. JOHNSON
of Broomfield twp.

OBERLIN, Frank. Age 19, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Mary THAYER of
Broomfield twp.

OBERLIN, Ida M. Age 19, marriage license Aug 1891. Intended was Archie TRAYER of
Broomfield twp.

OBERLIN, John. Age 19, marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was Olive GORDON of
Lincoln twp.

OBERLIN, William. Age 21, marriage license Jan 1892. Intended was Myra MOUNT of
Rolland twp.

OBERLY, Mattie E. Age 24, marriage license Aug 1889. Intended was Josiah W.
LIVINGSTON of Fremont twp.

O'BOYLE, Daniel C. Age 26, marriage license Nov 1889. Intended was Lena ROOD of
Gratiot Co., MI

O'BOYLE, Elizabeth. Age 26, marriage license Aug 1894. Intended was John W. ROBERTS of
Seattle, WN.

O'BOYLE, Kate. Age 33, married 28 Apr 1891 to Jas. O'GRADY of Vernon twp.

O'BOYLE, Nellie. Age 23, married 31 Aug 1897 to William TOBIN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

O'BRIEN, Alonzo. Age 27, marriage license Apr 1900. Intended was Catherine SWIFT of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

O'BRIEN, Hannah. Age 21, marrige license Nov 1890. Intended was Michael DUGGAN
of Lincoln twp.

O'BRIEN, Thomas. Married 8 Nov 1893 to Nellie McGUIRE of Isabella twp.

O'BRYAN, William. Age 38, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Mary A. ANDRE of
Bridgeport, MI.

ODERKIRK, John H. Age 30, married 17 June 1891 to May TRACY of Vernon twp.

OGLE, Bertha H. Age 16, married 29 May 1892 to Allen D. SMITH of Mt. Pleasant twp.

O'GRADY, Jas. Age 47, married 28 Apr 1891 to Kate O'BOYLE of Coe twp.

OHIS, Lorenzo. Age 22, married 3 Jan 1900 to Della SKIDMORE of Rolland twp.

OHIS, Louise. Age 18, marrige license Feb 1898. Intended was Edward L. SMITH of
Rolland twp.

OHIS, Oliver. Age 23, marriage license Sept 1898. Intended was Maggie McINTYER of
Rolland twp.

OLDES, Joseph (Jasper). Age 23, married 1 Jan 1890 to Sarah L. PEFFER of Deerfield twp.

OLDS, Luanna. Age 16, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Austin EARL of Fremont twp.

OLDS, Sarah B. Age 19, married 27 Mar 1895 to George FRENCH of Deerfield twp.

O'LEARY, Mrs. Mary. Age 42, marriage license June 1891. Intended was Frank C. RICHMOND
of Mt. Pleasant twp.

OLGER, Albert. Age 23, married 25 Aug 1895 to Ethel HILL of Deerfield twp.

OLGER, Chauncy. Age 19, marriage license July 1897. Intended was Lizzie PERRY of
Deerfield twp.

OLIVER, Harris. Married 11 Nov 1894 to Alma ALDEN of Clare, MI

OLIVER, Ottie. Age 16, marriage license May 1888. Intended was Jacob STEM of Coldwater twp.

OLMSTEAD, Earnest. Married 11 DEc 1892 in Isabella Co. to Blanche E. SCHOOLEY of
Lincoln twp.

OLMSTED, Dan M. Age 20, married 16 Apr 1894 to Minnie A. SCHOOLEY of Lincoln twp.

OLSON, A. J. Age 36, marriage license Feb 1900. Intended was Cora STRUBLE of Alembic, MI

OLSON, Anna. Married 13 Aug 1899 in toledo, OH to John SMITH.

O'MELIA, Felix. Age 28, married 18 June 1892 in Hemlock, MI to Bessie E. STEBBINS of
St. Louis, MI

OMANS, Edgar. Age 23, marriage license July 1892. Intended was Lydia WELCH of Mt.
Pleasant twp.

OMANS, James W. Age 44, marriage license Feb/Mar 1892. Intended was Mrs. Matilda MINTY
of Loomis twp.

OMANS, William. Age 32, married 17 Aug 1893 to Maude LEWIS of Gratiot Co., MI

OMEN, Alice. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Ervin BRUCE of Rolland twp.

OMENS, Emma. Age 44, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Jesse TURNEY of
Broomfield twp.

O'NARY, Maggie. Age 24, marriage license Oct 1893. Intended was Charles NELSON of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

ONSTOTT, John. Age 37, marriage license July 1893. Intended was Mrs. Hannah BAKER.

ORCUTT, James. Age 27, marriaage license Dec 1896. Intended was Blanch FLETCHER of
Deerfield twp.

ORKETT, Ina. Age 18, married 7 Apr 1895 to Isaac ACKERMAN of Deerfield twp.

ORNEY, Alfred. Age 43, marriage license Dec/Jan 1890/91. Intended was Huldah BARTON
of Shepherd twp.

OSBORN, Susan. Age 26, marriage license July 1888. Intended was Douglas SPINK of
Lincoln twp.

O'SHAY, Margaret. Married May 1889 in Clare, MI to Richard SULLIVAN.

OSTRANDER, Minnie E. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Francis SANDERSON
of Weidman, MI

OSTRANDER, William. Age 27, marriage license July/Aug 1888. Intended was Rhoda ANDROS
of Chippewa twp.

OSWATT, Florus. Age 19, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Flora MILLER of
Broomfield twp.

OTT, John. Age 41, marriage license Mar 1892. Intended was Melinda STEBBINS of
Deerfield twp.

OTTERBEIN, Maggie. Age 17, marriage license May/June 1897. Intended was George SHARP
of Sherman City, MI

OWEN, William J. Age 27, marriage license May/June 1898. Intended was Lucinda E. MILLIKIN
of Shepherd twp.

OWENS, Elsie. AGe 23, married Apr 1892 in MI to Melvin BRASINGTON of Gilmore twp.

OWENS, Frank. Age 24, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Edith FISH of Denver twp.

OWENS, Howard. Married 15 May 1884 to Nora WITT.


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