BY Eunice E. Way

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And transcribed as searchable material on the internet

by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


JACKMAN, John J. Age 25, marriage license Sept/Oct 1889. Intended was Mettie MENDHAM of
Isabella twp.

JACKSON, Betsy. Age 25, marriage license Apr 1892. Intended was David WAYNE of Isabella Co.

JACKSON, Cora. Married 28 Apr 1894 in Isabella Co to Nathan E., HATFIELD of Gilmore twp.

JACKSON, Florence. Age 16, marriage license June 1891. Intended was Jesse HATFIELD of
Gilmore twp.

JACKSON, George F. Age 25, marriage license Feb 1889. Intended was Elizabeth V. RUSSELL
of Dushville twp.

JACKSON, Ida. Age 24, married 16 June 1892 to Charles FOWLER.

JACKSON, Mary. Age 34, marriage license Apr 1900. Intended was Frank PRICE of Wise twp.

JACKSON, Mary L. Age 17, married 26 Apr 1897 to Orlando C. SCHOFIELD of Gilmore twp.

JACKSON, Mary L. Age 25, marriage license Dec 1900. Intended was Peter H. FISHER of
Isabella twp.

JACKSON, Nancy. Age 55, marriage license July 1890. Intended was Thomas CHATFIELD.

JACKSON, Thompson. Age 26, marriage license Dec 1891. Intended was Jan JOHNS of Denver twp.

JACKSON, William. Age 32, marriage license May 1891. Intended was Mary J. COOK of
Isabella twp.

JACOB, Ellen. Age 18, marriage license Feb 1893. Intended was Thoams CORBIN of Wise twp.

JACOB, Mary. Age 16, marriage license May 1890. Intended was Jospeh COLLINS of Isabella twp.

JACOB, Mary. Age 33, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was Sampson Kay-she-yaw-song
of Isabella twp.

JACOBS, Bertha. Married 23 July 1899 in NY,NY to Sam HARRISON.

JACOBS, John S. Age 21, marriage license Sept 1892. Intended was Nancy E. FISH of Denver twp.

JACOBS, Jucy A. Age 23, marriage license Mar 1893. Intended was Orrin E. WHITE of Pine
River, MI.

JACOBS, Nancy H. Age 30, marriage license Sept 1895. Intended was Jake SMITH of Leaton twp.

JACOBS, Phoebe. Age 17, marriage license July 1892. Intended was Edwin L. CARPENTER of
Vernon twp.

JAKOBI, Maggie. Age 23, marriage license Apr 1895. Intended was Andrew MILLER of
Deerfield twp.

JAMES, Ella M. Age 21, married 26 Nov 1890 to Warren W. COLBY of Deerfield twp.
(father was D. A. JAMES)

JAMES, George W. Married 28 Oct 1883 to Jessie L. FERRIS of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JAMES, Henry D. Age 23, married 17 July 1893 to Alma MOORE of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JANE, Margaret. Age 27, marriage license Jan 1898. Intended was Oliver GAUGIER of Union twp.

JANTY, Mrs. Eva. Age 46, marriage license Apr 1891. Intended was Patrick GREER of Isabella twp.

JARVIS, Joseph. Age 27, Married 3 Sept 1898 to Mary GAUL of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JARVIS, Martha. Age 45, marriage license Mar 1895. Intended was Vanrancelier SMITH of Vernon twp

JASMIN, Bertha. Age 18, marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was John HAND of Wise twp.

JASMIN, Maggie. Age 16, marriage license Aug 1894. Intended was Edward J. LITTLE of Vernon twp.

JASON, Arthur. Age 26, marriage license June 1889. Intended was May PERRY of Loomis twp.

JASON, Flora E. Age 25, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was William F. ALLEN of Lincoln twp.

JASON, Hattie May. Age 28, marriage license Dec 1888. Intended was Henry J. ALLEMAN.

JEFFORDS, Helen C. Age 21, married 30 Mar 1897 to J. T. KINCH of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JEFFORDS, Rose E. Age 23, married 6 May 1891 to Alfred W. MUNSELL of Reed City, MI
(Father was Chas. JEFFORDS)

JEFFREYS, T. Knox. Married 25 June 1897 to Anna GEISLER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JENKS, Jessie. Married Dec/Jan 1893/4 in Ypsilanti, MI to Prof. SMITH.

JENKS, Katie M. Age 20, marriage license Dec 1893. Intended was Burton B. SMITH of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

JENNE, O. J. Married Nov 1876 in Fremont twp. to Maggie M. WAYMER of Lansing, MI

JENNER, G. L. Age 28, marriage license Nov 1897. Intended was Maud CLARK of Winn, MI.

JENNER, G. L. Married Nov 1899 in MI. to Miss CLARK.

JENNERS, Eudora. Age 36, marriage license Oct 1892. Intended was John W. LAPP of Mt.
Pleasant twp.

JENNINGS, Addie. Age 23, married Nov 1893 to Lucius M. CONVERSE of Vernon twp.

JENNINGS, Hannah. Married Sept 1886 in Loomis twp. to Gus PARKS.

JERORE, Maggie L. Age 18, married 24 May 1888 to Thomas MARSHALL.

JEROVE, Edward. Age 23, marriage license Apr 1891. Intended was May PURTILL of
Deerfield twp.

JERRILS, Gertie. Age 16, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Charles C. MORRISON
of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JESSOP, Hattie. Age 23, marriage lciense July 1894. Intended was James A. JOHNSTON
of Deerfield twp.

JEWELL, Jacob. Wife was Jane TRUMAN.

JEWELL, John C. Age 25, marriage license Sept 1894. Intended was Eva WESCOTT of
Durand, MI.

JOHN, Daniel. Age 23, marriage license Mar 1888. Intended was Betsy CHATFIELD of
Isabella twp.

JOHNS, Jane. Age 19, marriage license Dec 1891. Intended was Thompson JACKSON of Denver twp.

JOHNSON (?) . Wife was Elizabeth KYLE.

JOHNSON, Addie M. Age 21, married 18 Dec 1889 to William H. LLOYD of Deerfield twp.

JOHNSON, Albert. Age 38, married 3 Apr 1891 to Matilda PARKS of Wise twp.

JOHNSON, Ann Eliza. Husband was James W. LEA.

JOHNSON, Archie C. Marriage license July 1900. Intended was Ota Viola BURRETT of Clare, MI

JOHNSON, August. Age 23, marriage license Apr 1897. Intended was Dora WALCH of Bundy, MI

JOHNSON, Bert. Age 20, marriage lciense Aug 1892. Intended was Mary F. HILL of Sherman City.

JOHNSON, Charles. Age 27, marriage license Sept 1897. Intended was Myrtle PARKER of
Bundy, MI

JOHNSON, Chas. F. Age 21, marriage license Mar 1889. Intended was Della E. ROBBINS of Coe twp.

JOHNSON, Charles J. Age 20, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Elizabeth DAVIS of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

JOHNSON, Clarence W. Age 20, married 2 Oct 1894 to Jennie NOGGLES of Broomfield twp.

JOHNSON, Clarence W. Age 22, marriage license Dec 1896. Intended was Ada OBERLIN of
Broomfield twp.

JOHNSON, Clayton. Age 21. Marriage license Dec/Jan 1895/6. Intended was Isal SWICK of
Deerfield twp.

JOHNSON, Edward Fletcher. Age 28, marriage lciense Nov 1891. Intended was Catharine Amelia

JOHNSON, Emma. Age 24, marriage license Sept 1888, Intended was Almon J. BAKER of
Blanchard twp.

JOHNSON, Emma. Age 16, marriage license Sept 1889. Intended was J. D. CLARK..

JOHNSON, Emma J. Age 18, married 17 Apr 1895. to Charles D. BROWN of Deerfield twp.

JOHNSON, Ezra. Age 40, marriage license July 1891. Intended was Mrs. Mary J. DODDS of
Nottawa twp.

JOHNSON, Frank. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1892. Intended was Nettie HARRY of Coe twp.

JOHNSON, Hattie A. Age 17, married 23 Mar 1890 in Lincoln twp. to Jacob EARL.

JOHNSON, Jackson. Married 5 Mar 1885 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI to Alice MILLER of
St. Louis, MI.

JOHNSON, James. Age 22, marriage license 1895. Intended was Hattie HARRISON of Isabella twp.

JOHNSON, James A. Married Mar/Apr 1886 in Deerfield Center to Miss BAKER.

JOHNSON, James E. Age 29, married 18 June 1895 to Maggie DOUGHTY of Deerfield twp.

JOHNSON, James W. Married 5 Mar 1876 in Union twp. to Mrs. Margaret WHITE of Union twp.

JOHNSON, John. Age 26,. marriage license June 1889. Intended was Jennie BLACK of Fremont twp.

JOHNSON, John. Age 21, marriage license Nov 1896. Intended was Diana KITTER of Gratiot Co.,MI.

JOHNSON, John Q.A. Married 1844 in Dundee, MI to Margaret SUTHERLAND.

JOHNSON, John Q.A. Age 65, married 1 Oct 1891 to Mrs. Della A. HULBERT of Romeo, MI
(see 'Deaths' John Q.A. JOHNSON)

JOHNSON, Joseph. Age 25, married 7 Apr 1891 in Rosebush twp. to Olive STICKLE of
Isabella twp.

JOHNSON, Lettie. Age 17, marriage license Nov 1892. Intended was William HEPNER of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

JOHNSON, Lewis. Age 24, marriage license July 1895. Intended was Ida BUCK of Broomfield twp.

JOHNSON, Lillie V. Age 24, marriage lciense Nov 1889. Intended was Fred B. HIRE of Bellevue, MI

JOHNSON, Marie Lousie. Married Nov 1890 in Detroit, MI to Hamlin J. WARD of Shephard twp.
(Father was Hugh JOHNSON)

JOHNSON, Martha A. Age 24, married 20 Aug 1892 in Calkinsville twp to Albert J. McKINNON of
Vernon twp.

JOHNSON, Mary. Married Feb 1886 in Clare Co., MI to A. W. HERRICK.

JOHNSON, Mary E. Age 20, marriage license Oct/Nov 1894. Intended was Wesley McKNIGHT
of Rosebush twp.

JOHNSON, Mary L. Married 16 Apr 1895 near Calkinsville twp. to William J. ARCHER of
Isabella twp. (Father was Moses JOHNSON)

JOHNSON, Mattie. Age 24, marriage license Dec/Jan 1900/01. Intended was E. Temple CAMERON
of Sherman City.

JOHNSON, Maud. Age 16, married 2 July 1899 in Broomfield twp. to Elmer EDMONDS.
(Father was Wm. H. JOHNSON)

JOHNSON, Millie. Age 17, married 10 Apr 1890 to Herbert J. NICHOLSON of Lincoln twp.

JOHNSON, Minnie C. Married 17 Feb 1884 to George F. LINEBAUGH of Chippewa twp.

JOHNSON, Myrtle. Age 18, marriage license Feb 1894. Intended was Albert GERRIN of Vernon twp.

JOHNSON, Nellie. Age 24, marriage license 1890. Intended was Chas. H. QUIN.

JOHNSON, Nettie. Age 22, married 7 Feb 1894 to George REED of Detroit, MI

JOHNSON, Rena M. Age 19, marriage license Feb 1891. Intended was Franklin RIPLEY of
Chippewa twp.

JOHNSON, Robert E. Age 22, married 25 Dec 1893 in MI to Edith KIPP of St. Louis, MI.

JOHNSON, Rockwell W. Age 25, marriage license Jan 1888. Intended was Mrs. Anna MORRISON
of Gratiot Co., MI.

JOHNSON, Samuel E. Marriage license Nov 1896. Intended was Lettie HILL of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JOHNSON, Theron A. Age 23, married 5 Dec 1900 in Isabella Co. to Fannie VREDENBURG of
Lincoln twp.

JOHNSON, Violet. Age 17, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Newton SLOCUM of Wise twp.

JOHNSON, William. Age 23, married 20 Apr 1894 to Ethel LEONARD of Coe twp.

JOHNSON, William J. Married 30 July 1879 in Calkinsville twp to Margaret Ann CAMERON.

JOHNSON, William J. Married 25 Dec 1883 in Two Rivers, MI to Miss. L. A. COWLEN.

JOHNSTON, Anna J. Age 21, married 20 Dec 1899 in Isabella Co to Charles B. BOZER of
Deerfield twp. (Father was David JOHNSTON and bro was Wm. JOHNSTON)

JOHNSTON, Benjamin F. Age 26, married 30 Aug 1898 to Nelson MOSHER of Mt. Pleasant twp.
(this is the way it appeared in the book).

JOHNSTON, Fred. Married 1 Sept 1891 to Theressa E. MOSHER of Mt. Pleasant twp.

JOHNSTON, George Wellington. Age 21, married 6 Apr 1898 to Maggie NEAZOR of
Deerfield twp.

JOHNSTON, James A. Age 31, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Hattie JESSOP of
Ingham Co., MI.

JOHNSTON, John. Age 21, marriage license Aug/Sept 1892. Intended was Nellie LAWBATT of
Nottawa twp.

JOHNSTON, Lena. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was William LACKEY of Wise twp.

JOHNSTON, Maria J. Age 19, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Elfred C. MATTISON
Of Calkinsville twp.

JONES, Anna N. Age 53, marriage license Dec/Jan 1893./4. Intended was Andrew J. CONDON of
Coe twp.

JONES, Armarintha. Married 24 Mar 1882 in Denver twp. to Fayette RYAN of Lincoln twp.

JONES, Arthur. Wife was Laura DIBBLE.

JONES, C. H. Age 40, marriage license Apr/May 1900. Intended was Hattie L. SHELLENBARGER
of Shepherd twp.

JONES, Carrie. Age 16, married 12 Apr 1900 to George W. ROUNDTREE of Concord, MI.

JONES, Charles. Age 25, marriage license Sept 1894. Intended was Bertha FARRER of Gilmore twp.

JONES, Frederick. Age 22, marriage license Oct 1894. Intended was Gertie SKIDMORE of Union twp.

JONES, Gilbert. Age 27, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was Rose BALL of Union twp.

JONES, Hannah. Age 19, marriage license May 1892. Intended was William H. HARRISON.

JONES, Henry C. Age 23, marriage license Oct 1897. Intended was Artimecia SHILLING of
Coldwater twp.

JONES, Isaiah. Age 29, marriage license Apr 1894. Intended was Irene SCOTT of Rolland twp.

JONES, Julia A. Married 14 Jan 1885 in Lawton, MI to Fred J. LICK.

JONES, Julia L. Married 16 Jan 1887 in Isabella Co to Will H. NELSON.
(Father was Chester B. JONES)

JONES, Lyman. Age 52, marriage license June 1888. Intended was Mary E. HOPKINS of Gilmore twp.

JONES, Malvina. Age 23, married 27 Nov 1899 in Isabella Co to John Alfred MILLER of McBain, MI

JONES, Mary. Married 27 Dec 1900 to Sylvester MOORE of Chippewa twp.

JONES, Millie. Age 54, marriage license Oct 1890. Intended was Michael NOMAN of Rolland twp.

JONES, Nelson. Age 37, marriage lciense Apr 1897. Intended was Sarah SCOTT of Rolland twp.

JONES, Sadie. Age 17, married 21 Feb 1892 in Dushville twp to Fred V. WESTON of Kent Co, MI

JONES, Sophia. Age 35, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was Albert HAGER.

JONES, William. Age 21, marriage license Feb 1897. Intended was Eva FORBES of Coldwater twp.

JONSON, John H. Married 17 Aug 1897 in Isabella Co. to Mary EPPLE of Denver twp.

JORDAN, Ann. Married 3 May 1886 to Pat SIDLEY.

JORDAN, Frank O. Age 26, marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was Martha BELL of Wise twp.

JORDAN, Hattie. Age 21, marriage license Sept 1891. Intended was Joseph TEVENS of MN.

JOSEPH, Samuel. Age 24, marriage license Oct/Nov 1898. Intended was Ida WILLIAMS of
Mecosta Co., MI

JOSLIN, May. AGe 17, married 4 May 1891 to Volney HAGEMEISTER of Gilmore twp.

JOURDAIN, Joseph. Age 23, married 10 May 1892 in Rosebush twp to Jennie GEARHART
of Isabella twp.

JOURDAIN, Louise. Age 20, marriage license Nov 1898. Intended was William THERING of
Isabella twp.

JUDGE, Celia. Age 19, marriage license July 1893. Intended was Asa DELO of Fremont twp.

JUDGE, Dora. Married 25 June 1885 in E. Saginaw, MI to P. W. SWEENEY.

JUDSON, Maud. Age 19, marriage license Nov 1899. Intended was Leo WARNER of Rolland twp.

JUDSON, Orren B. Age 33, marriage license Dec 1890. Intended was Ida HOUSE of Gratiot Co., MI

JUILLERAT, Lewis Maxwell. Married 9 Feb 1885 in Milford, MI to Hattie M CHAPPELL.
(Step-father was John MAXWELL)

JUST, Myrtie E. Married 3 Oct 1888 in Coral, MI to Alfred HOLCOMB.

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