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by Barbara Lesser 4/1999

(Note from Eunice WAY: "This compilation was done to assist beginning genealogists in the Mt. Pleasant, MI area in completing their pedigree charts and family group sheets. The" Isabella County Enterprise" was a weekly publication. Sometimes it was difficult to know the month in which the event occurred. Users are encouraged to check both names given in the reference as some information, such as residence, appears only in one listing."

(NOTE - all marriages, marriage licenses and places of residence took place
in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan unless otherwise noted)


FACH, Matilda. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1898. Intended was Elmer WHITING of Lincoln twp.

FAILLING, Ernest. Age 20, marriage license Mar 1900. Intended was Helen ROSE of Sherman twp.

FAIR, Rosie E. Age 16, marriage license Jan 1897. Intended was Kelly D. STAHL of Coe twp.

FAIRBANKS, Agustus P. Age 35, marriage license Apr/May 1894. Intended was Ella McFADDEN
of Vernon twp.

FAIRCHILDS, Louie. Marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was Charles E. SMITH of Loomis, MI

FALES, Albert. Married 1 Mar 1883 in Clare, MI to Georgina MERRILL of Sherdian, MI.

FALL, Dora. Age 25, married 3 Dec 1895 in Calkinsville, MI to James McLACHLIN of Isabella twp.
(Father was Charles FALL)

FALL, Stephen. Age 24, marriage license Nov 1898. Intended was Ethel SPAULDING of
Isabella twp.

FANCHER, Bessie R. Age 21, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was Charles F. FAMBLING
of Oberlin, MI.

FANCHER, Preston Schuyler. Married 16 June 1886 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI to Cornelia

FANIK, Frank. Married 15 Jan 1895 in Vernon twp. to Lillian CONVERSE of Vernon twp.

FANNING, G. W. Married 25 Apr 1883 to Ida M. SUMNER of Coldwater, MI.

FANNING, Nellie. Age 26, marriage license Feb 1893. Intended was Emmet A. MURPHY of
Shepherd twp.

FAR, Chas. Sumner. Married 31 Oct 1880 to Carrie M. BRICKLEY of Coe twp.

FARMER, Frank. Age 35, marriage license Apr 1899. Intended was Addie HAMITON of
Sheridan, Clare Co., MI.

FARMER, William W. Married 5 Sept 1875 in Coe twp. to Martha Ann ROBINSON of Pine River.

FARNAM, Katie. Married 30 Apr 1889 to Frank HOGAN.

FARNUM, Mr. Married Jan 1887 in MI to Anna HOGAN.

FARNUM, Edward E. Age 35, marriage license Aug 1897. Intended was Rosa May MORGAN of
Ionia Co., MI.

FARRER, Bertha. Age 17, marriage license Sept 1894. Intended was Charles JONES of Union twp.

FARRINGTON, Charles W. Married Jan 1891 to Rose M ROBELIN of Mt. Pleasant twp.

FARRISS, Claud. Age 21, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was Dora SIMONS of Mt. Pleasant.

FARVER, Nellie. Age 21, marriage license Jan 1889. Intended was Frank VanVALKENBURG.

FASHBOUGH, Rosa. Married 13 Sept 1884 in Vermontville, MI to Wesley C. LYON.

FASNACHT, Jermima. Age 27, marriage license Aug 1889. Intended was John VanBUREN.

FASQUELLE, Mark. Married 1863 Ann Arbor, MI to Julia F. SMITH
(see 'Deaths' - Mark Fasquelle)

FAULKNOR, William. Age 30, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Jessie BABCOCK of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

FAUNCE, Eva E. Age 22, marriage license July/Aug 1893. Intended was Edward S. McCLELLAN.

FAUNCE, Garfield. Age 20, marriage license Sept 1900. Intended was Cora SWIX of Chippewa twp.

FAUNCE, Martha A. Age 18, marriage license May/June 1898. Intended was Theodore A. LOVE
of Coldwater twp.

FEARNLEY, George. Age 23, married 24 Dec 1888 to Phoebe HYLAND of Marion, MI.

FEARNLEY, Joseph. Age 22, marriage license Feb 1888. Intended was Carrie SCHAFFER of
Nottawa twp.

FEDEWA, Peter. Age 34, marriage license May 1891. Intended was Chrescentia KUEHLBACH
of Nottawa twp.

FEENEY, Edward. Age 25, marriage license June 1896. Intended was Katie McGINNIS of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

FEENEY, Maggie. Age 21, marriage license Aug 1890. Intended was Thaddeus. C. DARROW.

FENBY, Ernest. Age 20, marriage license Feb 1895. Intended was Clida LEVIS of Gratiot Co., MI.

FENBY, Ransom. Age 18, marriage license Nov 1891. Intended was Alice LYON of Coe twp.

FENDER, Peter. Age 30, married 25 Jan 1898. Intended was Charles MAIN of Fremont twp.

FERGUSON, Lettie. Age 16, marriage license Nov 1892. Intended was Sidney COLASKEY of
Coldwater twp.

FERIGAN, Mary. Age 28, married 22 Nov 1898 to Duncan WILKIE of Mt. Pleasant twp.

FERNER, Chas. Age 27, marriage license Nov 1895. Intended was Julia BORDMAN of Bundy, MI.

FERRAL, Perry. Age 24, marriage license June 1897. Intended was Ornida EMSLEY of Shepherd twp.

FERRAL, Myrtie. Age 20, married 4 Aug 1896 in Shepherd twp to Francis A. WORTHINGTON of
Shepherd, MI.

FERRELL, Lorance. Age 23, marriage license Aug 1891. Intended was Nora ARMSTRONG of
Blanchard twp.

FERRIER, Minnie. Age 18, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Emlon A. SANDERSON of
Dushville twp.

FERRIGAN, Edward. Married 10 Jan 1893 to Mary TORPIE of Mt. Pleasant twp.

FERRIS, Bertron. Age 21, married 31 May 1891 to Nora FORQUER of Rolland twp.
(note: compiler states another entry name spelled Berton).

FERRIS, Ely L. Age 24, marriage license Mar 1889. Intended was Mary LOWE of Union twp.

FERRIS, Erotas B. Age 24, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Martha A. HUBBELL of
Wise twp.

FERRIS, Irving. Age 32, marriage license Dec 1897. Intended was Frances SANGSTER of
Chippewa twp.

FERRIS, Jacob. Age 23, married 6 July 1900. to Mabel BEMROSE of Mt. Pleasant twp.

FERRIS, Jessie L. Married 28 Oct 1883 to George W. JAMES of Pierpont, MI.

FERRIS, Laura A. Married 2 Sept 1885 in Union twp. to Walter FERRIS.

FERRIS, M. L. Married 3 Nov 1880 to Miss A. M. KIBBE of Union twp.

FERRIS, Nettie. Age 21, married 10 Feb 1892 to Albert W. HARRY of Coe twp.

FERRIS, Perry. Age 19, marriage license Dec 1899. Intended was Edith RUSSELL of Loomis twp.

FARRIS, Walter. Married 2 Sept 1885 in Union twp. to Miss Laura A. FERRIS.

FERRY, Sarah M. Age 65, marriage license Oct 1892. Intended was Ebb BROWN of Sherman twp.

FESSENDEN, Floy. Married 27 Apr 1900 in Detroit, MI to Ira STONE of Carson City, MI.
(Father was Dr. FESSENDEN).

FESSENDEN, Kittie G. Married 29 Arp 1882 to Eugene A. WILSON.
(Father was J. E. FESSENDEN)

FICK, Christiana. Married June 1860 to Peter CALLAM.

FIELD, Hattie A. Age 20, marriage license Feb 1896. Intended was George B. CORNELL of
Chippewa twp.

FIELDS, Chas. Married Aug 1881 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI to Francis WASHBURN of
Defiance, OH.

FIFIELD, Mrs. Abbie. Age 24, married 25 Apr 1893 to Edgar T. WARDWELL of Lincoln twp.

FIFIELD, Charles. Age 37, marriage license June 1889. Intended was Abbie HERON of Lincoln twp.

FIFIELD, Ellsworth. Age 26, marriage license Feb 1892. Intended was Cyrene HARRIS of
Fremont twp.

FIFIELD, Henry. Age 50, married 19 Oct 1889 in Fremont twp to Hester HARRINGTON of
Fremont twp.

FIFIELD, James. Age 50, marriage license Oct 1888. Intended was Alice SAWDY of
Dushville twp.

FIFIELD, John. Age 23, marriage license May 1893. Intended was Belle BUCHARD of Lincoln twp.

FIFIELD, Julia. Married 1 July 1866 in Woodbridge, Hillsdale Co., MI to George PLOWMAN.

FIFIELD, Maudie M. Age 16, marriage license Jan 1890. Intended was William E. BERRYHILL of
Fremont twp.

FIFIELD, Serena. Age 27, marriage license June 1900. Intended was George W. MOORE of Winn, MI

FINCH, William W. Age 26, marriage license Feb/Mar 1888. Intended was Maggie DURGEE of
Shepherd, MI.

FINNERTY, Mary. Age 20, Married 19 Aug 1893 to Jas. Lee ANNIS of Deerfield twp.

FINK, George. Married 31 Oct 1886 in Isabella Co. to Annie SANDEL of Elwell, Gratiot Co., MI.

FINK, John. Age 36, marriage license Sept/Oct 1891. Intended was Barbara HUPSCHER of
Roland twp.

FINKNESS, William. Age 46, marriage license Dec 1888. Intended was Mary E. DAVIS of
Gilmore twp.

FINLAYSON, Cassie. Age 21, marriage license Mar 1893. Intended was George BOLLEN of
Vernon twp.

FINLAYSON, Susie A. Age 21, marriage license Aug 1888. Intended was William A. BISHOP of
Caldwell, MI.

FIRST, Emery. Age 26, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Nettie WALTON of Isabella twp.

FISH, Edith. Age 20, marriage license July 1894. Intended was Frank OWENS of Denver twp.

FISH, Enoch A. Age 23, married Apr 1894 in Coleman, MI to Rachel BARAGAR of Denver twp.

FISH, Jennie. Indian. Age 23, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Jas. NEYOME of Nottawa twp.

FISH, Louisa. Indian. Age 25, marriage license Dec 1895. Intended was Albert NEYOME of Nottawa.

FISH, Nancy E. Age 19, marriage license Sept 1892. Intended was John S. JACOBS of Wise twp.

FISH, William O. Age 33, married Feb/Mar 1896 in Wise twp. to Georgia RUSSELL of Ann Arbor, MI

FISHER, Alma J. Age 18, marriage license Aug 1892. Intended was William H. BOLTON of
Midland, MI.

FISHER, Cora. Age 18, married 1 Aug 1893 to William WABINAW.

FISHER, Jennette. Age 17, marriage license Jan 1888. Intended was Daniel STRONG of Isabella twp.

FISHER, Lilly I. Married 3 Jan 1883 in Lansing, Ingham Co., MI to Silenus A. SIMONS of
Mt. Pleasant twp.

FISHER, Mary. Married 5 Oct 1881 to Hugh McLAUGHLIN of Nippising, MI.

FISHER, Peter H. Age 26, marriage license Dec 1900. Intended was Mary L. JACKSON of
Isabella twp.

FISHER, Ralph G. Age 21, marriage license Sept 1899. Intended was Anna E. COLE of
Leaton, MI.

FISHER, Rolla. Married 2 Dec 1897 in Monrovia, CA to Ella KELLY.

FISHER, Sarah. Age 50, marriage license 1898. Intended was James WILLIAMS of Isabella twp.

FISHLEY, Nora. A. Age 16, marriage license Feb 1893. Intended was George H. D. KIRKPATRICK
of Vernon twp.

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